Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 108

In a topic where Medusa was having her kind of fun with someone else, she – as always – tosses some stupid comment in about me and a video.
The real kick was, the video she linked to wasn’t mine – I don’t “do” YouTube, nor have I since prior to the 2008 elections.

“[Deleted]’s creepiness seems to parallel Jeni’s. Have you seen her latest video?”

The video was some oddball rambling – no clue who or even what it was about. So just what is that supposed to accomplish?
There was an incident involving a ‘kitty’ in the city around this time and for some reason the SWAT team was called in, so in a discussion she was having about that topic, she throws in the following comments, making fun of my trying to help a homeless person in the past, among other nasty comments:
“The kitty tried to reason with Jeni.”

REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto” – and “WTF” and…
“The kitty was homeless. Jeni took it in, the kitty found some of Jeni’s credit cards and was using them to purchase mice over the internet. Jeni had to call the cops in to get the kitty out of her house.“

“Was that the kitty that got beaten senseless in jail? Poor kitty.”

There was a joke going around via email that I received, which made some parody comparison between barack Obama and O.J. Simpson. I posted the joke on my blog, noting I had received it in a mass email. I can’t even remember what the silly joke was as I write this, but I do remember it was just that – silly. Time for stalking Medusa to figure out a way to jump on a joke.
“LIEsinger trying to imply a comparison between PRESIDENT OBAMA and OJ Simpson.” [included a link to my blog] Wow. What a racist bitch. Leave it to Jeni. [crazy emoticon]”.
“I think that post is very insensitive, inappropriate, and shows complete disrespect for the office of the President. Leave it to Jeni.”

Face palm
Even two of the three actual people she managed to get to visit her cesspool thought it was funny – and said as much.
“I thought it was funny.”
“It was quite funny actually!”

To which Medusa MUST reply:
“It’s not funny when it comes from true blue racists…”

And then this again – with one of her stupid made-up-for-the-moment “names”:
“I have an old cookbook that belonged to my Grandma in which the word ‘Nigger’ is repeatedly used to describe a black person. It was just an accepted descriptive word for blacks. In no way are the references derogatory. When and who made it an insult?” -Jennifer Reisinger “I told you and many others that she was racist.”


(She must have forgotten her log in info for “anywho”.)

As is usually the case, she cannot quit. No one is taking her bait so nearly 3 weeks later she tries again.

“No, I don’t agree with all the politically correct tripe, but Reisinger has made it pretty clear with some of her other comments that she really is a racist.”

Then this pops up (no clue if that was the real person I once dated or not – haven’t seen him in many years):
“used to date jeni – she is one outstanding lady”

Well, can’t have any one say anything nice about old bag Jeni, now can we! So it must be that…



“Wow. This has to be an all-time low for “Jen” pretending to be her ex so she can sing her own praises and defend her stupidity. Just . . . wow. (Where did you go for those “weekend trips,” Jen? Greenbush? Did you bring your camera so you could take pictures of the natives? Did your mom and dad drive you there?)”

About going to Milwaukee – I had to go there for a very important appointment. I hadn’t been to Milwaukee in 20 years – because I had no reason to go there. I didn’t know my way around, plus my dad loved to drive and had knowledge of the city, so my folks and I all went together – and I always carry my camera in my purse. I really don’t see why anyone would care about any of that, but Medusa sure did. This comes up several more times as if it was some kind of “horror” on my part. Go figure.
Okay, back to regularly scheduled “Jeni-bashing”.
Libeling Liar

I know Jeni LIEsinger. So quit coming on here and saying “you don’t even know her”.

Here are some Jeni facts in case someone doesn’t know her.

Convicted of credit card fraud.

False accusations against M@ry Struck.

Doesn’t understand why nigger is a bad word.

What more does someone need to know about a pathetic excuse for human being such as Jennifer Reisinger?

Grief, how obvious can Medusa be? She REALLY thinks other people are too stupid to see through her. And make it even more obvious by quickly switching out log-in names and getting in another pot shot.

“You’ve only touched on the Jeni facts.”

“Her real world presence is just as pathetic.”



SO many Jeni's!!!

I have a knack for recognizing grammatical idiosyncrasies and LarryS has darkened this forum before spouting “Jeni-isms.” This insane rant by “sheez” is one example (with my name replaced with “Jeni sucks”): [dead link]

And here she is posting as “boo hoo” accusing me of being “Crazylife”: [dead link]

And of course here she is as “boo hoo” again accusing Otto of being Josh and referring to this forum as ‘the dark side’ (need I say more?) [dead link]

No, Medusa, you REALLY needn’t – but of course, you’re going to…


“The clue there is the word “bull pucky.” Jeni is the only one I’ve seen using the word on her message boards. You’ll never see Jeni come over here or anywhere else as herself to address the people challenging her actions”


Wow. We got a smidgeon of truth from the libelous liar! Make note of that – she knows darn good and well I did not frequent her forum at all – yet, how often do we see “EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!”?

Crazy is as crazy does.

She be crazy.
She be crazy.


After this long, LONG post painting me as a racist, please do go and take a look at who the REAL RACIST IS.



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