Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 132

No clue where this spew came from or what it was supposed to mean, other than the fact that Medusa continues her militia madness as if militia’s were some big bad world-evil (stupid is as stupid does).

An Otto-m-exchange:

Another m-Otto exchange
m-otto exchange continues

05-25-2009, 08:12 PM: “Did you see where the MASONS carried a large flag in today’s parade?”
05-25-2009, 08:22 PM: “Jeni is going to have to round up her Freepers and militia cranks and march in retaliation next year. I imagine they would carry the Union Jack, or Confederate flag, or whatever they call it.”
05-25-2009, 09:40 PM: “Jeni can’t do a parade. She’s far too shy. She’d much rather live in her own little computer cubicle in the center of her house, keeping the lights low and all the curtains drawn shut…..”

She’s so eager to slam me she can only wait a mere 10 minutes before she talks back to herself. And what the heck is a freeper??? Ach…never mind. Probably better off not knowing. After all, I’m too shy and innocent for big bad words like that…
There was one site my mom and I did join – it was something with “Patriots” – I can’t even recall the name any longer. We weren’t in there a few days and there was Struck right behind us cyber stalking as usual and annoying as all get-out so we just pulled out. We had a very serious crisis going on in our family at this time and didn’t have the time nor the inclination to engage in much of anything online.

Betrayed Again? Oh no.

Betrayed Again?

Or we could do an “eye-for-an-eye.” I’ve got in my possession:

– Psychological history of the Reisinger family . . .

– Photo of Joan . . .

– Jeni’s income.

– And MORE!

– Like Jeni does, I could make sure it gets top ranking in Google whenever a search is done on the Reisinger name . . .

– Like Jeni does, I could rant about her on left-wing extremist sites where crazy, angry, armed lefties hang out (and make sure they find the link).

– Like Jeni does, I could point pervs like Snail to her page.


Scratch Head

“Oh, and I could make sure some ranting, raving nutloon like Vulture looks at it every day and posts descriptions of her on the Press forum.”

“No, stooping to her level would be spewing blantant lies about her all over the Internet and getting them top ranking on search engines.”


But…but…but…I’m such a crappy web designer!!!

05-20-2009: “…for doing crappy web design for the 2 cops in spite of the fact that I have to offer $20 to total strangers to help me with my crappy web design skills.”
Now both myself AND my mom are in a “freeper” movement – and I really don’t know what a “freeper” is. Call me stupid, but I really don’t – and I’ve decided I don’t care to know.

“Good timing Jeni and Joan with joining the Freeper movement right before one of them engaged in ‘domestic terrorism’ by gunning down an abortion doc. I’m sure the FBI will be watching your new compatriots even closer now. She’s found her true home among the Timothy McVeigh/Terry Nichols wannabes.”

Say what???
INTERJECTION: That is so evil. Next, Medusa says some things that infer I had some kind of special “in” with the police, because the relationship I had was with a police officer, but believe me, that was not the case. One officer cannot make an entire police department do his bidding. He had superiors to answer to. The protection I was getting was because I was receiving legitimate death threats and was a woman living alone. I’m also a heavily taxed citizen who has just as much right to the protections of the police as any other citizen has.
But not in the mind of mad Medusa. I should have ZERO protection because I have cramped her style of actual physical stalking she did to me. For example, the camera picked up any car that passed my home, or anyone walking up to my door, etc. She could no longer stalk around in front of my house. But remember, she figured out another way to do it – sitting in the parking lot of the school across from my home… Reminder:
Watch her house!

Back to Libel, Lies and Lunacy

“She’s found her true home among the Timothy McVeigh/Terry Nichols wannabes.”

Is that not a statement of fact? A VERY libelous one at that? It would seem even the malicious bitch knows that, based on a comment she made PUBLICLY:


“You can openly disagree, you can’t defame. If you say, ‘The mayor is a felon in my opinion,’ that’s not libelous because you make it clear it’s your opinion. If you say, ‘I know for a fact the mayor is a felon,” you had better be right because if you’re not, that’s considered libelous.”


Practice what you preach, Mary Struck, OR…

shut up

Random Rotten Ramblings

It might help if I clarify the next bunch of hateful venom if I give you a brief background. During the mayoral election I sent an email to the two final candidates, knowing full well the odds of them answering were slim to none. So why did I do it? Because I had hoped one of them would surprise me. No answer meant only one thing: I was correct. And they both refused to answer. Here is what I wrote – which the witch stole, copied and pasted on her dung heap.

I would like to state that I am a strong supporter of law enforcement; however, I abhor corruption but I know it exists. I am not naive in that respect. What I don’t know is what level, if any, our local police are corrupt. I do know first hand however, that we do have officers who are not above using vulnerable citizens as I have been the victim of that myself. I also know that they are not above altering police reports. So that brings me to my 2nd question: How would you work toward seeing to it that Sheboygan citizen’s have the most honest and fair police force possible? It is my feeling that we as a community need to strongly support our police and give them the best possible tools to fight crime but trust plays a huge factor in the willingness and desire of the community to do so. Right now, my trust is badly shaken and it doesn’t feel good at all.


“Poor Jeni, always the victim. Her badge buddies should’ve listened to us instead of letting her sniff their holsters.”

AGAIN with the “COP Post”. After all…



“Here we are getting ‘duly warned’ by miss big shot last August.”

“Oh, really? Because I thought she was a former criminal so I assumed she meant someone who actually is a law-abiding citizen who paid taxes.”

“Ooh, and I bet her ex badge buddies are really scared, too. How can she wonder why [deleted] didn’t reply? Why would they? First, she’s a certified nut case.”

“The crazy loon only sees what she wants to see.”


(REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.)


“[Deleted names] should’ve written back to Jeni saying: “Well, one way we’re going to work toward seeing to it that Sheboygan citizen’s have the most honest and fair police force possible is by making sure they stay away from YOU!”


Medusa Meltdown

Medusa Loses It

06-09-2009, 03:19 PM: “Now she’s trying to solicit sympathy from the militia kooks by sniffing THEIR holsters. Talking big shit about getting a gun and trying to convince them the mayor is an evil Hispanic, I’m an evil “liberal, atheist,” and the Sheboygan cops are “corrupt” and take advantage of poor, defenseless Patriot Jeni.

Hey, Jeni. You and your minions and nutty family members (and [deleted) better hope none of those militia kooks do something stupid on your behalf after you’ve been running your big, lying mouth trying to make me, [deleted and the cops a target of your new gun-toting posse buddies. Maybe you should move to Tigerton to be with your own kind. Take Joan with you.”


“No, she’s definitely scrambling for a scapegoat (in-between trying to drum up sympathy from racist right-wing extremists and domestic terrorist wannabes).”


Lying Old Bat.


Good Grief. Not This Again!!!


“And I didn’t post threats on Spew-it as ‘Crazylife,’ but that didn’t stop the lying psycho from insisting I did, now did it? I even said I would testify under oath that I wasn’t ‘crazylife,’ but that twisted troll still persisted in accusing me of being ‘Crazylife.'”


Oh, it was her alright. See the whole crazylife saga in Book Bit 030.


“Methinks thou dost protest too much” – Shakespeare


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