Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 110

Let’s first check out those meta tags and see what shady shenanigans the evil Medusa is engaging in these days. Oh lookie – still using my work, my identity, my sites in attempt to get traffic. And look – adding her husband, too!
Someone very reputable from the SPD told me way back in 2007 that they suspected he was like a silent partner in crime, but this was never proven (or disproved, for that matter). However, actions speak a lot louder than words, and I would say this falls under a blatant, irrefutable action on Medusa’s part.
Meta tags January 2009
NO self respecting web site owner lowers to this level. Of course, as one can clearly see in my postings, respect is something this psychopath is far too ignorant to understand, much less practice.

Is someone onto something?

Follow along. This is in some topic about local shenanigans totally irrelevant, but of course (and yet again), Medusa has to spit out my name, even if it doesn’t make a lick of sense.

“the city unions play Jeni like a fiddle. First the cops, now the firefighters. SUCKER!”

"I'm still waiting for you Jeni boot-lickers to tell me what was illegal about all of this?"
“I’m still waiting for you Jeni boot-lickers to tell me what was illegal about all of this?”




“m it’s not about jeni. yet you always make it about jeni….she ain’t running for nuthin. look at this election, these candidates, their positions and their ideas! jeni has none of those…we get that….but do you get paid everytime you mention her? noone else brings her up but you??”

Amazingly enough, this time the wicked witch of words didn’t respond to that post. So perhaps it was true? Someone paid her to bring my name up? She did seem to think she could single-offhandedly affect my lawsuit. I’ve purposely left out much material where she goes on and on about, or makes comments that “this should make her lose her lawsuit!”. Could she really be so stupid she doesn’t know that truth is what counts? Not cyber stalking, harassment, libel and defamation from some two-bit word whore / keyboard troll, know-nothing, husband-dependent, unemployed trollop…just sayin’.

Yep, she is really that ignorant.

This next diatribe came from a comment I made in MY forum – that she unceasingly stalked and stole content from – that someone dropped off some information for me and I proceeded to share the information.
How DARE anyone stop by my house and not inform Medusa!!! First, let’s senselessly bring me into a completely irrelevant topic -again.

“Is Jeni hearing those voices whispering in her ear again?”

“Maybe the firefighter’s union could get Jeni Reisinger to post conspiracies about how [deleted] is plotting to ‘abolish’ the ENTIRE fire department through ‘backdoor’ policies.”

“Oh, and not to be out done, Jeni LIEsinger She fancies herself an ultra-conservative Freeper, but the city unions play her like a fiddle.”


No clue how she came up with that wild, crazy idea. (And – what is a “Freeper”???) I had absolutely nothing to do with any “city unions”. But now Medusa goes into over-drive.


“She must be leashed again, since her mole personally delivered the top secret document containing those stunning details. Wonder if there were a few bucks tucked inside, too. Jeni’s big ‘privacy invasion’ must’ve been a hack or something, now that her toadies have to do personal deliveries. Hope they wear their disguises. Or maybe God whispered into her ear that her mission on earth isn’t complete yet.”


A few buck tossed inside? Since she always turns her own wicked behavior onto yours truly, could it be true then, that she was getting paid to bring up my name?

Someone – maybe her in her Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde mode, who knows – actually posted “THE TRUTH” – no clue who that may have been, but it was 100 percent true – the big secret document was a public document passed out at a meeting. Someone who knew of my interest in the subject at hand simply stopped by to share the information with me, because I was unable to attend the meeting. And I never said it was a “secret”. Gasp! How DARE they!?

“The ‘secretive’ document she is surfacing is a cost study done by the County and circulated to the County Board and ANYONE who attended the joint dispatch PUBLIC meetings.”


Exactly! Case solved – and closed.


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