Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 118

Vulture Smack Down

What’s a vulture got to do with this? Well, someone going by the name Vulture apparently got under Struck’s skin. It appears it started on the Press forums.
Follow along.
I love this “Vulture” – wish I knew who it was! I am including it because it shows I’m not the only one who has been cyber stalked and harassed by Medusa – nor am I the only one who thinks the woman has serious issues. Check out this post “Vulture” made to her friend who went by “animalhouse” – this first one was posted on 02-25-2009.

Vulture wrote
Hey Animal, just to let you know Kohler bitch is getting her jollies by sharing our messages to her couple idiotic cronies. I put my profile where she cant see it ever since she started stalking me, so you can set yours to friends only too if you want. The stupid wench keeps trying to ask me personal questions, I honestly think she is mentally ill. Everything is supposed to be some conspiracy against [deleted], all this union thugs goons etc, wow! It just baffles her that there are thousands of people out there that didn’t want [deleted] anymore because he was wrong for the job. I mean really how desperate do you have to be to cackle at others messages to each other. You cant get anymore juvenile then that. Nobody even cares, I wouldn’t doubt even the people who act like her friends think shes a screwball. That’s like something I would expect in grade school, some dumb kid giggling and gossiping. Can you imagine this biatch as a mom? Her kids would have left as soon as they could crawl!
Talk to you later, Vulture 🙂

Well, Medusa can’t let that go unanswered, so she starts a topic titled “Vulture Smackdown thread”. Off we go.

“I think the rumor is that [deleted] took one look at Vulture’s fugly face and gave me a call to get the bad taste out of his mouth.”

“I think I hear Vulture having a huddle with Jeni. Vulture: ‘Jeni, what should I say now, what should I say?’ Jeni: ‘It doesn’t matter, as long you sound like you’re 12 and work in a slam on [deleted] somehow.'”


Vulture replies:


M, aka, Sheboygantalk, is someone who didnt like me showing how [deleted] did poorly as mayor. So instead of just having a real civil discussion she went and started throwing insults and name calling. Eventually she started making threads about me on her website which included copying and pasting messages I wrote to friends. She went on to post fake pictures of me, her and her pathetic cronies have accused me of having a firemen as a husband, being a union thug, having a crack baby, using a spell check, etc. This woman is obsessed with the woman who tried the recall effort and has gone on this other woman’s website as two different people to try and fool her. She now watches what that woman and what I write and copies and pastes these things to her site. She tells me she isn’t in to me but has threatened me saying I’m being watched. She tells lies about me and others, she gets completely obsessed and all I ever did was argue about [deleted] staying as the mayor. There were 6000 people that didn’t vote for [deleted] but she has singled out myself and jeni. M also listens to her internet scanner and has to report anything that goes on from that, yet she has told me that I need to get a life. Now I have plenty of friends on this website and we agree and disagree on all different things, but M, aka sheboygantalk, is the only person that has ever did things like this to me. She is a total nutcase, and instead of answering a question she just adds more crap. Anyone who is friends with this piece of work has to be nuts themselves.

Skorpio here is an example of how incredibly immature and DELUSIONAL this B is. I asked her a legitimate question of where the rumor, maybe it isn’t, started with her having an affair with [deleted]. This is what she starts on her website against me: A Vulture Smackdown Thread, I mean wow, and she isnt into me? This woman is a totally whacko! She is crazy! Shes not into me she has to smack me down and own me.

Plus I have told this nut job that I don’t know jeni, have never met her, never talked to her, I have nothing to do with her and her website, I had nothing to do with the recall effort but she continues to LIE and say things like what she has written below. She is beyond mentally ill.

Vulture, whoever and wherever you are, applause, applause!

Applause, applause!

“Posted by Vulture: ‘As predicted M aka sheboygantalk, aka Sybil, she copied and pasted my comment. What an obsessed freak. BTW M you left some of what I said out. I have had mentally ill clients and you show the symptoms, thats not a lie.I’ve watched them carry on conversations with themselves, like how you are pretending to be me and jeni. You might be an adult an age but your actions are that of a 7 year old.'”


More applause for Vulture!

Applause, applause!


Medusa Meltdown

Vulture beating her beak again:

lol you are hilarious. BTW why do you keep insisting that jeni and I know eachother? How many times do I have to tell you I never spoke to her, never met her, I am not a member of her site, I had nothing to do with the recall effort, I dont post on her site or your lame site, I dont internet scan either, and no, half of the people dont sit there and listen to an internet scanners, most people do other things besides listen to an internet scanner, refresh websites every ten seconds, and try to slam anyone who disagrees with them. You even have conversations with yourself, do you play with puppets too?

I wasnt the only one who responded to your stupid racist stereotype, and when someone tried to claim you were being sarcastic I showed people otherwise. I wouldnt doubt you have aliases on here so you can argue on your own behalf. You are that much of a weirdo.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to continue to have fun with my little one, some of us do have real lives.


Yeah, see, here’s the thing you cackling, lying battle-axe.

No sooner do I joke that I can hear Vulture and Jeni plotting their next comeback, then here’s Jeni over here beating her big beak, too.

Vulture has posted the same things Jeni does — verbatim. So much so that others have asked me if Vulture is Jeni. You don’t have to meet LIEsinger personally or talk to her to get hold of her propaganda.

Medusa's meltdown continues

03-08-2009, 03:59 PM: “I had decided to ignore that loon and posted comments on a couple of articles, but she and her obnoxious sidekick decided to keep jumping in trying to provoke me. Plus, she was harassing Otto on the Press forum about me, even though I wasn’t even posting there. So I finally responded, and then it’s, m stalks me and picks on me and talks about me.

Before the primary she was bashing [deleted] all over the Press forum posting the same crap Jeni posts. Someone asked her where she was getting her ‘facts’ and she cited Jeni’s websites. She’s always bringing up Reisinger’s lawsuit, defending her. And she reposts Reisinger’s accusations. One Press poster asked her to verify her accusations, and she refuses. She doesn’t know Jeni, but she sure trusts her ‘facts.’

Then she ‘innocently’ asks on the Press forum what this “rumor” is about me having an affair with Perez. When I slam her again, it’s ‘I just asked an innocent question’ ‘I have nothing to do with Jeni’

I “suspect” that animalhouse friend of hers is one of Jeni’s obnoxious [deleted]-bashing friends who blogs on the Milwaukee blogs. He sounds just like one of them. I asked him, and he ignores me. If he is, then he’s probably the connection between Jeni and Vulture.”


She be crazy.
She be crazy.

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