Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 134

Now Medusa starts to ramble about some site I’m supposedly posting on – she couldn’t find the “real me” anywhere so now she’s seeing me in other people! Heaven only knows what her criteria was for determining who she would say is “JENI”??? Shoot. By this time it appears that in her mind, EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!
But never mind all that. It’s me that “attributes malice to everything”. Oy vay.

“Jeni attributes malice to everything. It’s people like her that cause politicians to look insincere and fake, because if they’re human and trip over t heir own tongues or phrase something that could be taken the wrong way, their opponents will be all over them. She wasn’t clear on who she supported, but seeing as how Mr. [deleted] isn’t a white conservative Christian with a gun on his hip and a chip on his shoulder, there’s no way she’d support him.”

Yeah, sure, right. That is SO her!
She KNOWS I’m not posting online. Apparently she couldn’t stand it. This stuff is now officially crazy-sick. Medusa is saying I said something, somewhere, about the then-new mayor. Yet I wasn’t posting anywhere. And that’s just the beginning – this stuff gets really ugly. And long, so get comfy.
First, her claim was that I said something about an appointment the new mayor made, and she turned it racist. There are too many names mentioned so I’m not posting it – it’s a lot like all the blog posts she tried to get through – take out all the personal attacks using people’s names, take out all the cursing and take out the x-rated filth and all you have is a few words that make no sense. But her goal was to once again infer that I am a racist. Nothing new there, huh.
“For the piss sakes! Give it a rest already Jeni! (Maybe you would be happy if Hitler was your frickin Mayor??!!). Depending on your insurance and the severity of your Post Traumatic Stress, shrink sessions are $195 PER SESSION. She’ll need to be going at LEAST once a week. She’s a severe case.”

Must be getting bored again – time to dig up her obsession on my trip to Milwaukee again. Out of nowhere, I might add. The Germany topic stemmed from the fact that our new mayor was planning a trip there. Why I was brought into it is just Medusa’s mysterious madness run amok – as usual.
“I’m sure a trip to Germany sounds like a trip to the moon for someone who rarely leaves the house and visits Milwaukee once every 20 years.”


Gee. Never has anyone cared so much whether or not I went to Milwaukee. Go figure.



Here’s a filth-fest Medusa couldn’t resist – although it serves no purpose, is all made up nonsense and had nothing to do with – well, anything except the sole intent of trying to make me look sleazy. By the way, this entire conversation was all her – she would switch off between her most frequently used moniker of “m” and “Otto”. REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.
But she does kick off her filth fest with one of her stupid anonymous posts as “Fly on Reisingers Wall”. How clever. *roll eyes*
“Guess who Paul was schlonkering?”

“That occurred to me, but she only goes to Milwaukee once every 20 years and I doubt he comes to SheVegas just ‘schlonk’ her.”

“Maybe he has more than one ‘schlonkee’.”

“And maybe Jeni did, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a whole ‘ring’ of schlonkers and schlonkees. I’m sure all that festering [deleted]-hate had to be released somehow.”

Nothing new happening, no one is jumping in on her perverted conversations with herself, so she goes back to 2006! And that stupid comment that I don’t leave my house…she can’t get over it.
“By the way, [Deleted] had some involvement in the “shenanigans” too. He was the one who talked LIEsinger into leaving her house and attending CRG Sheboygan meetings at Dave’s Who’s Inn to plot [deleted]’s recall.”



NO clue what that was supposed to accomplish, nor this next childish bunch of bunk, either.


“And then there were two . . . (J&J — two pea-brains in a pod . . . (or squad?)).”

Now someone actually posts – someone other than Struck – er, Medusa! And they did a great job. Wish I knew who it was so I could pat them on them on the back and apologize that once again it turned into an “EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!”
Good Post!

I bet Mary’s hubby hates having to introduce her to new people….

“And this is my wife, Mary”

“Hi Mary, what do you do?”

“Oh I have this gossip forum that I run. I like spend all day in front of my computer arguing with strangers and surfing the www for photoshopped pictures, rumors, speculations and articles that depict conservatives and the religious in a negative light. I really hate them. I consider myself to be middle of the road, politically speaking…because I once blasted the Black Panthers and I think I was hard on the unions once too. Also, I priased Obama for taking a hardline against the Taliban so there’s no way I’m a liberal. I just like to generalize all conservatives as hypocrits and perverts mostly. Democrats I turn a blind eye to because they’re just human. Any democrat is capable of making a mistake. Except Obama He never makes mistakes…and I’m not sure if he’s mortal.
Most people in the community roll their eyes at the mention of my name. They must be conservative right-winger prudes.”

