Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 126

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

In early March, I posted a sticky topic that the Sheboygan Matters forum would be taken down. My announcement simply said, “As of April 2, 2009, this forum will no longer be online. It has serviced us well but in an effort to consolidate things we’ll be migrating back to Sheboygan Spirit.” And indeed, on April 2nd there was a message on the Sheboygan Matters forum that the site had been disabled – NOT suspended. When a site is suspended, it will SAY suspended.
Matters Domain Disabled
To Medusa, this is just another excuse to make up some stupid bogus lie that I was “taken down”.because of what I posted about her. Of course, we all know truth never stopped Medusa from spewing her venom.
Actually, this was so incredibly stupid that when I did finally see it for the first time I laughed so hard I had tears.

Pretty “weenie” alright!

“The ‘Abuse’ rep at Hostmonster was shocked when he looked at LIEsinger’s smear site dedicated to me.”

Someone noticed and said, on 04-03-2009 at 02:23 PM: “Newsflash Mary, she announced it weeks ago that Matters was going down in early April. DUH Give ya an ‘E’ for effort on that one though.”
Hosting Lie
This obvious deception of hers didn’t seem to fool anyone and apparently that drove her to the edge. It would be quite terrifying to figure out anything Medusa does.
If you’ve followed along, or even read part of this mess, you know by now that Medusa has an answer for everything.
“If you’re tired of LIEsinger’s lying and smearing on and, you can file an abuse complaint by emailing [deleted]. Mention that she also alters, blocks or deletes comments by her victims when they try to defend themselves from her lying and false accusations.”



“Give it up Jeni. Nobody swallows your twisted tripe anymore.”


Well then what is she worried about???


Scratch Head
Oh. My. Goodness.


Random Rottenness


“Apparently LIEsinger put on her jackboots and ran crying like a spoiled little Gestapo beyotch to the cops telling them I’m ‘cyberstalking’ her, and looks like they must’ve told her to get bent. Now she fancies herself a ‘vigilante’ Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies everybody, Vigilante LIEsigner is on the march.”

“Well isn’t poor innocent Jeni just something else? (crazy emoticon) If only she could post
ANYTHING that is remotely near the TRUTH…(crazy emoticon) If the woman had any credibility at all I’d leave her alone. But since she continues to post BS……..”


REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.


“Her Lithium scrip must’ve run out again.”

“I know what she’s trying to do — put out a clarion call to her rabid righty Freeper/militia goons on the Milwaukee blogs. She gets them riled up with her ‘Jesus talk’ and ‘vigilanteism’ and calling me an eeeeevil liberal, atheist, agnostic, blah, blah, blah… Oh, well. A spoiled mommy’s girl and her jackboots can’t have EVERYthing…”

She spins so much it’s no wonder she has to stay sitting at a computer. Round and round she goes… BEAT that drum, Medusa, BEAT that drum!!!
Tasmanian devil spinning
This nonsense with this nut job was getting incredibly annoying and aggravating, and was having a serious impact on my ability to get any freelance web design work in my community, so I went to the police. The police, at that time, were kind but said the laws were still too murky, and suggested I get a lawyer. And Medusa finds out from her stalking. (What else is new, I know…)
Well, no one is hearing it, so now she tries a couple other stupid lies, posting nothing to back up her nonsense. Of course, you can’t prove something that doesn’t exist.
“A local Charter IP number was rapidly rifling through my forum again, just like when I caught someone using Paros. Looking for an opening to hack perhaps? If this forum does get hacked, 2 people will be at the top of the list: Jeni. Snail.”

“I hope you realize this forum is being monitored for idiotic racist comments like this in light of investigations going on involving LIEsinger and her cohorts. If an investigator or attorney asks me for your IP number, I’m not under any obligation to refuse to give it to them.”


“I highly doubt Jeni is the victim of anyone – except maybe one of her multiple personalities. Are you one of them? Would you know if you were? How many are there now? It must be getting very crowded in there!”

Oh, brother.

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