Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 130

What Happened to Snail?

Honestly, I’m not sure, but he got himself into some kind of trouble with an under age girl. I’m very sketchy on the details, as I didn’t follow any of what happened, but I did see in the paper that he got 18 months for whatever it was he did. You see, he liked young – VERY young – girls. This was one of the concerns I had when I called the police and had a detective come over to look at some files he left on my computer. I was very uncomfortable with them and wanted to know what to do.
This is also why it is so utterly stupid of Medusa to constantly make it sound as though I took on Snail as a “boyfriend”. I’m quite a bit older – and he liked quite a bit younger (a-hem). And he proved it. I BE-friended him – that’s quite a different story. I was completely enamored with that certain “someone else” the entire time I dealt with Snail.
As I’m going through the dung heap that represented Medusa’s forum, I come upon a topic she titled, “Snail porn”. Typical filthy mindset at work. In that topic, Medusa spits out the following:

“That creep posted a photoshop of my photo too, thanks to that other lowlife nutjob Jeni Reisinger “introducing” him to my online presence.”

She has got to be kidding. She was all over the Spirit forum being a nuisance. She egged him on, challenged him, posted garbage about him – but it was ME who made him aware of her?
Good grief, does one laugh or cry at such a preposterous statement? At this point I’ll chose to laugh – it feels a whole lot better and frankly, there isn’t a whole lot to laugh about when it comes to Medusa, so let’s take a chuckle where we can get it!
The picture Snail made was hilarious, too. He morphed her face into a monkey. I mean I just couldn’t help it – circumstances being what they were, I laughed until I had tears. I wonder if I still have a copy of that somewhere…
Here’s another touch of humor.
“I suspected he was into kiddie porn after seeing his MySpace page. I was debating whether to alert authorities, then I saw he hadn’t logged in since the 15th, so I was hoping he got nailed for something again. I figured it would be drugs, but looks like this will get him time in prison with the big boys.”

That’s right, Medusa, you big crime fighter…easy to talk after the fact, isn’t it?

Here She Blows!


“She sure doesn’t want it getting out that she’s Snailski’s ex. And to think she curled up with that gorilla. Ewwww.”

When a woman around 50 years old is still talking so stupid, she’s a hopeless case. And this hopeless case proves that to be so very true.
Like when her alter-ego “Otto” quick jumps in to back her up.
“Ewww, double ewwww…”

(REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.)
Let’s expand upon the lie. Or is this a confession of stalking my day to day existence so as to create more false scenarios?
“It just occurred to me that the place Rhonda saw Jeni and Goodwill/Zumwalt/Snail getting all lovey-dovey with each other was at Walgreens.”

Roll Eyes
As is so often the case, she’s not done yet.
She is not done yet.

05-19-2009, 09:11 AM: “Almost forgot about this one, too: Either Snailski or LIEsinger morphed my photo with a monkey and put it on Jeni’s forum. Then LIEsinger sits and laughs about it. That would’ve been around the time she was seen snuggling up to Snail at Walgreens.

I’m sure they’ve confiscated his computer. Bet they find some interesting things on it. Probably loaded with other perv Photoshops featuring my photo that LIEsinger has plastered on her twisted websites for all her Freeper freaks to look at.

Maybe they’ll find emails from LIEsinger or one of her minions cluing “mole” aka Snail in on those [deleted]/Reisinger depositions. Mole/Snail indicated he knew the depositions were taking place in Milwaukee ‘thanks in part to Jeni’s mouth.'”


Conspiracy Theory Time


“I suspected a couple of months ago someone was loaning Snail a laptop. I also suspected Jeni and her minions were sharing a laptop thinking they couldn’t be pinpointed when they posted their shit as ‘Patriot’ on the new spew-it. That was about the time they were over here leaking the [deleted] stuff.”

“Now that Snail is where he belongs, I hope the proper authorities have Reisinger under surveillance.”

I was under “surveillance” alright – just not the kind she’s referring to. Honestly, a cop was in my home every single day. He had access to any single thing in my home private or otherwise. Since I trusted him implicitly, he knew every single detail of my life -past and present. Skeletons included. Does she really think, if I had some kind of crazy double life going on, he wouldn’t have been fully aware of it? I mean c’mon, how incredibly stupid can a woman that age be???

Pretty. Damned. Stupid. And she proved it.


“When will those stupid righty bloggers in Milwaukee learn? I swear they must’ve been coming up here getting some from LIEsinger (when she wasn’t busy rolling in the hay with a married cop or curling up with Goodwill the Manson look-alike).”

And proves it again with what is going to become another childish name-calling routine she’ll use over and over and over … and frankly, never did stop using.
05-30-2009, 10:58 PM: “I have a hunch she’s run crying to the cops about us, too — (just like LIEsinger the holster-sniffer).”

That was about “Vulture”. Another victim Struck – er Medusa – picked out to harass. Vulture lambasted her it appears – and got under Medusa’s skin, too. Apparently this took place on the Press forum, but Medusa always posted her libelous lies on her dung heap so she would be in control of them.

See Medusa’s madness manifest.


05-31-2009, 03:26 PM: “I never said that, you stupid, lying, c*nt. No wonder you’re so enamored with LIEsinger. Everyone knows that was a joke (Everyone but you anyway). Please don’t even come here. You’re way too stupid and psychotic (like Snailski) to “get” our brand of humor and commentary. And quit posting my description and where I live, you babbling psycho.”


Medusa likes to “talk to” people on her filth forum, especially when she knows they most likely won’t even see it because they aren’t stupid enough to frequent the ding-dong waste of bandwidth.


“Maybe we should have people pass a test before they can post public comments…………..”




A Touch of Humor – Sort Of

m IS Otto

Yes, we know. How WELL we know, you…

Malicious bitch

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