That was funny. But…here we go! And boy, did the claws come out.


The true character of Mary Struck

Why don’t you post your real name, coward.

Never mind. It’s probably just Jeni Reisinger the married cop-hopper.

So tell us, when the cops installed that free security setup for you to watch for the boogie man, was it on the taxpayers dime?

Were they actually watching for the boogie man, or watching for someone who might be hiding in the bushes watching them come and go from your cop-hopping pad?

Heard there were also top cops handing you envelopes stuffed with cash. Did you include that in the 53% of your income you claim Perez caused you to lose?

Now go have your little huddle and figure out how what little “shenanigans” you’re going to try next to shut everyone up. Not going to work. Every time you run your mouth here, I run mine. And I’ve got LOTS to tell. It’s all public record, beyotch.

(P.S. At least I can hang on to a hubby).

There really is nothing to say to that; it speaks for itself, loud and clear. Shows her true character in all its ugliness.

Oops! She’s not done- she forgot to add a threat in there.


“And this cat ain’t holding back her claws anymore. Jeni and her bootlickers better give their souls to Jesus because their asses are mine.”


SHE IS STILL NOT DONE! She hasn’t sunk quite low enough yet – only she’ll do this anonymously – sort of. She uses the name “Barry Soetoro”.

Barry Soetoro Post

I’m a divorced right-wing nut who sits on the Internet all day at work finding videos about Obama. I’m also a “birther” which means I am obsessed with Obama’s birth certificate because a good card-carrying righty hates them foreigners — especially the coloreds. They’re just too different for a white loser who never leaves Sheboygan.

When I’m really bored at work, I visit Jeni Reisinger’s smear page of Mary so I can look at her picture again and fantasize about how women should be “on all fours taking it fast and hard.” Then I think about how much I hate Mary’s hubby, because like Jeni, I can’t hang on to a spouse that can stand being married to such a hateful rightwing nutjob like me.

By Sunday, I feel guilty for being such a hate-mongering sinner, so I go to church and pray to Jesus to forgive my sins, so I don’t have spend eternity next to those liberal heathens. Then I pray that nigger president and his fake birth certificate go to hell.

By Monday, I feel cleansed and ready to go back to work and listen to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Jerry Bader while I surf my “birther” sites, and jerk off to pictures of Obama.


She’s mad. No doubt about it. Now she posts as me – so how many real people’s names has she used now – and she has the gall to call ME a fraud because of an almost 20 year old mistake I made?

Struck posts fitlhy garbage in my name

What are you complainin’ about Barry? At least you can leave your house and go to a real job where you can spend half your work day looking at Obama birth certificate conspiracies. I’m such a hater I’m afraid to leave my house. So I spend my days spamming for a living, smoking cigs, and stroking racist right wing gun nuts on white supremacist sites.

I always use an oversized avatar of a sexy looking Anime character (white, of course) to trick the “pure race” gun nuts into thinking I’m young and hot, then I tell them how I suffer because of that Spic mayor and atheist liberal. So far, the liberal atheist got threatened with a baseball bat to her face by my jailbird kiddie porn ex with the horse fucking fetish. And the Spic mayor got shot at with a BB gun, so I think I’ve been pretty successful on that front. I know Jesus is well pleased, my mother tells me so every day. God knows hopping on that useless married cop didn’t get the dirty Mexican mayor or the cyber stalking atheist liberal behind bars — or worse.

And I’ve been divorced TWO times to your one. My first loser husband became a druggie, I caught the second dirty rat banging another woman. I couldn’t believe any man — muchless two — could betray such a hateful lunatic like me. Sol I committed credit card fraud, then I found Jesus and straightened my life out by lying about everybody on the internet every day and committing adultery.

It’s Perez’s fault that I committed adultry, too. If that stinkin’ Perez hadn’t become mayor, it never would’ve happened. He’s going to burn in hell for that when one of my gun nut cyber-dates finally gets around to shootin’ him for real.

