Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 125

On March 30th, I took my forum down. The blog was still online, but I was no longer posting on it as I planned to take it down right after the next mayoral election, which was to be held in the beginning of April.
But none of that matters. Medusa will just make things up as she pleases.

“I got some serious dots connected here. Jeni supports the Doyle recall. Belling says the recall people are politically stupid and dumb. Hence Jeni is stupid and dumb. Shown disrespect by your hero, what’s a whacko to do?”

This “wacko” didn’t even know she supported a “Doyle recall”. (Can’t help but wonder who taught this woman to spell!)
Here is what I actually said:
Badger Blogger Post

A recall would be great, but they sure do take a lot of time, effort and money and most of us who have to carry the burden of all Doyle’s outrageous spending may not be able to give it due diligence because we’re busy working.

I’m torn – I see the point because a politician can do a heck of a lot of damage in 20 months, but I also agree that it may be better to put the money & effort toward a good candidate for the next election.

Speaking of candidates, what’s the buzz on Scott Walker these days? Is he planning a run or hasn’t he said yet?
– See more (including the filthy one cyber stalking me) at:


“Their Sheboygan affiliate contact is [deleted]. Jeni used to ghost-write for him on Spew-it before he had a computer. So they’re just one big interconnected group of stupid people.”

“Awwwwww. Badgerblogger censoring me out — again. Who’d a thunk it? Tell us Milwaukee scumbags what we want to hear or you can’t play.”


Jeni’s Wailing Wall

“Hey Jeni LIEsinger — if only it were TRUE I could silence you and your lying, despicable, corrupt, fraudulent, hypocritical mouth/keyboard (and the 2 or 3 minions you have left). You deserve every cursing you’ve gotten. And if you think it’s just me cursing you, you’re even more delusional than we ever imagined.”

“Good luck with the self-pity ploy ‘Never, never, never quit.’ Jeni (aka “fitnfree”) quoting Winston Churchill. ‘Doesn’t sound like a poor, helpless victim to me. Sounds like a stubborn knucklehead.’ — Me quoting me.”


Poor, poor Jeni — always the victim, never the perp


“She’s just trying to cover her lying ass.”


(Back to “Jeni’s Wailing Wall – no clue why she kept changing – probably the same unexplainable reasons she needs 20 different identities – but this was all in one topic.)

Wow, a voice of reason pops in again!


“You have been cyberstalking Jeni for two years. Everything she says is true, and everything you say to re-but is total B.S. Try to get some perspective here. You are 49 years old. Why not mature now before it is too late.”


Well, only one retort to that, as far as Medusa is concerned.


“STFU Exposing her online ‘shenanigans’ is not ‘cyberstalking.’ Maybe in your delusional dreams it is, but not in the world of reality where the rest of us reside. Yeah, you go with that.”

“If anyone is a cyberstalker, it’s HER.”

Shake head


“Getting an eyefull over here with your “Guardster” anonymous proxy program? You’re SOOOOOO sneaky. Not.”


ACK! I hadn’t been to Milwaukee in 20 years – OMG!


“Speaking of sheltered. Jeni admitted a month or so ago that she went ALL THE WAY to MILWAUKEE for the first time in 20 YEARS!!!! Bet she spent 19 of them getting out her front door………. “

“Too bad she wouldn’t stop visiting the Internet for the next 20 years. ‘I’m the victim here. If you want me to stop lying, gimme some R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Sock-it-to-me, sock-it-to-me, sock-it-to-me, sock-it-to-me…'”

Struck going crazy

Random Rottenness


“If you don’t want ‘JENI SUCKS!’ to keep showing up on this site, stop trying to ‘out’ people here. Since the Spew-its have proven themselves to be the malicious liars and defamers that they are, I have a right to protect names and privacy. The evil witch came on here outing a sheriff’s deputy who wasn’t saying squat about her or anyone else in her cabal.”


See how the person who posted as “Alberto” actually “outed” himself – and how I truly felt about him in Book Bit 124.


“OMG, she accuses me of victimizing all the other Jennifer Reisingers around the country. Then she makes some sort of weird connection to the Declaration of Independence. Somebody call the white coats and prepare the rubber room. She’s REALLY gone off the deep end now. Or did the big hammer finally come down on her lying ass?”

“I take it back what I said about the white coats and rubber room. I will no longer refer to Jeni and “nuts” because that’s probably part of their defensive ploy. She’s no crazy woman. She’s an unremorseful conniver who refuses to accept responsibility for her reckless, malicious behavior.”


Ho o-Rah! Let’s pull out that credit card fraud charges again!!!


“Hooray I made the list of lies. Unfortunately for Jeni I got some screen shots to prove what I wrote is accurate. Well here’s proof of stealing.”

“You’d think she would get a clue by now that we take screen shots. FRAUD! (not to mention manipulative coward). I hope ‘The Storm’ blows her off her pedestal but good. And I hope I get invited to the Corona parties.”

Scratch Head
Oh. My. Goodness.


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