Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 106

There was a – for once – real conversation going on in Medusa’s foolish forum regarding a car. It was totally off Medusa’s favorite subject – until the very last post (she HAD to get me in there).

“No. I think it was the collection plate for Jeni Reisinger.”

Okay, the next one I’ll show you is yet another one she tossed into a conversation that (for a change) had nothing to do with me, nor, I’m sure, did anyone want to “go there” – except, of course, Medusa:
“LIE$inger doesn’t live in the city, either.”

Lie again – and she knew it because, recall she posted a picture of my home IN THE CITY on her forum, complete with address and “how to watch it”. This is the one thing I love about chronic liars – they always trip themselves up.

Talk About Spin…

Back in the days of my blog, Sheboygan Shenanigans, I made shortened clips of council meetings and posted them as flash videos because a lot of people were still on dial-up connections. The Tasmanian devil goes into full spin mode…

Taz Spin
“Jeni posts a video snippet of [deleted] admonishing the council to be mindful that their individual votes collectively impact the community, and that’s a pretty powerful thing. Of course LIEsinger conveniently chops off the rest of his lecture and tries to portray this snippet as ‘proof’ that [deleted] is on this big power trip and is trying to ‘infringe’ his power on the community. And some wonder why the city is associated with such negative publicity.”

Tasmanian devil
“I think it’s safe to say Jeni qualifies as a Sheboygan redneck.”

Well, that’s kind of cool actually. I rather like rednecks.
“Posted by Jeni, Dec. 17: ‘Buzz is that she’s getting a lot more hours than a “part time/temp” should, too.’ Wow. Wonder which city employee or official (or spouse) is giving scoops to the woman who defames, slanders and sues the city?”

Medusa conjurs up this big conspiracy…all I did was ask my alder-person.
Someone else responded, “m Every time Perez Screws up and its pointed out, You Can’t think Cause Jeni bitched about it that it isn’t really a problem!”

There she blows…


“That’s not the point. The point is, city insiders appear to be feeding this stuff to a pathological liar/false accuser (and snake) who’s suing the city. Why? Can’t these city crybabies start their own blog instead of using libelous Jeni as their mouthpiece? Or do they kind of like the fact that they can hide behind her skirts while she issues her lies and crackpot conspiracy theories?”

“So you’re saying it’s okay to leak police or other city business to a “fool” who has a history of reckless disregard for facts, 4 counts of felony fraud on her record, and habitually issues false accusations on her blogs and forums? Wow.”

Note the lie that I am a felon again -a bold-faced lie she knew wasn’t true, as she was the one who ran around the internet posting a screen shot of my charges that clearly stated I was given TWO MISDEMEANORS.
And she just could not quit – probably because she finally had about a 2-person actual “audience”. Here’s how the rest of the conversation played out:

01-17-2009, 10:21 AM by “m”: “My point is, SOMEONE(S) is funneling her inside info. to post on her libelous sites. Why would anyone calling themselves professionals still be doing that?”

01-18-2009, 12:29 AM by “CB”: “Who knows m. But just so you know, there is a well organized group not associated with Jeni supporting VanAkkeren. They are numerous, determined and financially solvent.”

01-18-2009, 06:03 PM by “m”: “I don’t care, as long as they aren’t associated with the wicked witch of cyberspace and her clown posse.”

She couldn’t get the message – people were sick of her harping on me and were trying to have a real, normal conversation – but she can’t stop herself. SHE. JUST. CANNOT. QUIT.

Have mercy.

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