Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 135

Medusa, in all her madness, making fun of a handicapped person – simply because he knew and supported yours truly.

“Saw screwy [deleted] putzing around Walmart in a handicart today, so my imagination ran wild wondering what happened to him. Did he trip and fall on his way to my house to picket in my front yard? Did ‘John Wayne’ get thrown off his horse? Or did he simply throw his back out from all that bending over to lick LIEsinger’s boots?”

This “screwy” person suffers from serious complications from diabetes. NOT funny at all.
Malicious bitch
I decided to start a blog on Sheboygan Spirit – the forum was still down, but other bloggers encouraged me not to give up. I gave it a lot of thought and decided why not.
Medusa was right there to jump on it as soon as it went live and turn a simple, innocent blog into yet another conspiracy theory she conjured up in her mad, mad meanderings.
This first spin was in regards to a HUGE library rip off.
Library post spin

07-07-2009, 10:32 AM: “It’s your turn to get to hung out in front of Jeni Reisinger’s newest right-wing extremist buddies.

She posted the comments below on, but the links from Sheboygan Spew-it get piped into her profile page here, on a site that surely gets visited by your garden variety right-wing extremist domestic terrorist kooks.

The fact that she writes “here in little Sheboygan” is evidence that she’s not just spewing to the locals. She’s spewing to haters nationwide with her sexy looking (and fat-headed) avatar and martyr/victim bullshit to go with it.”




“Any [honest] shrink will tell you that someone who’s THAT “traumatized” by publicity and blog attacks that they need to file a federal lawsuit, doesn’t go on some website with a huge audience spouting off about getting in people’s faces, then sitting back and enjoying the flames. Especially considering one of the symptoms of PTSD is avoiding triggers that remind you of the traumatic event. Fraud.”



You know what else an honest “shrink” – disrespectful word; psychiatrist – will tell you? To face the problem. To talk about it, to share it, to deal with the emotions it invokes, and to realize when you let it get to you, “it”, or in this case, the person, wins. And you know what? It works. 🙂
Oh for heaven’s sake…

“I’m also hardly surprised that she hates the library, since using it would actually mean getting out of her house. All in all, it hardly surprises me that Jeni is anti-library, since you generally need to be an intellectual to enjoy them.”

Well gee, I didn’t know that using the library made one an “intellectual”. If that’s the case, I was always one and didn’t even realize it! Most of my childhood was spent in libraries – both the school libraries and the public library. My Saturday afternoon excitement was enjoying books at the public library.
Gosh, I’m an intellectual! That was a fun discovery.
Back to Medusa’s lies, spin, conjectures and craziness…
“Speaking of Jeni and her anti-intellectualism (or maybe it’s just her lying and false accusations at work again):She cites a report that lays out the economic contributions of Wisconsin libraries. The report distinguishes between Children’s Materials and Adult Materials; Children’s Programs and Adult Programs. But Ms. anti-intellectual (or liar) cites the circulation numbers for “Adult Materials” as proof the library condones porn, pedophilia, sodomy, etc. DOH! Sounds like someone who has their mind in the gutter. She did hang out with Snail, after all.”


(The sad excuse for a woman cannot get her mind off of Snail! I think he was right – she became quite enamored with him! Rumor has it she keeps all pictures, stories and information she can find of and about him and still posts them! Sounds like unrequited love, IMHO. 😉 )


Okay, now she thinks she’s a “shrink”!?

Medusa got her slimy, insufferably invasive mitts on a couple pages of my psych evaluation, which was done because of the lawsuit. I came through quite well, with the exception of a diagnosis of PTSD. To a she-devil like Medusa, this is just more material to use to make fun of old Jeni – and claim that she knows better than the very well-esteemed, highly qualified, MENSA member doctor…a woman who doesn’t know me from Eve.

Also note, she admits cyber stalking me.

“[Deleted] sent her to this high-priced shrink who wrote up a diagnosis stating that she was just fine until those death threats and all the humiliation from the ‘linking scandal.’. Like hell she was. Me and my cyber-stalking found the same types of rants from her dating back to 2001. The shrink was the shrink (and buddy) of Jim Bakker (the infamous hubby of the infamous Tammy Faye). He also did guest appearances on WTMJ back in the mid-90’s.”


Well. Let’s hope the feds are watching this old harmful hag – after all, I’m SUCH a threat! Look what I DARED to post! From Medusa’s cyber stalking escapades:

Old hag

“And before it gets deleted from Resistnet, there was this post from poor martyr Jeni (with her sexy little “come hither” avatar). Bear in mind white-supremacists from all over the country hang out on that site. Hope the proper authorities have intercepted any private message or emails she’s sent out to her “friends” on resistnet. Especially after Perez got shot at with BB guns.”

You see, no boundaries. I mean c’mon – white supremacists? Implying – AGAIN – I had something to do with a shooting that was long since proven – and written up in the Press – to have involved some young boys I never even heard of? Copying and pasting a semi-old post I made on a site where she was cyber stalking me so I abruptly left (and most likely created a new handle, but we won’t talk about that because (shhhh) she can’t know. 😉 ).

Now let’s insult the good doctor – after all, “she be smarter, en-so?”

My doctor is a quack

07-20-2009, 08:39 AM: “The quack shrink that [Deleted] sent Jeni to reported that there was ‘no evidence of excessive anger towards anyone . . .’ Yet there she sits on her super-patriot forum telling everyone how much it ‘infuriates’ her that the Press portrayed her Spew-it forum as racist. Then, in the same paragraph, she turns around and says it’s a “token of honor” to be labeled a racist.

The good doctor goes on to write: ‘However, this examination suggests that immediately prior to the current situation (the cease-and-desist dispute) she was an emotional healthy lady, without evidence of significant psychopathology, and, in particular, without evidence of indicia of tendencies which would point towards a hysterical or psychotic fabrication or fantasy production.’

[Deleted] and that shrink both need THEIR heads examined for thinking they could pull that farce off. How stupid do they think people are?”

So my diagnosis from one of the best doctor’s in the country doesn’t suite Medusa’s agenda, which means, in the mad mind of Medusa, HE must be a “quack”.
Wow. Some logic.

She be crazy.
She be the crazy one.

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