Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 104


Heading into 2009, Medusa was STILL behind me every where. As we head into 2009, you’ll see that Medusa’s obsession with me becomes more intense. For quite some time, barely a day went by without some kind of negative reference to me – as negative a light as she could manage in any given topic. It was more than aggravating now, it was becoming quite “creepy”, for lack of a better word.
Also, by the time 2009 rolled around, I had to face the fact that the people I felt so blessed to meet were “fair weathered friends”. It was a bitter pill to swallow, as I truly developed a deep respect for many of them and admired them. Politics was something I had never had any first hand experience with. A simple offer to make a web site for a recall attempt tossed me into a raging sea of uncharted territory that became quite the eye-opener.

I decided to chalk it all up to a learning experience, which, under normal circumstances I welcome, and as far as Medusa was concerned, I decided I just had to get thicker skin and ignore her. In fact, until late summer of 2010, when I made a site-wide copy of her forum, I had no idea what was going on over at Medusa’s madhouse.

I used some software to copy Medusa’s entire forum. She never took anything down, especially if it was revolting toward old Jeni LIEsinger. Since sitting on her forum going through hundreds of topics by hand just wasn’t feasible, nor something I thought I could stomach, I used software that did the work for me, saved it to an external hard drive, and would go through it at a later date.

I need to continue to clarify that I never, ever talked about Medusa, to her, on her forum, nothing. I have a life – and I do my best to live it as a good, kind, decent, respectable, hard-working, loving human being. I never had any desire to play whatever game it is she plays.

This woman could test the saintliest of the saints – and I’m not even close to sainthood! I honestly don’t know if anyone can truly understand what a living nightmare this kind of thing is unless it happens to you. (I sincerely hope it doesn’t).

I stopped commenting on the blogs I had previously enjoyed reading because she continued stalking me. She would be right behind me,defaming and being a nuisance to my acquaintances. I considered using an alias myself, but I really had nothing to hide, nor did I feel it was right that I should be the one to be put into a position where I had to go “into hiding”. Plus, I had become accustomed to posting under my own first name – I had done so for many years. I made some great online connections and friendships that way But I was so tired of it all…tired of her, tired of the constant lies, libel and defamation of my character, and the emails that would haunt me.

I felt SO stalked, even in my home (which also no longer felt private thanks to her posting it on the Internet complete with address and instructions on “how to watch it”). So I shut up. Yes, just what she wanted, but it was okay. I had tons of work to do and more importantly, family and friends to care for and love.

When a new mayor was elected in 2009, I took down my Shenanigans blog. As a side note, the former mayor didn’t even make it through the primary. It had been 32 years since a Sheboygan Mayor was not re-elected to at least a 2nd term. I decided that would be a good time to simply “retire” the Shenanigans blog. – and retire completely from political “activity”.

But nothing I did – or didn’t do – stopped Medusa. The quieter I was, the louder she became. Nothing made her stop. This has to be a sickness of sorts – the woman doesn’t know me! And the hatred that oozes from her keyboard is bone chilling. You can feel it in the verbiage she uses, the lies she creates and the filthy way she talks. I’ve never seen the likes of it, nor has anyone I’ve shown some of it too.

The most frequent reaction I would get from people is the comment, “she’s insanely jealous of you, Jeni”. But my thought to that was always the same – jealous of what??? And WHY? Why keep attacking me? Why turn me into a horrible, sleazy, terrible, lying, racist,ugly beast – when I was in truth, a nothing? Just a middle aged woman who needed and wanted desperately to be left alone to work to support herself and live a simple, content life.

Many people have asked me, “Why don’t you just start doing the same thing to her?” Simply put, I am not humanely capable of such behavior, and for that I literally thank God.

Enough of my meanderings. Time to dig into 2009. See if you, too think this on-going cyber harassment isn’t completely abnormal, way out of line, totally obsessive and very, very wrong.

One thing I noticed at this point in time while doing a search on something for Sheboygan one day – that I felt was really over the top – Medusa using my life, my name, my business, etc., in HER meta tags. Here is how they appeared:
Meta tags
And from a random HTML page:
Meta keywords
These meta tags were set up to be on every single page of her site, and any new topics she created. She had been doing this for some time.

There was a lawsuit about this issue. Here is the information I gathered online – summed up, but enough to show that this is a malicious practice.

While it was also alleged that some slogans and images from Insituform were also used, meta tags were central in the judge’s mind. The words only appeared in the meta tags, not in page copy at all.

“As told to me, the judge was most interested in the meta tag issue. The judge clearly did not like what National Envirotech had done with the meta tags,” said Mark Pruner, who was involved in the case on behalf of the plaintiff. “The sole plausible reason for these registered trademarks to be in the meta tags was to misdirect people to the National Envirotech website,” he said.

National Envirotech removed the disputed material but did not agree that it was suggesting an affiliation with Insituform or trying to deceive people.

Both parties reached a settlement agreement, but the judge also issued a permanent injunction.


That article was still online at the time of this posting.

She had NO right to use my name, my business, or my sites as promotion for the search engines in her meta tags. That is MY NAME AND MY LIVLIHOOD she used for nothing more than a warped, twisted, unmotivated personal hatred toward me that stems from – well, NOTHING. All in hopes of gaining traffic to her madhouse of a forum.

She was constantly butting into every aspect of my life, trying to tie herself into it somehow, making people believe we had this “cat fight”, if you will, when the gospel truth is I WANTED – AND HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH HER!!! I wanted her to just leave me alone.

At this point I begin to understand why some people are driven to taking the law into their own hands as I have reached the point where it is taking every bit of my sensibility to refrain from doing just that myself.

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