Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 124

A Touch of Humor

Medusa was creating a lot of posts under stupid user names in order to set herself up for a slam on me, or to respond to one of her slams on me to make it look as if she had all these “supporters against Jeni”. It was easy to see this to anyone with a lick of intelligence because she said the same things over and over. Her “tone” and way of speaking is so easy to detect after a while, plus, no one else was interested in talking about me.
She was to do more and more of this as people became tired of and sickened by her, shall we say, approach. So this is a bit on the humorous side, because the reason she did this was because she wasn’t going to be able to sit and talk to herself on this particular day! But she has to make it sound as if I was over there trying to post – which I will keep repeating, I was not posting there! As for Snail, I had no clue what he was up to at this point.

“Sorry, no guest posting today. I’ve got things to do today, and those idiots Snail and the Reisinger losers can’t learn to stick to facts, so guest posting is off today, and new registrations will go into moderation que until I okay them. Sorry!”

PSSSSST – she can’t spell queue!


Random Rottenness


“I really don’t understand the need to bother hosting a public forum. Jeni and Co. aren’t interesting in hearing outside opinions. Why don’t they just email each other?”


REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.


“Because she and her 2 remaining minions (including her mother) are a cult.”

“Does that make them certified loons?”

“Joan told [deleted] to ‘STFU.’ How VILE! They’re turning into DARK-SIDERS! What would Jesus do? Will John [Screwy] Wayne organize a picket in front of Joan’s house?”

“No, I think she just forgot her meds.”

Drunk emoticon
“She’s PUI”

“Can she get jail-time for that?”


They were talking about a woman who was in her late 70s, who never did anything but love hard and work hard. I also have no recollection of my mother saying what she was accused of saying.


“Just sayin’… I’m starting to get the feeling “crazylife” was trying to tell us something. He/she made it sound like someone (a detective or private investigator maybe?) was watching her place.”


MEDUSA was crazylife – and just cannot let it go. See Book Bit 030 for “The Crazylife Saga”.


Let’s start spitting out the adultery accusations – after all, had I been going over there, it just might have further damaged an already gaping wound. Now wouldn’t that be fun?

My endorsement for a candidate

Jeni says we should vote for [deleted]. Really?

Isn’t this the man who promoted bombing Mayor [deleted]’s home – which happens to be in downtown Sheboygan across from City Hall?

Isn’t this the man who was banned from the Police Citizens Academy because he failed background check?

Isn’t this the man who threatened to blow up the Sheboygan Police Station because they requisitioned money for police dog?
Here we have a candidate for an aldermanic seat endorsed by a woman who’s scruples are questionable to say the least. Her own background includes credit card fraud and adultery.
I wonder who’s worse? The endorser or the candidate?


First of all, all of that above was spun WAY out of context. Secondly, I had a sign in my front yard for this candidate. Stalking my home now, eh? Last I knew, that was totally within my rights, but stalking is a crime. Just saying.


“He tried to organize a picket in front of my house.”

“Maybe they share the same rubber room.”

“They must have rubber computers for the rubber room these days.”



In the screen shot below, you can see an accusation against Medusa that she alters posts. She does and her latest antic was to set the forum so that any time someone posted HER name, it would come up “JENI SUCKS!”. See, only SHE can splatter names all over the place, but DO NOT POST HER NAME!

“I’m not ‘still altering’ anything. It’s all automatic. Nobody has to put up with lying skanks coming over here outing people and falsely accusing them when we couldn’t come over there to defend ourselves. That’s the way it is when you choose to be a hell-bent fraud. The little pissants outed Alberto’s real name and occupation for no good reason. He hasn’t said a word about Jeni since fleeing her burning fortress and coming over here.”

Now I feel compelled to tell my side of the “Alberto” story.
First, I never posted there to “out” anyone. Second, “Alberto” made his own goof in Medusa’s forum. He had entered a local contest for the Christmas lights on his house, and he won. It was fun to see. But he was so excited about it that he posted about winning that contest (which was written up in the Sheboygan Press) on Medusa’s forum – under his user name of “Alberto”.
So all anyone had to do was read the article in the Press about the winner of that contest, see “Alberto’s” post, and quite simply put two and two together. In short, he “outed” himself. So anyone could have done this “outing” she’s speaking about – if there even was one. I’m clueless about the whole matter. I would never have done anything to hurt “Alberto”. I got to know him a bit and thought he was a wonderful young man.

Beats me.

This is so ‘out there’ I don’t know what else to say about it, other than I have a section on Sheboygan Spirit with some historical photos that anyone can look at any time – and see that the image shown is not something from my historical photo collection! Every photo in that collection is clearly water marked – as so:
Spirit Watermark

“Seeing as how it’s ok to take material from others peoples sites and post them on your own I decided to take a picture I liked. It’s such a shame I’m sure she went to so much trouble to setup security on her pages to keep people from copying the pictures and now someone has nabbed one”


That picture had NO WATER MARK – in fact, it was not even an image I have in my collection.


She be crazy.
She be crazy.

See What Happens When I Endorse a Candidate?


“…if you want a Jeni Reisinger wannabe on the council.”

“Seriously, though. Why is he so devoted to that lying loon when just about everyone else has gotten wise to her ‘shenanigans’ and bailed.”

“lies and slander and libel oh my…follow the yellow brick road to Settlers Trail…because BECAUSE because BECAUSE because of the wonderful things she does…”

“And the mother of all witches is at Cross Creek! :)”


No, no, I’m not stalked.


And pigs just started to fly.

When pigs fly

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