Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 136

Aryan Jeni?

I’ll confess to total ignorance here – when I first read this I had to look up the word “Aryan”. I guess all my afternoons in the library left me void of knowledge in some aspects. Oh well. We can’t all know EVERY thing, now can we?
In any event, Medusa is going to try this one on for size via her “anonymous” handle of “SS”. One can easily tell it’s her; first, by the insult(s) of me, second, her constant spitting out of names, especially those from a past that was long gone.

“Be careful m… Aryan Jeni’s multiple personality Steve says he’s going to report you to [deleted]’s Facebook page. And just because WHBL’s Missouri [deleted] recruited Aryan Jeni into the recall [deleted] movement, doesn’t mean you should read anything into that.”

She’s not done yet. She must be having her kind of fun and can’t quit – you know, like a 3 year old – “Again! Again! Again!”.
“Then [deleted] blogged her way into helping Aryan Jeni file that lawsuit against that Mexican mayor. So I think WTMJ deserves representation in Sheboygan. Maybe the Jaycess should ask WISN to send Missouri [deleted] to march in the parade too. Might get him out from [deleted]’s shadow for awhile. He could use some sun (and he might even get homecoming cheers from Aryan Jeni).”

Okay, so that was supposed to accomplish – what?
Consequences of WHAT???

Speaking of that “lawsuit” – she just could not stop raving, spinning, lying, ranting and talking stupid about the whole thing – and she know SO little of the truth!. In the end, she pulled some very questionable antics that looked worse for “the other side”, and actually helped me. In addition, there were things going on that were kept quiet that she will NEVER know about. My lawyer always promised me that in regard to the lawsuit, there was absolutely nothing she could say or do to harm it, and he couldn’t have been more right.
Medusa, on the other hand, made a flaming ass out of herself. She really needs to ask herself:

Time to pull out ‘ol “Otto” and an –


“Gave yourself away without a doubt this time, Jeni.”

REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.
If this sociopath couldn’t find me, she would find someone else and say it was me. Nothing was going to make her get off my back and stop harassing me. It was quite disturbing by this point in time to have some nut digging into my life constantly, stalking me everywhere and lying her fool tush off about me with such a dogged determination to see me destroyed. It’s very unsettling to have some strange woman create an entire “EVIL mPIRE” dedicated to the complete and utter destruction of your life, your character, all you’d worked for and making a mockery of all you’ve suffered.
The blog I started was mostly about goings-on in Sheboygan, not all political. I was pretty disgusted in the whole political thing and not all that eager to carry on about it, so I posted pictures and what-not – basically, I tried to make it a bit of fun. I worked my tush off all day long and that was my way of doing something for myself. Occasionally someone would send me some relevant information regarding the city, so I would post an occasional topic that involved city hall goings-on, but nothing all that exciting.
Lo and behold, Medusa finds the blog immediately and stalks it – and yours truly, as noted in Book Bit 135. I knew she would find the blog, of course, but I never said a thing about her or what she was doing, and figured I would just let her have at it, if that’s what tripped her trigger. And have at it, she did.
Especially if someone publicly defended me – a rare occasion indeed, but every so often…
billbob defends me

“Well, I looked those pages over and don’t see one lie from Jeni, but I sure see a lot from your big fat lying yap copied right here from this online garbage bin.

I also don’t see any lies from Jeni on her blog, in fact, everything is referenced and resourced and some stuff is downright hilarious but here all I see everywhere is your big fat yap shooting off with no proof, no resources, no references other than links to more of your own made up garbage.

By the way, you do realize you’re calling yourself a liar because the only stuff she posted about you is stuff you yourself posted?

And frankly, how the hell did a discussion about leaving [deleted] alone now because he’s a private citizen turn into one about Jeni, anyway? Can you talk about NOTHING else?”


And what is Medusa’s reply -what else?



“That’s all I need to read to be convinced you’re Jeni.”

Now, thinking that’s me (even though she probably does know better), she proceeds to dig into her gutter pig mindset to post anonymously, hoping to utterly insult, degrade and perhaps even scare me a bit. Tampering with terrorism now?
“Jeni, you are ONE HOT BITCH! I’m going to bed right now so I can throttle myself while fantasizing about horse schtooping you.”

Say what???
And now she posts her filthy gutter-pig delusions under her own stupid moniker.
“Hey holster sniffer. Go take your xanax and give the taxpayer’s their video camera and burglar alarm back. Then kick the cops out of your sack so they can catch a real burglar.”


Now seriously. Why would she care at all about the security on my home – if she weren’t looking to pull some shenanigans? Just sayin’.


billbob Blown Away


“NOW I AM JENI TOO??? Good God woman you’re way out in left field!”

Yes, she sure is. Here’s another example of just how far out.
Discovered by a friend on Liberty Forums:
Liberty Forums
But Medusa doesn’t stalk me, says she (Liar).
Liars Pants


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