Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 139

Show Us More Ignorance, m!

Big talkin’ Medusa thinks she’s hot snot now because someone fed her info from my depo regarding my income. The she-devil thinks it’s a real hoot to publicly post this information on her filthy forum.


07-18-2009, 10:34 PM: “According to Jeni’s deposition and tax returns, her total yearly income for 2005 was $21,287. A year later, for 2006, she reported $47,905.

Then Arellano asked her what was the biggest web design contract she ever received, and Jeni tells him it was the site she did for NAD. He asked how much she was paid, she said $400.

So first she says her income increase of $26,618 between ’05 and ’06 was from web design, then she says her biggest web design contract was the site from which she earned a whopping total of $400.”

So in mad Medusa’s mind I’m guilty of perjury because I simply answered questions HONESTLY. You see, again, how stupid one can look when they speak of things they do not understand, truly do not know anything about, and simply shoot off the hip due to unfounded hate?
You see, I am self-employed in Web DEVELOPMENT; in other words, I do a lot more than just design. No one asked me about the other things I do. Did anyone involved really think I was so stupid and dense I’d offer more information than required? Ha. Fat chance.
Apparently in all her internet ignorance, this fact never could have occurred to Medusa. Honestly. What is someone so dense doing on the “Internetz” (her way of spelling), anyway.
My niece got wind of some of Medusa’s shenanigans and took a little time out of a very busy life to pop over to Medusa’s madhouse and ask for links to all these supposed “public documents” (which, by the way, Medusa never did provide, because the truth is, they are not public documents, they are court documents). It took her far too long to convince Medusa she wasn’t “JENI!!!” – that was stupid enough in itself.
In any event, my niece, Julie, didn’t have time to keep going back over there playing stupid games with an ignorant, mealy-mouth malicious bitch, so after a few posts, my niece just said “man, that woman is nuts!” and left – for good. Medusa, true to form, cannot let it go. Now she’ll use my niece, along with her alter-ego “Otto”, to bring up the fact that I take Xanax. Never mind that a person’s medical records are NOT up for public scrutiny. No boundaries for the barbarous.
No boundaries for the barberous

07-18-2009, 07:37 PM: “Gotta question for you: If Jeni is so anxiety-ridden, I would think she would want to avoid public humiliation at all costs, not send her friends [edit: relatives] over here looking for more.”

07-18-2009, 08:06 PM as Otto: “Maybe Julie’s been on Xanax for over 20 years, too…..”

REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.

“Walk a mile in my shoes…before you abuse, criticize and accuse, walk a mile in my shoes…yeah yeah.”

Noteable note: Once my niece proved she wasn’t me, Medusa says I was telling her what to post.

“Come on, Julieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Stop running off to ask Jeni what to say”

Willy Nilly

Mary’s Hysteria

Occasionally someone would give Mary a slam-dunk. Here’s a rather amusing one.

“her hysteria alphabet had only 4 letters : J, E, N and I”

Embedded in the post was the following image:
Hysterica alphabet
So what kind of retort(s) does this bring about?
“Are you fucking drunk?”

That was by one of Medusa’s beloved “anonymous” posters to set her up for the following response.
“Even drunks don’t act that weird. Sounds more like: [emoticon of two people smoking dope]”

Yes, of course. Medusa hadn’t pulled out that particular bit of bunk to libel and defame me as of late. She was slipping.
Roll Eyes
Our friendly “anti-m” poster did yet another post whereby s/he just put my name at least 100 times – too funny.



“You’re screwed and you know it, Jeni.”

“Crap! An ape is on the loose and posting here! No, wait. Apes are smarter than that. Must be a slug. Or a snail. Or someone who associates with snails……………… How did it go in that deposition? Oh, yeah, the combing his hair thing…..”

“It’s not Snail. It’s Jeni or one of her minions.”

Big Headache
My aching head…


Stupidity can be headache-inducing.

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