Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 140

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Wow. This was a stretch even for Medusa. My niece -repeatedly – had point blank TOLD the evil one who she really was, that she wasn’t me, etc., etc. Now look at this! The wench acts as though she made some big discovery! (I cut out my nieces name for what should be obvious reasons.)

“There ya go, Julieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I discovered who you are. Big SURPRISE! You’re another loony Reisinger. Jeni (who NEVER comes here) must’ve taken her laptop away from Snailski and given it to you instead, huh?”

Since my niece had long since walked away from that Internet junkyard, this went nowhere fast.
Remember the “COP” post? (See Book Bit 065) Well, here we go again.
Duly Warned

07-19-2009, 12:51 PM: “Since it’s now confirmed that Jeni was sleeping with a certain cop at the time of this threat, are we to assume we really were being “watched” as “suspects” at her bidding?

Gotta wonder what other bidding she had this pathetic cop doing on her behalf while she serviced him? Hmmmmmmmm?

Easy to talk shit, lie, falsely accuse, and make threats when you have your own private “law enforcement officer” on a leash, right Jeni?

Can’t wait to see you on the witness stand in front of a jury, UNDER OATH, screeching your false accusations and threats, while attorneys drill your ass and you have no badge buddies to cry to for backup.”

Gutter Pig
In this topic the mad one created, there were a total of 8 posts. Medusa made 7 of them. Talking to herself 90 percent of the time.
The next post is the only one made -supposedly – by someone else.

“say his name, mary, JOHN [deleted] the womanizing abuser. he’s the bully and prick who used city resources to get a piece of her ass – literally.”

Now the mad one goes on a “talking to herself” spree.
“Takes two to Tango. We all know how Jeni took in the poor, homeless perv/software pirate/hacker Jason Goodwill (‘Snail’) so she could use him for his computer ‘skills.'”


“And Jeni sure seemed willing to hand her ass over in exchange for protection while she sat on her high horse smearing and threatening people (and calling ME a ‘dark-sider’).

Problem is, Jeni testified during her deposition that [deleted] didn’t like being called a ‘weenie’ and that’s why she used the term (This post was actually presented as an exhibit during Jeni’s deposition.)

So Jeni and friends, good luck trying to play the ‘abuser’ card when you’re calling your abuser a ‘weenie’ on a public blog. I think you BOTH are abusive weenies.”

Blast from her past

“And here’s another little blast from the past that makes sense now.

Remember when someone who wrote JUST LIKE JENI posted the following threatening (and lying) screed in Jan. ’08? [Link to something old – link is dead so no clue what it was.]

Lo and behold it was around time time she had just started shagging the cop and just before they colluded in having Snailski thrown into the crowbar hotel. (Not that he doesn’t belong there).

Just one more example of how she talked big shit and issued threats when she had cops on a leash.

And it was only a month or so ago that she was still yammering about having me arrested for ‘cyber-stalking’.

So Jeni, what exactly did you have in mind when you said a bunch of people wanted me to disappear, hmmmmmm? Were you and your badge buddies scheming to set me up?”


“I think the [former] holster-sniffer is smelling blood instead of leather these days. Jeni, are you ‘treading on dangerous ground’? Have you been ‘duly warned’ yet?”


Darn. No one wants to play. And she tried SO hard. Time to try something else.

Something outrageous. A complete fake-out attempt. “Someone” created a profile on an Israeli social network using Sheboygan Spirit. Gosh. Who COULD that someone be. Just for the record, I totally support Israel – I do NOT support someone using my personal information to be a pain in the arse to another network, site, what-have-you. Had I really joined, I certainly wouldn’t have thought it something to hide, but this kind of fraud puts a whole different light on the matter.

“As if she hasn’t done enough damage on the home front. [dead link]”

I actually received a “welcome” email from the site, too. I went over there, requested a password reset, logged in and found some militant-looking guy on my “friends” list. First thing I did was try contacting the admin of the site to see if I could get a sign-up IP number. It was a proxy IP (no surprise there). Next, I contacted the man on my “friends” list before removing my profile and we had some very interesting conversations. He was incredibly well informed. I lost touch with him after he left the United States to live in Israel. That part was rather fun, but the rest was so crazy-wrong it defies logic. I really dislike things that defy logic…
It never ends.
“So she deleted her account to prevent people from using it against her. I thought she was going to stand tall? Alas, she’s all too much like the people she condemns. Morality? Integrity? Godliness? None of these things have any basis in reality. Her reputation is in shambles, and it’s all her own doing.”


(She must have had difficulty logging back in since I changed the password.)


Oh. Lookie! I have a LOT of power with these sites, too! Sites I didn’t even belong to! Wow. I’m amazing.

Zionist Power

07-25-2009, 11:35 PM: “I don’t think she deleted the accounts, I think they just aren’t accessible without registration anymore.

What I find interesting, though, is that those sites (Israel Insider and Resistnet), have been public all this time until it was pointed out that Jeni is a member. Then these sites, which are NOT local, all of a sudden go registration-only.

The Resisitnet site has been steeped in controversy for awhile, judging by the comments. They’ve had all kinds of extremists that they’ve kicked off in the past and have been monitored by the FBI. But I point out that Jeni is a member and link to her profile page, and suddenly they both (Resistnet and Isreal Insider) go private soon thereafter.

Interesting . . .”


And didn’t we know this was coming…


07-25-2009, 11:49 PM: “Actually, it looks like she deleted herself or got deleted. Here’s the profile of a guy who set himself as her friend on your cached link, and his page is still fully viewable, as are others: [dead link]”

Note: I removed the end of the link that was the man’s full name. The link is no longer active, anyway.
07-26-2009, 12:15 AM: “A LOT of people thought I was being ‘extreme’ and ‘obsessive’ and ‘stalking’ poor Jeni. I was simply doing what an investigative journalist SHOULD have been doing, but there aren’t any around here anymore. And the radio station was involved with the ‘shenanigans,’ so they weren’t about to expose Jeni and her dirty dealings.”


If the shoe fits the malicious bitch…just sayin’.


A Touch of Humor

Check out this post – “Rhonda” was a real person who occasionally licked Mary’s boots. 😉

“Come on here with your senseless prattle and hiding behind a stupid name like ‘gossip’…Really shows your 3rd grade mentality.”

Three things crossed my mind when I read that. puzzled

  1. Is nothing “over there” senseless prattle? Give me a break!
  2. Is posting behind a one-letter moniker of “m” better than “gossip”?
  3. If you stick a fork in an electrical outlet, CANDY COMES OUT!!” – what grade mentality is a statement like that?
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