Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 111

Random Rottenness

PLEASE, ALWAYS REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.

“But, but, but, if there is no deep end, how can Jeni go off it?”

“Predictable as always, our dear Jeni… What happened to poor, pathetic Jeni What a nucking futcase…….”

“Ride Jeni, Ride! Save Sheboygan! (Call your parents for assistance if you need to cross County lines, though)”


Well, was that so much fun for Medusa??? Reminds me of a playground bully in pre-school.


And of all the unmitigated gall…hiding behind her fake profile of “Otto” out comes this post – “Teacher” was yet another mystery person who apparently posted on Medusa’s madhouse.


“I think The Teacher never learned that others are entitled to have opinions, just like she is.”

I guess Miss Jeni “LIEsinger” is the only one who CANNOT HAVE HER OWN OPINONS! Because Medusa said so!
Face palm

Have Mercy.

Now I’m “shilling” for the Fire Department. I don’t even know a firefighter personally, much less the whole department.

“It’s not a non-story for Jeni LIEsinger, she’s just getting started with her shilling for the firefighter’s union. From holster sniffer to hydrant-sniffer.”




“You seemed so focused on Jeni. Maybe you need to think about your own bashing you do on people you do not know.”


Medusa Meltdown Alert!!

Medusa meltdown

Tasmanian devil
Wow, are you full of it. Sure, I get “mean-spirited, but I let people throw it back at me without deleting their posts and banning them.”
I’m not taking “token$ of appreciation” from city employees
I’m not trying to sue my community or any of its officials
I don’t need coaching from Milwaukee bloggers on how to sue my community
I don’t have Milwaukee special interest groups offering me money and lawyers to help me sue my community,
I don’t have the wives of high-profile Milwaukee attorneys butting their noses in here telling me to contact them because they have an “idea,” followed by me retaining their husband as my attorney to sue my community
I’m not constantly doing open records requests or taping every council meeting
I don’t take in schizophrenic homeless people and provoke them into threatening people by filling their heads with my crazy accusations
I don’t act like I’m all righteous on this forum while I go on Jeni’s forums ranting, raving and lying like a lunatic
And I don’t have crybaby city employees hiding behind my skirts.


Time Tunnel


“Well lookie here: On Jeni Reisinger’s Sheboygan Spirit [deleted] website she cried about not negotiating with the unions on their contracts back in 2005.”

“Some day you will learn that people on this forum aren’t as dense as the dingbatted duo of Jeni the clueless union pawn and her mother (and all their multiple identities).”


She. Cannot. Quit. Seriously! The woman is literally talking to herself!


“And no, I don’t think all union people are “thugs.” Just the ones that make the union their religion and feel compelled to shove their dogma down everyone’s throats. They’re cut from the same cloth as the Religious Right. Speaking of . . . you union people do deserve props for managing to con Sheboygan’s “God Warriors” into proselytizing for the unions. Generally, Christian Conservatives hate the unions and vice versa. No wonder the Reisinger’s are so screwed up in the head. Cognitive dissonance will do that to ya when you’re jumping between opposing pulpits.”

She be crazy.
She be crazy.

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