Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 113

Check out the title of this topic by who else but Medusa?
“LIEsinger calling Interim Chief [deleted] a liar and ‘dangerous'”


Tasmanian devil
Here is what I posted on my blog – verbatim:

“This past Monday there was a forum for the mayoral candidates. During that forum, [deleted] said he talked with interim Police Chief [deleted] and they determined there were not the 50 reported gangs in Sheboygan as the Department of Justice reported in their report on gang activity in NE Wisconsin. He then added insult to injury and went on to say there are only 6 active gangs!”
“I’m stunned that the interim police chief would align himself with a lie like this – or did he? We’ll probably never know for sure, but the facts in the report speak for themselves – and the facts on gangs are BONE CHILLING. To try to make the public at large believe there is anything less than the truth in these reports is incredibly insulting and downright dangerous. Check this info out and be vigilant and aware of what we’re dealing with (all information obtained from the above linked report).”

There was a valid link at the time to a PDF document that stated all the gang statistics, but that link is no longer active. I found the link on the Wisconsin DOJ web site, which – at the time of this posting – still has the same link as I had, which leads to an error 404 now. (???) In any event, the stats I spoke of were directly from that report I referenced.
By now you probably know Medusa has to find SOME thing to say about this…

“Pot, kettle, black anyone? Poor Jeni. [Deleted]’s holster must not meet her sniff test.”


Nobody “bites”, so she talks to herself again – must have forgotten to switch to “Otto”.


"But Sheboygan's mayor and interim police chief are liars (according to Jeni LIEsinger) for denying that Sheboygan (with its 48,000+ population) has 50 gangs. Some people are just hopelessly stuck on stupid."
“But Sheboygan’s mayor and interim police chief are liars (according to Jeni LIEsinger) for denying that Sheboygan (with its 48,000+ population) has 50 gangs. Some people are just hopelessly stuck on stupid.”

I think it’s quite obvious I didn’t create the report on gangs. Gee. Does Medusa really think I can do EVERY THING?

Optimism for Sheboygan?

This drivel?

Otto: “Notice how Jeni and Co. haven’t chosen a candidate? Wonder why?”

m: Because the guy most of her toadies support (deleted) is an evil Democrat and righteous Jeni can’t be endorsing the devil.”


“I also heard there are [Deleted]-haters ratting each other (and Jeni) out to avoid getting caught up in that lawsuit.”

Regarding the lawsuit – I’ve been avoiding references to it because it is, IMO, totally irrelevant to what this psychopath has done to my life, but sometimes, as in the case above, it takes away too much from the context of the statements made. So, I will just say this about that; it was not relevant to anything where Mad Medusa was concerned. In fact, by 2009, it was old news and a settlement was in the works. For heavens sake, that crazy woman was more obsessed on it than I ever was! Most importantly, it was none of her business.
As a side note, the primaries were held around this time period. The then-mayor didn’t make it out of the primary – didn’t even get 30% of the votes. The best moment for me in the whole thing was when my lawyer congratulated me for a job very well done. 🙂 I had – still have – so much respect for him, it meant the world to hear it coming from him. He is a very busy man and found the time to do that for me.
That’s class.

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