Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 138

Mary’s beloved “Karma” Bites her in the Butt

OH! MarrrrryyyyAnn is on CCAP
OH! MarrrrryyyyAnn is on CCAP

I think to anyone with a brain, it’s obvious that it wasn’t about WHAT she did, but merely the fact that after years of running her big fat mouth about not being on CCAP, there she is – on CCAP! (Wisconsin Court Access).
Now Mary thinks her response is so darned clever! She got a hold of parts of my deposition so “she be all it” now!
That is a perfect example of first, not knowing the person you’re speaking of and second, not having been a witness to something you’d like to profess to being some kind of whacked “expert” on, even though it’s none of your business. Everyone at the table laughed – was a great tension breaker, as I was laughing as I said it. You see, taking things you know very little about and spinning them way out of context is not the brightest thing to do – but then, it’s quite obvious by this point that we’re dealing with a pretty dim bulb when it comes to Mary Struck – er Medusa. 😉

The dim bulb goes dimmer…



“Jeni? Where did you go? Hello?”

I just noticed; that was the sixth “Everybody is Jeni” on July 17th, 2009. But not the last. Busy day for the busy body.
Crazy emoticon

A Challenge for the Busy Body


“all about John [deleted] and Jen’s relationship. word is you know all the goods…”

“It’s mentioned in “Jen’s” deposition — you know, the one that’s public record. Go look it up. Plus, ‘Jen’s’ minions leaked the affair here (right der hey?)”


Oh sure, an anonymous “Mole” – who’s MO does that really reek of? Plus, the continued need to say this only makes her look more guilty. She does it again.


07-17-2009, 06:13 PM: “Yeah, I know [deleted] tried to hide behind a confidentiality agreement. Jeni’s bootlickers (or Jeni herself) leaked it here.”

Now “gossip” tries to make a point that is perfectly valid and worth consideration, but as you can guess, Medusa isn’t capable of grasping reality, much less reason.
“oh yes, right, jeni would come here to tell the world about that – think m, she knows how to get info out there on her own. If she would want the info known she would have it on her site and I can’t find anything – not a word. So I thought I’d come here ‘cuz I heard you like to talk about her.”

When all else fails, what else is there??? You guessed it…


“Nice try, Jeni. But I know it was you or one of your minions leaking the confidentiality factoids. You (or should I say “ya’ll”) just aren’t that talented at disguising your stupid writing idiosyncrasies.”

“Gee, I’d love to continue this little chat, Jeni, but I see there are 80 more pages of those court documents online for public viewing. Looks like more excerpts of your deposition have been added, too.”


Okay, go have fun, Medusa.


Crazylife is back!

And Medusa is back into “let’s frame someone” mode.
Out of the blue, literally, Medusa goes back to her “crazylife” blathering – must have scared herself a bit with her antics on that one. She was backed into a corner she couldn’t get out of, then couldn’t let go of. This stuff is “WAY OLD” – and my ex again? Oy Vay! He wound NEVER leave me death threats – this is just too whacked for reality.
She had just brought it up on the 14th, too:

“And I didn’t post threats on Spew-it as Crazylife, but that didn’t stop the lying psycho from insisting I did, now did it? I even said I would testify under oath that I wasn’t crazylife, but that twisted troll still persisted in accusing me of being ‘Crazylife.’”

A proven lying, thieving, conniving, atheist (or agnostic?) psychopath will testify under oath – yea, that’s worth a lot. Just sayin’.
(If you aren’t familiar, you can read the crazylife saga in Book Bit 030.)
On this fine and busy day full of Medusa-madness, we can’t forget to sink really, REALLY low in the filthy mindset that was to begin to define her more and more – and more and more and more …
She is a pervert, too.
That is one sick thing to do to another woman. It proves she has no moral compass whatsoever.
But really, who is surprised?

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