Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 127

Another incident on April 13, 2009, was frustrating to learn of. Via email I received the following from a blogger who’s blog I frequented:

Subject: [Sheboygan Shenanigans]
From: Steve
Date: Mon, April 13, 2009 6:53 pm
“Your nemesis from that talk site is sending nasty emails out about you. Don’t worry, we know she’s a lunatic!”

I did so enjoy those Milwaukee bloggers – they knew a lying troll right off the bat! So how to turn a lemon into lemonade?

A Touch of Humor

I had a blast with this one – and am still amazed at how much mileage Medusa attempted to get out of this one. I played her like a fiddle with this and confess, I enjoyed it. But I can’t take credit for the original idea. A blogging partner suggested this to have a little fun before I formally closed up the blog. I loved the idea and ran with it.
I made a simple post on the blog titled, “Gun Advice, Anyone”? And all I said was, “Female looking to purchase gun seeking suggestions, advice, etc. Thanks!” I didn’t say it was me, didn’t say what it was for, nothing. That is precisely what was posted, nothing more. You can bet your bottom dollar stalker Medusa was right on it, too. She starts out relatively mild, but builds this up into a spin so wild there’s only one possible place for it to land – THE TWILGHT ZONE.

“The drama queen must not be getting enough attention. Wonder if she’ll get her own holster to sniff.”

Jeni Seeks Gun

“The possibilities are endless:
One of Sybil’s multiples sent her another death threat
She wants to rile up her gun-totin’ Milwaukee goons again.
Job showed her is hairy chest and talked her into open carry.
She needs one to hang on her life-sized cardboard cutout of an SPD cop.
She’s gearing up to frame me
Snail sent her a love note.
Her ex is out of jail — again.”

Entering the Twilight Zone

“Ms. Drama Queen Sybil wants us to worry about her getting a gun and then who she’s going to use it on, before she does us all a favor…”

“I think she’s making a death threat. ”First she puts up that smear site about me out of ‘vigilantism’and keeps updating it. Then she asks for a gun and one of her Milwaukee bloggers jumps in right away asking her what she needs it for. She doesn’t say she needs it for ‘personal protection,’ but for her ‘personal use’. Yup. Sounds like a death threat to me.”

“Death threat might be streatching it, but worth while reporting, especially if it turns out to be the correct answer, you can prove then it was premeditated. Well, if it is just for personal use and she doesn’t know what she wants, may I suggest this-[porn link]”


Filthy pig.

Jeni Seeks

“Sure sounded threatening to me. I had to spend the WHOLE NIGHT and morning fearing for my safety and the safety of my family never knowing when that ‘vigilante’ would try to pop a cap on me or my kids. Looks like a threat to me.”

Jeni Seeks


04-15-2009, 08:59 AM: “And of course there was this post full of threats back on January, 13, 2008. She wants me to ‘disappear’, huh? It’s got Jeni’s handwriting all over it (I’ve seen her use the term “bull pucky” numerous times on her own forum). Sounds like that “freedom-fighting vigilante” wanted to take down anybody she deemed a ‘traitor.’ Rhonda, better watch your back, too. She has your full name blogrolled to the Milwaukee blogs so her goons down there know who you are.”

Medusa then copied and pasted the whole thread made by someone – it was great, but I often wish the people behind these WOULD put their names to them. When they don’t, you know what comes: EVERY BODY IS JENI!!! It was quite long, but here it is if anyone is interested:

Originally Posted by sheez

Mary [deleted], I cannot believe the crap, filth and lies on this so-called forum of yours. What a bunch of bull pucky. You ought to be shut down by legal authorities.

It would take SO much time to prove every lie you’ve made, but anyone “in the know” can see it right off the get-go. You just lie and lie and lie and lie and lie some more about people you don’t even know.

You spew hatred toward those who try to do good. You have this obsession and you insist Jeni visits your forum — that homeless thread? I SENT THAT TO HER because you make me SICK with your hatred.

Have you any idea how many people are tired of it and want you to disappear? You post things in other people’s names, you never stand forward with your own identity to back up and give credibility to the crap you rant and those who post on this forum are the dirt on your shoes. You all ought to be ashamed of yourself but yes, I know that’s a pie-in-the-sky dream because not a one of you idiots would know the meaning of the word “shame”. You’re too steeped in unfounded hatred and Perez supporting vitriol. FOOLS. You’re ALL FOOLS and you’re all going to be damned sorry you take the stand you do.

I personally have been watching every move and noting every traitor here and I assure each and every one of you, you’ll go down all of your own making. maybe it’s time some of you tried thinking like civilized adults instead of ape-shit idiots. Get out while you still can, if you have a shred of dignity and self-respect.

And you betcha I’m using a proxie, YOU TAUGHT ME HOW! So go ahead and tell you small little following that I hid behind a proxie again, but I’m saying it now. WHY? Because… You followed Jeni all around the blogs SHE FREQUENTED FOR MONTHS (that’s called cyber-stalking in legal terms dimwit) causing yourself to be banned from several with your childish rantings and YOUR USE OF PROXIES. Yup, loser, learned all about using proxies from you so since that’s your claim to fame, I’m using it on you myself. Take what you get and shut your trap about anonymous posting — you’re the queen of it.

You hide behind a single initial and spew your hatred as if its gospel; well, shame on you. I’ve never seen one open records request here from you showing the shady goings-on that you support. Show us some proof of your stand or go hide behind your computer harassing someone else.

Your credibility is shit, girl. Total utter SHIT. You’re paranoid, delusional, hateful, vengeful and attack people you don’t even know. you’re an evil, harmful human being and Sheboygan is fed up with your hateful interference.

Blow it out your pathetic ass, [my name deleted for security reasons]. And all of you little minions and [my name deleted for security reasons]’S multiple personalities, that goes for you, too.

GO ahead and have at me now; I will never return to this vile place again and what I don’t know can’t and won’t hurt me but just know this, to be seen around here is to be looked upon as quite the loser — and that’s putting it nicely. I’m done monitoring your vile behavior. I hope, as word has it, it is in the hands or proper authorities you NON SHEBOYGAN resident.

Hasta la Vista babies … may anyone who views this never darken their computer screen with this vile cesspool of hate and lies again. Over and out (for good).


Wow. That was a whole letter! Good job, too. 🙂

Medusa replaced her own name with: [my name deleted for security reasons]. That is too funny.


Anyway, she wasn’t done yet and it wasn’t even noon yet on this fine day.
Jeni Seeks 09

“I’m not going to leave the house today, either, now that I know Jeni is seeking a gun. I can’t hide out in my car either, because Screwy publicized my plate numbers. OMG, where do I go?! Wonder if Snail has an extra tent in the woods.”

She be crazy.
She be crazy.

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