Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 112

Press Problems!

Uh-oh! Medusa is having problems on the Press with people deleting her comments.

“My comment was deleted along a few others that were perfectly within the Press’s posting guidelines. Wow. You [deleted]-bashers just keep looking more and more like a bunch of pussies. Reisinger’s skirts are looking barren. Better go hide under them again.”

REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”. Here we see another dead give-away. 🙂
“My post is gone again……………..”


Oh wow – a voice of reason again! Of course, Medusa has to reply in her usual 1st-grade style tantrum ‘tude.


“Maybe you guys should stop being jerks and the press might keep it up on there.”
“I am not a jerk!!!”


Oh well. Of course. EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!


“It’s probably not the Press doing it. Jeni and/or her union thugs figured out that if they click on the “Report Abuse” link on your post, it gets deleted, no questions asked. Typical.”

“Jeni is very good at deleting. You’re onto something, m. But now, we’ll be bashed for blaming poor Jeni again….”

I never, EVER went to, participated in or even cared to read the Press forums, what with all the trash Medusa spewed all over the place. She ruined any chance it had for polite discussion and discourse. To put it politely, she was a total menace over there. Many people had since told me that and said she drove them away because she was “every where” and kept bringing me up, trashing and bashing (as usual).
Liars Pants

Lookie here. Someone wants access to my Gmail.

Gosh, who could THAT be? And with an email address of “jrzhomebiz” yet. Go figure.
Trying to access my Gmail
On February 4th, 2009, the following post showed up first thing in the morning on my Spirit forum:

02-04-2009: (posted in Spirit forum) “Jeni Reisinger you are a liar, thief, and a racist. God is punishing you by killing off your family and friends. It won’t be long before you find yourself alone in this world. When you die you will be damned to hell for eternity.”


Say what?

Medusa resurrects a topic from June of 2008 titled, “Would you want a photo of your house on Google maps?” where she posted a picture of my home, complete with the address and instructions on how to “watch” it. (See Book Bit 068). To what end is anyone’s guess other than – of course – harassment of yours truly.
“OMG, I see you managed to get ‘Rocky’ (aka Jeni) to pretend she’s black and call herself an ‘angel’.”


Then, to make sure no one misses it, she posts again a few moments later.


“Jeni…I mean ‘Rocky’ … is BLACK! Sure as shootin’ der hey once, enso?”

Then, in another of Medusa’s topics, for absolutely NO reason at all, her alter-ego “Frog” spits my name into a post.
“If you had posted a mathematical question, or asked to postulate a theory on an impossible-to-answer philosophical question, such as asking ‘Prove the existence of God’ or ‘Find logic in anything Jeni says’ just to see the answer, then perhaps we could prove intelligence. Anything else is just ‘Trivia Pursuit’ or an Internet scavenger hunt.”

Blah blah
blah blah blah

And let’s take a look at another mention of Medusa s mad cyber stalking of anyone who posted on the Spirit forum.
“By the way, GrannyLove, I see you’ve joined the Perez-bashing on S’matters. That says a lot about YOUR credibility.”

To which the poster replied:
“I don’t know Jeni any more than I know you.”


But golly gee whiz, GrannyLove, don’t you know EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!


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