But all that Perez stuff is behind me now because Jesus gave me a new special purpose — he’s inspiring me to help get the frickin’ nigger thrown out of the White house just like I got that Spic mayor thrown out of City Hall.

So Barry, next time you come to my sheboygan spirit site to jerk off to m’s picture when your boss isn’t looking, I’ll show you my sexy cartoon avatar if you show me your gun. Deal? [wink, wink].


And heaven forbid she leave my poor mother out of her disgusting game.

Posts as my mother

Jeni, I hope you’re not going to stop standing up for Sheboygan. We still need that chink alderman thrown off the common council. Just because the mayor is white doesn’t mean it’s okay with Jesus that you slack off with your tyranny fighting. (I bet Ryan is Catholic anyway. Revelations says Catholics are the whore that rides the great Beast — you know, kind of like when you rode Snail).

And then there’s that Italian alderman we call “Da Gusher” because we hate pronouncing foreign names. Anyway, Italians are half brown, so that technically disqualifies those WOPS from being of God’s chosen pure race like us. But on top of that, he’s an evil, demonic Mason, so he’s going to burn in hell with that spic mayor, chink alderman, atheist cyber-stalking liberal and nigger president.

So go ahead and have your fun flirting with white supremacists, but don’t forget us little people like your mother here in this good, God lovin’ German city.


Barry’s back.


“I stand up for Sheboygan fast and hard every time I look at m’s photo on Jeni’s website.”


Now I’m back! Grief, does she want me posting over there so bad she has to BECOME WHAT SHE WISHES I WERE? That is so creepy!!!


“Barry. Can’t you see I’m trying to hold that lying liberal accountable for her evil and destructive actions? That photo of her (and the Declaration of Independence) is supposed to throw you into a fit of blinding hot murderous rage, not turn you on, you stupid TRAITOR!”

“Jeni, shoot us an email. We have an idea. We have beer, money, and we know an attorney with a slutty wife who hates liberals. She and her angry hubby helped you give that dirty Mexican mayor the smackdown, I’m sure she’ll help you with that boat person alderman, the Italian Mason-worshiper, and the evil atheist liberal. Don’t let her interview any of your boyfriends, though. Especially your married cop.”

“Take THAT you stupid reporter! Jeni, shoot me an email. We can share horror stories about betrayal by friends after we screw married cops. Can’t a good conservative girl try to screw her enemies by screwing a married cop anymore?”

“Hey Jeni, STFU.”

“Your buddy Jeni LIEsinger has proven over and over again what a lying, evil douchebag she is, and anybody who backs her “shenanigans” is of the same caliber.”



“And I KNOW it was either LIEsinger or one of her spew crew who came over here leaking the details of her cop affair — trying to nail the cop and set me up at the same time. For shame, for shame . . .”

“And I know it’s you, Jeni. You’re not very good at disguising yourself. You wanna make me a target to your pervs and militia goons (and defame my business and husband)? I can throw the shit right back into your face, and then some . . .”

“Takes a lot of nerve to be committing ADULTERY while spouting off about me being ‘the dark side.'”

“I’m guessing this is the first time Jeni has ever been hit on by a married man. Let me guess, the married cop promised to divorce his wife and marry Jeni and build a white picket fence around the house she never leaves.”

“I hope the cop at least used a Trojan. Otherwise his wife had better make him get checked for the itchies and scratchies. And if you’re hinting that you’re going to send me a virus, you’d better think twice about that, JENI.”

“So spare us your tears of victimhood Jeni. Consider this YOUR karma for all the people you and your minions have fucked over.”

She is unglued.

07-11-2009, 01:30 PM: “Looks like Jeni’s coming unglued — again. She NEVER comes here, yet she has this posted on her ‘Struck Strike’ page now:”

‘These pages will remain online until I am informed every reference to myself, my mother, any person I know and/or associate with, and or mention of anything I do or anyplace I go online is removed from her dung heap of a forum’.

“By the way, I KNOW no one in Kohler would associate with a psycho like you, much less say that about my family. And even if they did, do you think I give a shit?”

And FINALLY, her grand finale for this topic; someone posted, “only ass-kissers and law-breakers get inside info.” Medusa’s reply:

“Jeni would know. (You left out cop-suckers, though).”


Did I not call it?


She be crazy.
She be crazy.

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