Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 114

For heaven’s sake, there someone goes being nice to me – the big “whack job”. What ever was that person thinking.

“Posted on Jeni’s blog: ‘Jeni, you’re to be congratulated for helping to inform the electorate. Thank you.’ So there ya go. The ‘whackjob’ being credited for her part in influencing the election.”

As anyone with common sense could plainly see, one person CAN make a difference. As another blogger posted – one I have much respect for –

“That Sheboygan primary election alone should give us all heart that responsible taxpaying people can take back their communities from the lefty, socialist slugs who want to destroy the very foundation of this country.”.

Out of nowhere, comes a new Medusa-member (a-hem) who just happens to be as obsessive over my every word as Medusa! Imagine that!
I had made a post about a band that was going to perform at a local event called “Brat Days”. I had never heard of the band so I guess that makes me an idiot. My “bad”. I didn’t realize I was supposed to literally know everything. Oh and do note the attempt at altering her usual style by not noting my name in her post. Of course, by now that wasn’t necessary, was it…

“I know from the sounds of it she freaks out when only 20 miles away from the county line and probably only watches PAX (if it’s still even a channel) but I almost passed out reading this HOW THE FUCKING HELL HAVE YOU NOT HEARED OF POISON!! Something tells me this is a good thing though I say next year we shoot to have Katy Perry here to sing ‘I kissed a girl’ and see the reaction that causes”


You just can’t make this stuff up…


“Let it be duly noted that I did not start this thread. (Vulture the Jeni/Joan clone on the Press forum foams at the mouth over me ‘obsessing’ over LIEsinger).”


YOU are expected to believe that, you know!

After Brat Days was over, comments were incredibly negative about the event – why, here’s a few comments direct from Medusa’s site:

“I personally thought the food was crap.”
“Did I mention that I was about to be charged $1.50 for tap water because they were out of bottled water at the time? Keep it.”
“What’s next? Pay to use the bathroom?”
“Not impressed.”
“The young people didn’t know how to pour a tap beer.”
“I’m getting to the age where I only like a hand full of musical acts down there anyway.”
“MANY people I spoke with had the same opinion. BRAT DAYS SUCKED!”
“What a load of crap! At least they know how to pour a beer at the Cascade picnic.“

But that was all okay. It’s just me that can’t say anything – about anything.
Note her new – albeit temporary – fixation: Vulture. I have no clue who that really was, but wish I did. You’ll soon see why! Vulture returns shortly.

Such class…(NOT!)


“Good, if Bret Michael’s will bring young babes showing off their tits and ass, I’ll be in the front row looking backwards towards the bare boobs!”


Oh – haven’t tried the drug thing for a while.


“Somebody posted on S’matters that [deleted] would be the lesser of two evils compared to [deleted], and Johnny Appleseed says he/she hopes posters keeps S’matters about ‘substance’ and not ‘smears.’ They seriously have to be [smoking dope emoticon] over there. Nothing else could explain the total lack of self-awareness.”

“Seriously, I think they’ll need to be medicated for withdrawal when [deleted] is out of the public eye.”


REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.



At this point in time, I was very quiet. Medusa was still stalking the blogs I visited, just waiting like a dog in heat for me to post something – anything. As we progress, you’ll see how in spite of this, Medusa will continue to inject my name in any way she can, in any topic. It didn’t matter what she said, because 99.9% of what she posted was just made up debauchery, so why not add more?
As this continues, some of the postings may seem a bit mundane; however I include them to show how she simply could not, would not, stop bringing me up. (Creep factor again!)
The former mayor had now officially lost in the primary election and was out of the race. I had received a ton of congrats emails and calls – it was very heart-warming and humbling. It was time for final closure. I had already lessened my posting considerably, so Medusa had to go into total DIG mode to find anything out about yours truly. When she cannot find anything, she begins to take other people she digs up around the Internet and just outright say they were me!

She be crazy.
She be crazy.

So…back to Jeni-bashing!
Here’s a perfect example of what I mean when I say “digging up anything”: On 02-21-2009 at 11:23 PM I posted a response to a conversation in the Spirit forum that consisted of nothing more than a little, tiny emoticon depicting someone rubbing their chin.
She copied and pasted that, along with two posts from others, and tried to spin it into yet another ugly accusation.
Spin alert!
Spin alert!

How’s that for some serious spin? The guy lost!
But I guess me – the big “whack job” – is just “that way” because I hadn’t been to Milwaukee in 20 years.
“If you only go to Milwaukee every 20 years, I suppose I could see how you might think everyone from Chicago is involved with ‘fraud and dead people voting’.”

“What a sad life, always having your head in the sand……….. Yet, she wants to be a leader.”



Now that shows quite clearly that this woman does not know me even one iota!



One last pathetic attempt to keep her latest spin alive.
“Heard the new HR director is black. That would explain their comments. Pity her when she has to deal with the LIEsinger cabal.”

A “cabal”, as defined on, is “a small group of secret plotters, as against a government or person in authority.
Actually, the longer, historical meaning is far more interesting:

a private organization or party engaged in secret intrigues; also, the intrigues themselves. In England the word was used during the 17th century to describe any secret or extralegal council of the king, especially the foreign committee of the Privy Council. The term took on its present invidious meaning from a group of five ministers chosen in 1667 by King Charles II (Clifford, Arlington, Buckingham, Ashley Cooper [later earl of Shaftesbury], and Lauderdale), whose initial letters coincidentally spelled cabal. This cabal, never very unified in its members’ aims and sympathies, fell apart by 1672; Shaftesbury even became one of Charles II’s fiercest opponents.

In any event, there was never any “cabal” whatsoever, but if there had been, would we have been talking openly in an online discussion forum? I mean seriously, let’s use some brain matter here to apply what used to be known as good old fashioned common sense!

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