Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 129

Well, the blog is down, the forum pretty quiet, and I’m getting on with my life. There’s a short respite, but mad, mad Medusa can’t get me out of her head, so in a conversation about what the former mayor may decide to do with his life now that he’s back in the private sector, she just HAD to bring me up some how.
Some one, most likely Medusa herself setting herself up for the next comment – made this asinine post: “I heard from someone that he applied for a job at Burger King, working the night window asking…….”do you want fries with that order”? This is just what I heard and I don’t like to spread rumors.

“Did you hear that on LIEsinger’s blog?”


Stupid is as stupid does.


Oh No! What to do!?

Willy Nilly
No blog! The forum is quiet! What oh what can Medusa make up now? Oh…here we go, a picture shows up in the local Press of the officer who betrayed me, so let’s jump on him now – and toss in a reference to Snail to boot. (She sure has a fixation on Snail. Hm.)

Press Article Reference
“This outta send the holster-sniffer and Snailski into a jealous rage.”

“Isn’t that [Deleted]’s newest mistress? And it seems to me you are the only one jealous of everyone else’s life. This post is a clear indication you have nothing better to do.”


That went nowhere fast, so now it’s time to go deeper into fantasy land and start ranting that I’m a big, bad militia gal. (Wish I were!)


“Isn’t that [Deleted]’s newest mistress? And it seems to me you are the only one jealous of everyone else’s life. This post is a clear indication you have nothing better to do.”


Go, Arclight!

Arclight post

05-13-2009, 01:10 PM by “Arclight”: “You talk simply to get heard.

You don’t have documents of proof of any other thread in this forum, yet this is the only one I can find you demand it.

I think, what you really want M, is to be arrested for trying to bait a person into committing a crime just to suit your own hateful ends.
You want someone to post a copy of that letter so you can file charges on them for having broken the law.

You couldn’t care less about justice. All you want is a means to continue your attacks on others. All you want is an excuse to justify your own loathing.

You’ve turned this entire thread, as you do with so many, into a pity M for hating thread.
This is about a business from another country trying to find justice for a criminal in Sheboygan. It isn’t about you, your disbelief or how you can entrap people.

While that may be how YOU behave, it isn’t how others act.

Not once have you shown regret toward a business robbed.
Not once have you suggested what should be done about Sheboygan’s criminals.
Not once have you tried contacting those involved for further information.
In fact, you have done nothing to show you have one bit of concern over such matters, but you have gone out of your way to insult those involved and show the world your hate.

I hope this story gets some news coverage.
When it does, everyone here will remember how you behaved.”

Applause, applause!
Now this is rich. Medusa, in her sick, warped games, had to be behind the following post – it is SO “Medusa-esque”. She obviously hoped it would make it appear that the real “arclight” was a fake!
Arclight Lie

05-13-2009, 04:49 PM by “Arclight (The Real One)”: “The message posted to this thread today (May 13th) at 1:10 PM was not written by Arclight. It does, however, have all the style and “flavor” of our paranoid friend Snail. I have never posted anything that would remotely match the style of the bogus post.

There are at least six points made in Snail’s bogus post that could be challenged for factual basis. However, I am starting to think that he makes these claims only to try to manipulate those who post to these forums. He probably takes a perverse joy in watching people waste their time and effort in challenging his bogus statements. He knows he is wrong when he writes them, and nothing said will change his mind.

He delights in “matching wits” when he believes he has bested another poster. However, since we understand his modus operandi his victory celebrations are limited to a party of one.

Acrlight (The Real One)”

Then Medusa “apologizes” – to herself!!!

“Sorry about that Arclight. I don’t even pay attention to which user name Snail uses anymore.”


Grief, that’s some funny stuff. Too bad it can’t always be that way!

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