Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 115

Unable to find the real me online, Medusa must have been getting bored, because she found a new victim for a while. This victim went by the handle of “Vulture”. I have no idea who it was, but the person sounded awesome. She really rattled Medusa’s cage.
Take a peak back in time to the 2nd title on the following list:
Thread Titles
Can’t teach an old dog new tricks! On 02-24-2009, at 06:13 PM, Medusa starts a new topic titled, “Vulture and AnimalHouse are going to get owned“. Then she says, “They’re going to get owned here (when I have time). And they won’t be able to delete my posts here like they do on the Press forum. Stay tuned . . . I have to get my work done first, then it’s owning time.
Vulture and Animal House

“Wow. That freakazoid animalhouse is having a meltdown on the Press forum. Don’t worry animalhouse, the sun will come up tomorrow, bet yer bottom dollarrrrrrrr tomorrowwwwww… Tomorrow, tomorrow… [OWNED emoticon] It’s onlyyy a daaaay a-waaaaay”


(Have mercy, this woman is over-50! For real!)


“Never thought I’d say it, but that fugly Vulture is WORSE than LIEsinger. (She copies and pastes crap from Jeni’s sites onto the Press forum, too). Her and her cyber-loverboy animalhouse are in collusion to harass me, too.”

See how a male and a female cannot even communicate with each other without being “lovers” in the mad, mad mind of Medusa? Gutter mindset – totally!
“Don’t worry, your owning is coming…”

“Crap! Then we’d have to leave Jeni alone, too.”


REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.

Now this conversation takes a different turn when someone asks Medusa a fair question – note how Struck – er Medusa – deletes her “information”, while at the same time claiming there’s nothing wrong with what she does. Can we toss in a big “WHAT A HYPOCRITE!!!”?
I just don’t know why she felt so inclined to delete the name of what she refers to as her “work” – it’s more like a hobby, as big as the little village of Kohler is, but I guess that’s a moot point. The twice-deleted name is “The Kohler Villager”. I even linked it for you. 🙂 She can’t even give it its own domain name. LOL (Sorry, couldn’t resist). Anyway, this is the same host she uses for her defamation, harassment and libel.
Okay, now in her response, ask yourself if this was really an outing, or just an honest question someone asked? I tend to think the latter. Also see if you can find any kind of threat in the question the person posted – I can’t!

“Now, how about you tell us where you work, or which business you own, so we can threaten your business. Okay (asshole)? P.S., if someone doesn’t want to do business with me based on what I do during my private time, they’re more than welcome to take their business somewhere else. (And you can go with them).”


OMG – of all the unmitigated gall!!!


“Oh, by the way, sure takes a lot of balls to come over here outing people while using an anonymous username.”


The literal queen-witch of user names and hiding behind a one-letter moniker while posting real names over and over and over!

Face palm
But it’s all good, because I helped her get business when I posted who she was on my Spirit forum, many, many moons ago. But the lover of lies could not possibly know what my intent was (it was simply to tell people who ran that dung heap of a forum). If I helped her, well good!

“I had Jeni and/or her homeless drifter crackpot ex-boyfriend send e-mails to all the department heads at my local Village Hall saying they should run me out of town (and that I was having an affair with Perez, which was a total lie). And of course Jeni posted all my private and business info. thinking I would lose clients (I actually gained some after that).”

Seems like a good thing to me. But then what do I know…
See, when I posted about any goings-on, I always posted what I’d learned from meeting minutes, council meetings, my alders, etc. I asked questions when I wanted to know something so I’d be sure to have it right. Gossip, character assassination and personal destruction were traits I steered as far away from as possible. Even when I posted who was behind that filth forum, I merely posted the truthful information. Others can make their own decisions – at least I believe that everyone is capable of doing so.
But using the honest approach when trying to get out important information doesn’t wash with lying liberals like Medusa. Instead, they make comments like this:
“Jeni needs to stop reading boring meeting minutes and get a life. Maybe she’d have time to get out of the house for some fresh air. Her brain needs a good dose of that.”

What it really boiled down to was that she didn’t like the facts I presented on Spirit. She knew they were truthful. She knew I went to great lengths to get factual information.
“Jeni thinks she won’t be denied open records requests anymore. Oh man I can’t WAIT until the first time she’s snubbed by the new admin. I’m going to predict she doesn’t make it past September 09 before she starts the bitching and righteous indignation toward the new mayor.“

Yet, Medusa wanted cat fights, name calling, mud slinging, filth and perversion, and all out verbal warfare. Her small pea brain could see no further than the lowest of low in life – and act accordingly.
What a pathetic creature.

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