Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 105

The first day of the year presents a barb against two people I was still in close touch with on a regular basis. They were two I met in my involvement with the recall effort.

“Maybe [deleted] and [deleted] could organize a CRG-Kohler. I’m sure they could find a way to tie in the Kohler Co. roof collapse with their ACT 40 conspiracy. Then they could accuse [deleted] of hating cops and file frivolous lawsuits against him so Jeni could buy a new computer.”

“Hitler [deleted]? That almost sounded like Jeni.”

“[deleted] stumping for [deleted] is like [deleted] stumping for [deleted] and Reisinger stumping for [deleted]. None of them will ever learn to butt out and quit bringing a bad name to candidates.”

“Maybe LIEsinger should focus on updating [deleted]’s campaign site before she starts her next [deleted] witch-hunt .”

“And why is [deleted] even employing that lying, slandering, gold-digging twit to run his site? I sure hope HE isn’t leaking any confidential city business info. to her.“

None of your business
None of your business.

“Sorry but I already live one life. I am not going to be like Jeni trying to live more then one life on her website.”

“I wonder which candidate(s) Jeni and the Constant Complaint Cabal have been working for. Or, perhaps they are Equal Opportunity Complainers and they’ll just bitch about all of them… 09:47 PM: You’re probably ‘hearing’ from the same people Jeni (Sybil) Reisinger “hears” from (aside from the voices in her head).”

REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”. Therefore, in the above “conversation”, you can actually see her talking to herself!
“If you’re going to whine about Jeni altering posts, then maybe it’s not a good idea for you to do it (even if it’s your own).”

Shocked man
Look who is talking!!!

"Jeni blames [deleted] and those retiring city cops for crimes committed by people from Plymouth and Falls."
“Jeni blames [deleted] and those retiring city cops for crimes committed by people from Plymouth and Falls.”

“‘For every child “diagnosed”, public schools get more money, but that’s a whole different animal.’ Jeni R What drugs are you on to come up this stupid crap?”


REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.


“I don’t think she needs drugs. The mere act of looking at her keyboard seems to trigger her hourly hallucinations.”

"Here's what her keyboard looks like when she's having one of her 'episodes.'"
“Here’s what her keyboard looks like when she’s having one of her ‘episodes.'”


01-07-2009, 09:00 PM: “If that was ‘hyena,’ she’s now ‘Vulture.’ And she sounds like a Jeni parrot on the mayor article. Shocking, huh?”

01-07-2009, 10:44 PM: “Ha! ‘Vulture’ just linked to sheboyganshenanigans to prove her claims. What did I tell ya? Dingbats of a feather… And CB tries to have us believe nobody’s heard of LIEsinger.”

To which “CB” replied:

“I didnt say that NOBODY has ever heard of Reisinger. I simply stated that I am not fully aware of her “shenanigans”, know very little of what she has done and happen to think that most people in the community are in the same position.”

What a lying witch

News flash CB, NOBODY in the community is in the same position as. If you aren’t fully aware of her “shitnanigans”, you have had your head in the sand for quite sometime. Hell, even people that don’t frequent these websites know of her. Some say she is weird, psychotic, an idiot, a dolt…..the list is endless. She ruined her own reputation. So she can’t blame anybody else but herself. Not Perez, the Common Council, the City, m, me, Otto, Igor, or ANYbody else.

You seem to know everything about everything else and argue your point to the fullest extent, so why don’t you get your head out of the sand now and open your eyes……”Not fully aware of Jeni’s shenanigans”……puleez!


And coming out of her alias-hide y-hole…


“If CB isn’t paying attention to our Reisinger stuff, he’s missing some of our best material.“

“BUT! We better not see a campaign website for [TVA] with LIEsinger as the webmaster.”


Hm. She knows – somewhere in her mind of mushy lies, that I didn’t not visit nor post on her site at all. That makes me wonder about her intent after reading her next rant.


“As a result, when a future employer (or whomever) searches your name, all they’re seeing are the false accusations and her toadies backing her up, but no sign of YOU defending yourself, so they’re going to assume the accusations must be true. That’s how that evil bitch operates. Ask anyone on here who’s tried to defend themselves on her forums. She’s allowed to come over here and lip off when she gets picked on, but try doing that over on her protected fortresses.”


Would a post be truly complete without a…


“Hi Jeni. How nice to hear from you. Now, go crawl back into your hole before the nice men in the white coats find you.”


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