Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 121

Confession Session

Some information is leaked on Medusa’s forum about myself and a man. Since this was a very painful matter for me, I will just say this much: I was horribly betrayed and misled by a man I fell for. I trusted him completely. He was a police officer. He was married but led me to believe his marriage was over. I never thought to question or doubt him. That’s the long and short of it. If I was “had” and “played like a fool”, so be it. At least I didn’t do those things to anyone else. Just sayin’.
This “man” was involved in setting up and maintaining the safety equipment in my home. That is how we first became “friendly”.
A serious of circumstances – very unusual ones – forced me to send a complaint to the Police and Fire Commission regarding his use of his job to engage in his relationship with me. Next thing I learn is the information is leaked to the she-devil. This was to be the beginning of much personal information about me, that should never have been made public.
As I sifted through the contents of Medusa’s forum, I discovered a “leak” regarding this situation. It occurred on March 5th, 2009. I redacted some of the text because it was such an outrageous lie it should never be repeated.

“[Deleted], one of Sheboygan’s finest…faced deposition hearings this week where by he admitted to his affair with Jennifer Reisinger.”

Next, someone with sense actually posted on that filthy site:
“This is a nasty mean posting and should be taken down immediately.“

But Medusa loves it…under one of her stupid anonymous posts she says it’s “fun”. (She’s the only person, EVER, to use the childish “LIEsinger”.)
“Sorry, it’s not a LIEsinger site. Isn’t gossip fun???”

Then the person with common sense came back and responded:
“Tell me M, what are the mean nasty lies on her site. I guess I don’t see them when I go there. An example please, backed up with facts.“

To which Medusa replies:
“Though Jeni accused Snail of a whole list of things, he was never charged for those. But a couple of Vicoden pills were found on him, so he sat in jail for 4 months. Now he’s pissed and turns his Schizo rants toward Jeni and her badge buddies, and I’m supposed to remove it because NOW you all decide he’s over the line.”


This is how Medusa is going to play it – IT WAS SNAIL! Good grief. I hadn’t talked to Snail in over a year at this point in time.


Now here she goes again calling me a felon, when she knows damned good and well that is not even close to the truth. Please see Book Bit 007 for elaboration.


“And speaking of that lying, steaming heap of dung Jeni Reisinger, I see she altered more comments on her blog. Any cop associated with her on any level needs his head examined. Seriously. There’s a reason why CCAP keeps her 4 counts of felony fraud online, even though it was committed over 10 years ago.”

And let’s not leave my mom out of this. This is in “response” to the person who said this was a “mean nasty post”.
“Hmmm, could this be none other than Jeni’s deranged mother Joan trying to protect her holier than thow daughter who never does anything wrong?”



“Hey Jeni Truthtard. Did you think you were immune from catching shit for your ‘shenanigans’ because you were sucking up to the SPD and had a few union goons playing you for a fool? Uh, uhhhhh girrrrrllllll. Y’all got too big fo y’all’s britches talkin’ smack like dat day after day.”



A Touch of Humor

In this same topic, the slams went all over the map. At the end was the following exchange. The first post is someone talking to Medusa, the next her response to someone calling her out on her altering text on her forum.

“Why the hell would anyone tell a POS tabloid reporter like you that sort of information? Oh, and nice use of filters to change what people post here…”

“You’re outta here, lunatic. Guest posting on this category is OFF.”


Medusa couldn’t hide the truth because her altering of text was there for everyone to see, so she bans the person calling her out on it!


And she’s a big shot – why, she “owns the Kohler Press”!


“By the way, idiot. The ‘Kohler Press’ doesn’t print the ‘crap’ I post here because I OWN the Kohler Press and I choose to keep my hobbies separate from my business in spite of all the attempts by you, Jeni Reisinger and [deleted] to invade my privacy and try to publicize a connection between the two.”



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