Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 123

See what happens when you befriend Jeni.

I won’t be posting the name of this person, but he was a good man who loves our (now) sad little city. We had shared some very interesting information on the ancestral history of our respective families and found many similarities and as a result, became friendly acquaintances.
He also posted on the Spirit forum. This also means he goes under Medusa’s radar. She did this to everyone who crossed my path. I am posting about this one to show her antics against others who were in my life. Her tactics with each were always similar – lie, spin, fabricate, dig, spin some more, etc.
What makes it especially heinous is that she never REALLY knows who she is speaking of – she just picks a name of someone she knows I’ve had some communication with at some point in time. I will prove that in this post.
Going in, please know that she is NOT telling the truth. She is taking a few tidbits and spinning them to the point they’re bordering on insane.

“He’s over there posting my address and license plate number. How did that go again with [deleted] threatening to blow up the police station, and the complaints about him taking photos of girls on the lakefront, and his posting on Jeni’s forum that he was sorry a van didn’t blow up in front of the mayor’s house? Oh yea, it’s all true… Stay away from my car, lard ass, because I’ll be watching you, too.”

“Your right m…that whore and her dickwads are using you to try to get even with [deleted]. there to chickenshit to own up to there evil on jeni’s sites.”

“Jeni had some minutes posted on her recall site that mentioned it. They said the police didn’t want him doing the ride-along because he had said something about blowing up the police station. Notice how Jeni basically confesses that she can’t keep her mouth shut when people tell her to. Now she and her band of misfits are trying to frame me for them coming over here posting stuff she was ordered to keep confidential.”

Now here is someone who knows what they are talking about and sniffs out the lies, while trying to be polite about the whole thing. Granny Love really should have been able to figure out by now that you can’t talk to Medusa – and that all of these post are HER. Sigh. But “GrannyLove” meant well.
“I thought it was to be in the Citizens Academy, not a ride along. I thought it was because they were filled for that class. If someone knows different, then speak the facts please, not hearsay.”

“So, why is it that he feels he can post m’s minor traffic violations?”



Okay wait a minute…if she can seriously ask that question, then allow me to ask why SHE felt SHE could post my credit card fraud charges ALL OVER THE INTERNET?
You see the hypocritical double-dirty-standards going on here?

What an idiot
What a jerk

(And please never forget, “m” is also posting as “Otto”.)
Okay, so now the truth has been called out, so Medusa logs in under yet another user profile she created, with yet another offensive avatar and posts:
“Is it me, or does Screwy [deleted] look like a human cartoon character?”


Poor “GrannyLove” – she tries to be reasonable with Medusa again. Check it out – she really gave this a sincere try, too.

Reason with Medusa? Cannot be done.

“GrannyLove”: “I made my wishes known about the Mayor, I hoped he would lose. That is a fact. I tried to tell you that there were many voters quietly waiting for the chance to vote against him. That is what happened, and you still can’t believe. It was never a personal vendetta into his personal life with me. I could care less about Mayor’s personal life. Show everyone here proof, where I got into Mayor [deleted]’s personal life to smear him. You can’t, because it does not exist. Your smears of people are very personal, and more often not based on fact. That borders on libel in my opinion.

My issues with Mayor [deleted] were always based on his leadership or lack of leadership as Mayor. My issues were how he carried out his duties as Mayor, and the fact that we lost so many experience Department heads during his 4 short years. We have a lot of work to do, to overcome that.

That is just wrong. Sheboygan is a good city, and they will get things turned around. You need to look within, to find why you have so much hate for people you don’t even know. You are so quick to put everyone into a class and call them liars.

You just have to make everything personal M. And, I do not kiss anyone’s ass. yours or Jeni’s. Show proof of that too.

There is one thing I find funny tho. That is as bad as you hate Jeni, and her site, very often you post findings of research from her site. If you dislike her so, and tell us all she is such a liar, why don’t you do your own research rather than using her’s when you post a little history of the past 4 years?

You are really getting pathetic with your obsession with Jeni. It interferes with every subject on your site.

Medusa’s comeback:

“You’re full of shit, just like the rest of them. You’re pathetic with your pretending you’re not a Jeni bootlicker when the veterans on this site can read you a mile away. Oh Jeni! Please lie for us some more. We can’t get enough!”

03-19-2009, 01:14 PM: “Why bother m…this woman is as f*ckng stupid as the rest of them. She crys your to mean to poor jeni but her hero f*cked a married cop for over a year and they all had a good time framing people…maybe grannyhate got laid to. how can i get in on this good time…”

“You’re right. She’s just another manipulative, conniving dingbat. I’m through with you, Granny. It’s too painful to even read your nauseating hypocrisy. Go join your buddy Screwy [deleted] in plotting how you can sniff my car tires and lurk around my house.”




“Well, isn’t THAT special. GrannyLove deleted all her messages. Except I can UNdelete them, so I did until she can give me a good reason why they were deleted.”




“Wonder how much personal information he can post about m before she can talk to the cops about cyber stalking…..”

“By the way, I’m not absolutely 100% it’s Lewandoske. Pretty sure, but not 100%. But I’ll find out…”

Of all the unmitigated gall – of both those last two comments. After ALL that trash and bash garbage, she admist she doesn’t even know who she is really talking about.

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