Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 117

03-06-09: Came home to a pile of feces in my driveway along with another note that said, “Gringo piece of s**t must die”. Reported to the police. Checked Medusa’s forum and what do I find posted?

“And speaking of that lying, steaming heap of dung Jeni Reisinger, I see she altered more comments on her blog. Then the POS locks up the thread after falsifying comments. Any cop associated with her on any level needs his head examined. Seriously. There’s a reason why CCAP keeps her 4 counts of felony fraud online, even though it was committed over 10 years ago.”

I was dismantling the blog to take down completely in less than a month. That was no secret. And…


She knew it, too, from her love of my CCAP record she posted all over the Inet.

“m doesn’t alter posts. It’s unethical. Jeni apparently doesn’t have an ethical sid. Besides, it’s better to leave Jeni’s nuttery alone so all can see it.”

I beg to differ. See just one of the games Medusa plays altering posts in “m posts as Otto“. I did alter posts – I took out profanity, personal attacks and just crappy-crap-crap a couple times to show how little of a post would be left and how senseless it became when I took out all the ugliness. But 98% of the time I just deleted those type of posts.
She’s not done with her random rottenness yet.
“Hmmm, could this be none other than Jeni’s deranged mother Joan trying to protect her holier than thow daughter who never does anything wrong?”

“Hey Jeni, If you and Vulture think you can outwit me, you’re in for a long haul. You two (and Snail) are too stupid, too insane, and your lies are too easy to disprove. So go ahead, keep it up. This will be fun…”


Ohhhhhh…I’m so scared.


Medusa’s Mad Secret

This is an “honorable mention” just to show this woman’s astonishing hypocrisy.

“Flood warnings are issued for Sheboygan around the Sheboygan River beginning tomorrow morning. (You’re seeing this before you see it in the Press because I listen to the online scanner which drives certain crazy people even crazier).”


Get the feeling she really believes that? Yea, me, too.

She did get someone’s curiosity peaked. This person asked, “Whats the URL to that online scanner? I am trying to find a SPD scanner.”.
Then – and this is what really slays me; don’t think I have to explain why.

“Good. Then you stay on yours and we’ll stay on ours. And here’s a little advice for you, [deleted]. Don’t get the idea you can just go around naming the names of people mentioned on scanners. You can’t. You could get into big, BIG trouble doing that. For one thing, you could compromise an arrest attempt. For another, you could be sued. And three — some unsavory character could find out you’re throwing his name around on your websites and come after you.”


Evil and Dark-Sided?

A brief background – someone actually started a topic AGAINST Struck – er, Medusa – and that seemingly sent Medusa into insult-over-drive. It appears someone actually took the time to look up my record and the discovered I truly was not a felon. See for yourself.
Truth seeker

On the “winter is almost over thread” mary stuck says about Jeni’s credit card fraud (as she’s said over and over and ALL over in the past), “…CCAP keeps her 4 counts of felony fraud online, even though it was committed over 10 years ago”.

Look on CCAP and what do you find? Misdemeanors. And in 1993 yet. So it’s not over 10 years, it’s over 15 years.

…”found guilty of Credit Card-Fraudulent Use(<=$1000), a class A misdemeanor, Wisconsin Statutes 943.41(5)(a). " What a lying moron Mary Struck is. Even when anyone can look up the facts and find the truth she just spews out lies - that's called a habitual liar. She doesn't eevn know the truth herself anymore, she lies so much. Stupid, jealous and obsessed mary evil struck. The woman who yaps her lying fingers off and never proves a thing. Well, you're entertaining anyway, mary struck. guess that'sthe only way you can get anyone to pay attention to you. how pathetic.


“Over 10 years ago” means MORE THAN 10 YEARS AGO you stupid phuck! Did Jeni let the bats out of their cages again today, or what?”

“It doesn’t matter when she did it or if she was charged with a felony, the point is, she once committed fraud, and she still is.”

“Taking in a homeless drifter with obvious pyschosis to help you with your plotting and obsessive hatred toward the city and officials IS evil and ‘dark-sided.'”

“By the way… If you’re wondering why the original message on this thread says ‘Jeni sucks’ all over, it’s because she would come over here ‘outing’ people when she got pissed. She rattled off the full names of about 8 people on here and said we were all being watched by the cops as suspects in those death threats she claimed she received. So… I changed some settings so that when she posted our names, or variations of them, the words ‘Jeni sucks’ shows up instead.”


INTERJECTION! See this “COP” post on Book Bit 065 (toward the bottom). SHE decided it was me who posted it – totally untrue – and SHE perpetuates that lie in hopes of making me look ridiculous – or something.


“Apparently, she hasn’t learned on the boyfriend front, either. That “Snail” is something else. Nobody even knows what the guy’s real name is because he uses several different names and has no ID. Not even Social Security. He’s obviously a paranoid schizophrenic. He’s lived in tents, pirated software, and had people duped into thinking he ran a 12-employee company at one time. He’s blogged that everyone from the president to the Sheboygan common council should be dragged into the streets an executed for treason.”


Here comes a LONG rant with MANY delusions.


I’ve also seen the kinds of things that Jeni posts and the claims she’s made. She steals content from other sites and gives no credit to where she found it. She makes specious conclusions based on Internet links that themselves have credibility. She claims to be a web designer, yet all of the sites I’ve seen of hers have been poorly built, except for, which is a template she grabbed from someone else. She didn’t even understand that template well enough to remove the geotags placing it in Indonesia, but thinks her skills are so valuable that she can sue the city for $250,000.

Regarding that particular issue, any other blogger would have taken full advantage of such an obviously idiotic cease and desist to post it, parade it, and use it to denounce Perez while holding herself up as an aggrieved party, but instead, she tries to cash in. Regardless of how it turns out, only a few will hold her up as a hero, because the rest of Sheboygan is going to consider her greedy, myself included.

None of this is based on any information anyone else has given me: this is purely what I’ve seen on my own. My opinion of Jeni in a nutshell based on what I’ve seen is that she believes so completely in her own reality that she’s willing to force the world to change to fit it. She also holds herself in such high regard that I honestly think she believes those who disagree with her are simply not smart enough to understand her. I may be wrong, but these are my observations.

Do you know anything about the credit card fraud case?


(That geo tag lie? See the truth and how that lie originated on Book Bit 098. It’s worth a look to see blatant lying in action.)


“I also have a screenshot of Jeni offering $20 to strangers on a tech forum if they could help her with a simple script. Maybe she needs the $250,000 to pay off all the techies on tech forums who’ve helped her design her sites.”


Oop! Someone slams the slammer!


“Why the hell should anyone have to PROVE themself to the likes of you? You lie, slander, bullshit, twist the truth, speak of things you know nothing about… and then ask people to disprove your lies… fuck you. This is what I hate about armchair assholes. They sit behind a screen in a town far away and spin stories they try to make other think are facts. Who cares about screenshots or the fucking forums you copy?”


Turn it back on ‘ol Jeni!


“Tell us how you did the nasty with ol’ Jeni while trying to fuck over the city”


Grief, the woman is a pig, too yet. But this ends on a light hearted note (at least I think so!).


“Hmmm, I’m seeing a pattern in this forum… every time M lies about someone she demands they defend themselves yet every time someone points out M’s lies she turns into a lying crybaby. Know what I think? I think M is in love with Snail and jealous of Jeni. What else could possibly explain her obsession with a man she’s never known?”



And Medusa isn’t denying it!


“Why don’t you go start your own blog where you can post your fantasies. Maybe if you say ‘pretty please,’ Jeni will give you your old site back”


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