Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 103

2008 links and title topics from Medusa’s forum. Note, links no longer online. This isn’t even a complete list! 01/04/08 (SheboyganSpirit sadists wish to see the Mayor in physical pain) 01/06/08 (Here they go again) 01/07/08 (Don't tell me Jeni gave Snail access to her admin. panel) 01/07/08 (WHBL & [deleted]) 01/12/08 (Look at the royal hypocrites) 01/13/08 (Mary: lying, sneaky hate-monger) 01/13/08 (Mary is humping [deleted]) 01/14/08 (NOTICE to JENI, SNAIL, [deleted],[deleted],[deleted]) 01/17/08 (Here she goes again (Jeni suing city) ) 01/17/08 (Looks like Jeni and Snail need more Cash) 01/18/08 (It's all about Jeni. Poor Jeni.) 01/18/08 (Jeni earned $100,000 from her website?) 01/20/08 (Jeni the savior blames YOU for her lawsuit. She's just trying to save Sheboygan.) 01/21/08 (Jeni doesn't appreciate our free speech) 01/21/08 (Jeni - PEST) 01/23/08 (Hey Snail. Go play with [deleted] or something.) 01/22/08 (Look what I found in my junk e-mail) 01/22/08 (Jeni your being watched) 01/27/08 (Hey Jeni/Snail, stop your cyber harassment and fraudulent use of my business e-mail) 01/28/08 (Spirit is Open) 01/30/08 (Again -- Why does it seem Spew-it and the sociopath Snail are getting inside police info?) 01/31/08 (Speaking of Jeni's CCAP record) 01/31/08 (WOO HOO!!! I THINK SNAIL GOT BUSTED!!!) 02/02/08 (The day Snail got busted . . . ) 02/02/08 (Just curious....) 02/03/08 (Unbelievable) 02/05/08 (Shenanigans) 02/08/08 (This guy sounds quite a bit like the spew-it crowd) 02/11/08 (Here's the 411 on Snail) 02/12/08 (same old jeni) 02/13/08 (3 questions for Sheboygan Spirit) 02/21/08 (Marlin [deleted] doesn't take crap from Jeni) 02/25/08 (The Kim [deleted] $2,500 cash payment) 03/02/08 (The TRUTH about the Highland House) 03/04/08 ( [deleted]'s are part of the "big conspiracy") 03/10/08 (Donations?) 03/11/08 (Jeni, this spit is for you...) 03/18/08 (Holy Jeni rips on a dead guy who did more for the city than her dumb ass ever will) 03/30/08 (Hey, [deleted]) 03/24/08 (Now they're stalking Dan [deleted]) 04/06/08 ([deleted] unhinged) 04/09/08 (Disclaimer) 04/11/08 (Jeni must be having an identity crisis) 04/13/08 (Jeni & [deleted]'s obnoxious nutjob defender banned) 04/15/08 (a new beginning for SheboyganSpirit) 04/17/08 ([deleted]'s daughter takes restraining order out on her) 04/19/08 (The BLADDER spouts off about Neighborhood Pride) 04/22/08 (Who's to blame?) 04/24/08 (Classic Joan) 04/25/08 (Shit Splatters Disclaimer) 05/01/08 (Dumb and dumber squabble over dispatch system scoop) 05/04/08 (Jeni Researches [Deleted by request]plattlersgate) 05/06/08 (Drive-by shootings -- coming soon to a neighborhood near you!) 05/15/08 (Reisinger wants to cut police benefits!) 05/22/08 (Jeni's BIGGEST hypocrisy yet?) 05/20/08 (See? I was right. Jeni DOES have a mole at City Hall) 05/27/08 (DPW & Johnsonville -- new windmill for Jeni Quixote) 05/27/08 (Are they threatening [deleted], now?) 05/29/08 (DUHHHHH) 06/02/08 (DUHHHH #2) 06/06/08 ( Speaking of letters from jail . . .) 06/13/08 (Jeni visits a coffee house) 06/17/08 (DUHHH again...) 06/21/08 (Watch out SASD, the clown posse is after you, now.) 06/23/08 (DUHHH #3 -- Jeni hurting "moral" of police) 06/26/08 (Bet Jeni will be in the news again soon) 06/27/08 (Smackdown!) 