Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 131

At this point in time, I’m very quiet. I had taken down the Shenanigans blog for good and shut down the forum. But none of that matters. Medusa’s madness has no boundaries – none whatsoever.

Random Rottenness Rumbles On

“Jeni is getting what she asked for. She should not have asked if she didn’t want to face the consequences. Hope Joan has that guest room all ready for her…”

Consequences of WHAT???

Mad Medusa’s love of others misfortune (especially if they ever had anything to do with yours truly) has to get in a pot shot at Snail in the midst of her “anti-Jeni” ramblings.
“Snail will be getting all his fantasies met by the bad boys and beasts at the big house.”

And then, from a poster who was actually another REAL person – not a Medusa-made-up meanie, who’s step son was to later join those “Bitches of bubba” with a big article in the local paper announcing it to the world at large.
“He be Bubba’s bitch now!!!”

Believe in “karma” and eventually it bites you in the butt.
As always, the big mouthed bitch has to get in the last word – 05-27-2009, 10:11 PM: “Rhonda, I think Snail will be the ‘Bubba’ rather than the ‘Bubba’s bitch.’
How do people get so crude, so crass and so crazy? Never mind. I think I’m better off not knowing. Besides, I’m told there’s a word to describe such people – psychopath, and that in itself is no laughing matter.
See one in full psycho mode:
Psycho mode
Example of a psychopath’s rambings


05-20-2009, 09:17 AM: “I should’ve moved to Sheboygan before setting up this forum, because I would get MUCH better police service.

I could sit around lying about public officials and employees and their families, work day and night to get public officials recalled, fired and thrown in prison, and basically trash and lie about anyone else who crosses me.

Then, when some nutjob like Snailski sends me threats (or maybe I send threats to myself), I would get to have two cops outfit my place with burgler alarms and video cameras at no cost to me, plus a few bonus rolls in the hay with one of the cops. I would also pick up a few hundred $$$ for doing crappy web design for the 2 cops in spite of the fact that I have to offer $20 to total strangers to help me with my crappy web design skills.

If anybody calls me out on it, I’ll just lie, threaten and smear with reckless abandon because I have cops on MY side.

Now THAT’S some community policing service. What a deal!”

Not even one of her alter-egos responded to that. She just had to stew and spew. Speaking of spewing, with no response to her damning dialogue above, she pulls out one of her “alter ego’s” and carries on the next day in full filth mode. If you pay enough attention, you will see that at this point in time, she carried out her worst debauchery under her fake profiles – later she lets it all hang out under her own anonymous moniker of “m”.

Yah you jeni douchebaguette…

whats dis shit wit U site-whoring m’s mug and her 411 around wit UR struck strike peek-a-boo shit…U puttin up m for target practice 4 UR Posse Comitatus gun-lickers or wha???

1 snaildick down 1 bunny boiler to watch…


Medusa’s Militia Madness


“‘Bunny boiler’ Yeah, you’ve basically nailed her MO. Now she thinks the militia kooks will rally behind her if she spouts enough lies about me being an ‘eeeeeevil liberal atheist.'”

She keeps bringing up militia’s and calling them “kooks”. Hm. Perhaps I should REALLY join some groups and see if I can’t get them to teach her the real meaning of a militia. It’s certainly not “kooky”. On second thought – Nah. She’s not intelligent enough to grasp the true meaning.

Back to Random Rottenness


“The dingbat put that page up because she cried to the cops that I was “cyberstalking” her and they wouldn’t arrest me. (Her definition of cyber-stalking is me finding posts she makes on other sites and reporting them here).

Notice how she conveniently leaves out any mention of this forum or the URL. She’s too afraid her visitors will come here and be enlightened about her “shenanigans.”

She also adds the “liberal atheist” references (neither of which are true), in the hopes that it riles the other right wing extremist nuts she associates with.”




Honorable Mention

“There seem to be a lot of posters missing on the Press forum. I figure half of them have been arrested, and the other half lost their jobs so they don’t have Internet access anymore.”

There you go. If you don’t publicly post so Medusa can manifest her madness, you’ve now got the reasons why. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. Medusa has spoken!

Interesting Interjection

On 07-10-2009, at 10:52 PM someone actually jumped in and DARED to say a kind word about “old Jeni”.

“wow… i’m having the strangest sense of deja vu…. you seem to be stuck on the same topics, and the same rampage. have you nothing new to bring to the table M*A*R*Y*????? LOL”





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