Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 128

A Touch of Truth

Medusa admits she knows she cannot be sure who anyone is that is posting on her forum. So how is she always so sure “EVERY BODY IS JENI”???

“A big shot computer expert like you knows I can’t trace IP numbers. Only the cops can do that with a subpoena. So stop trying to make people paranoid just because you were offended. If you can’t handle us challenging you, then don’t post here.”


Well, just because in her mad mind, EVERY BODY IS SIMPLY JENI!!!

Tasha now?
04-17-2009, 12:59 PM: “Now Jeni has a multiple named ‘Tasha.’ I think Jeni is the one the cops need to be monitoring. Guess who wrote the following on a website that she set up years ago — ‘ I am in such a rage I have been pounding this keyboard making pages to GET OUT THE TRUTH and get the smut, immortality and vile evil out of our daily existence. I have a smoldering, simmering, potentially lethal anger burning in me also. . . ‘ LETHAL anger? Wow. Good thing she didn’t have a gun, then. No wonder ‘Tasha’ wants her to muzzle it.”
That was such a stretch! First of all, this had to take some SERIOUS cyber stalking, because the site Medusa copied and pasted that from was put up in the late 1990’s. A gal pasted a copy of a letter from someone that she received. Medusa spins the whole thing up to make it sound as though I wrote something I did not – and again, was someone I was not.
Next, someone posted asking Medusa, “Can you provide a link or snapshot of this posting?Medusa refused to link to the URL she found this on. In fact, she refused to even acknowledge that simple request. Why? Because if she did so, everyone would see her blatant lie. It is quite obvious if you visit the page that what Medusa claims was written by me, was NOT. Actually, her cover of trying to say I’m going by the name “Tasha” now is the first give-away.
I cannot recall the link, nor can I find it. The site was very old and out dated back then already.
Oh but this has to be taken one step further – into a lie that was so evil it was no longer funny. I was never a member of the site referenced next; in fact, had never heard of it and wish I never had! However, someone DID use my information and attempt to set up an account, which resulted in me getting an email from this site “welcoming me”. I was appalled and quite outraged. This was, in my opinion, going way too far. The site in question was good about removing my information and fake account quickly, but it was a hassle and very much a nuisance for both them and myself.
Reading over this disgusting “prank”, at least I found out from where the whole mess originated. I should have known.
Porn Lie

Considering Jeni was a member of the “Sex Bankroll” and had half a dozen porn sites, as well as all the people she has helpped to frame, a statement like that from her could make quite a scandle.

“Slave of Sensation” website owned by Jennifer B. Reisinger
Marketed through –
All accounts now banned for violations.

Accounts owned:

Massive Cum
3D Toon Fucking
18 Plus

Send emails to: spam[at]

What a filthy, low-life pig. At this time Medusa was almost 50 years old and didn’t know better?
I was never a member of any such site, never had a site by that name and heaven knows I would never even look at porn much less have “half a dozen porn sites”. My goodness! But this got even worse. I received an e-mail welcoming me to – you guessed it – a site called Sex Bank Roll. Not only was there really such a site, but this Mad, MAD Medusa must have signed me up for it in hopes of making her evil lie look legitimate! I contacted the site and they were very good about removing my information, but would not give me any IP numbers or other information about the person who used my information on their online form.
Now Medusa tries to cover her tracks by inferring the sites may have been on Snail’s site.

“Were those the porn sites on Snailsoft?”


Gee. A “LIE-zinger” posts in Medusa’s madhouse. .Isn’t this just the cutest thing.


Stop talking about Sheboygan Charlie.



Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

OMG! Too many VOICES!

Stop talking…. ALL OF YOU. You’re confusing me DAMMIT!


Falsely using my identity wasn’t enough, she was back at e-mailing people I was acquainted with in my blogging days. On April 18th, the following emails flows into my in-box from a blog acquaintance:

“Jeni, Your nemesis has taken to emailing others who post here (I don’t think I was singled out – tho I am ‘a handsome man’;-) ) My daughter went through a similar situation a few years ago, so I kinda know what’s going on here. I no longer have the email. Wasn’t worth keeping. She is clearly unhinged for whatever reason.“
“Unhinged” was putting it mildly! But he had no clue…
It never ends.
So now I’m forced to apologize for this mad woman. Good grief. Luckily though, the people she emailed were wise to her (as they weren’t from Sheboygan).

An “m” and “Otto” Exchange

Perhaps I should say yet ANOTHER one (REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”). This is in a topic totally devoid of anything “Jeni”, so Medusa has to do something! (Note the times.)

04-22-2009, 11:23 AM: “I do. And a good portion of them are nuts.”
04-22-2009, 11:29 AM: “Does Jeni belong?”

Roll Eyes

Still freaking out over the gun…ROFL.


“Maybe [deleted] was advised to stay away after Jeni was on the Internetz looking for a gun to ‘use.'”


Always nice to end things with a hearty chuckle. 😉

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