06/27/08 (Officer [deleted] cleared) 07/02/08 (Question:) 07/03/08 (To Snail) 07/07/08 (I didn't know Jeni and her clown posse were in the parade?) 07/08/08 (Jeni goes off the deep end (again) with militia type rantings) 07/09/08 (Snail was a lodge manager in Mississippi) 07/11/08 (Bigots?) 07/12/08 (The hypocrites of 07/12/08 (Tens of thousands? More looney tunes.) 07/16/08 (Another LIESinger) 07/18/08 (Jeni Exonerates Mayor [deleted]) 07/19/08 (Vile and Vulgar?) 07/21/08 (Racist Rationaliztion) 07/21/08 (DANG! Can she get ANYTHING right?!) 07/24/08 (She doesn't want her name out there . . .) 07/27/08 ( Hi Jeni) 07/29/08 (She can't handle shopping with foreigners) 08/02/08 (Parade accident is [deleted]'s fault) 08/03/08 (, we hardly knew ye . . .) 08/12/08 (LIEsinger blames Hmongs for tree-killing beetles) 08/14/08 (She's Back!!!) 08/15/08 (Reisinger now anti-police?) 08/21/08 (Jeni LIEsinger the plagiarizer) 08/21/08 (Jeni believes she's in “Good vs. Evil” fight for the city) 08/23/08 (Guess who wants to bilk the city for $250,000?) 08/27/08 (Reisinger vs City of Sheboygan) 08/28/08 (I really think the city could sue Jeni, CRG and other bloggers over that banner) 08/30/08 (Since Jeni wants to throw my name around) 08/31/08 (Sheboygan is counter-suing Reisinger?) 09/03/08 (Sheboygan don't need no stinkin' tourists!) 09/03/08 (What if I wore this T-shirt around Sheboygan?) 09/07/08 (Banned!!!) 09/11/08 (LIEsinger's case to go before black judge) 09/11/08 (Will the REAL webmaster please stand up) 09/14/08 (Rie$inger's hissy fit against a police program) 09/19/08 (Did Jeni post a photo of herself?) 09/19/08 (Jeni's phoney campaign to make it look like she has support) 09/30/08 (Copyright Infringement, Inappropriate Use of a Disney Character) 10/02/08 (It's OK for Liesinger to link to city websites but no one else! That means you [deleted]! ) 10/02/08 (Cizkausas murders) 10/08/08 (Jeni and Kohler Credit Union Ad) 10/14/08 (Sheboygan Press finally admits severe poverty issue.) 10/18/08 (Because it will probably "disappear"...) 10/21/08 (LIE$inger's racist associations ) 10/22/08 (Despicable, Grotesque, Insane) 10/24/08 (Licking her chops?) 10/25/08 (Poor poor Jeni....) 10/27/08 (All you can do is laugh.....and shake your head) 10/31/08 (More proof of insanity?) 11/06/08 (Lying LIEsinger loves her liars) 11/05/08 (Now [deleted] "fakes" his accent) 11/06/08 (Jeni's buddy in hot water for threatening president?) 11/07/08 (I've been thinking this over...) 11/07/08 (Another Jeni blogger buddy involved in COP shenanigans) 11/11/08 (Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh #5) 11/11/08 02:50 PM Sheboygan gang activity growing 11/12/08 (Jeni's crony takes it in the rear) 11/12/08 (Rate Sheboyganshenanigans on BlogNetNews) 11/17/08 10:22 AM 11/17/08 09:05 PM 11/18/08 (God Warrior) 11/18/08 08:25 PM 11/23/08 (Web designer? Really?) 11/26/08 ( jeni's lawyer is busy!) 11/29/08 (Reisinger, [deleted] violating Google donation checkout policies) 11/29/08 (Perpetuating her [deleted] "bribe" defamation again ) 12/04/08 (She's off her meds again) 12/08/08 (The fraud and/or her cabal deleting comments on Press forum) 12/10/08 (City issues cease-and-desist over misuse of police patch) 12/11/08 (Duhhhhhhh#5) 12/19/08 (Recall group full of "political revenge" and "angry hot air.") 12/23/08 (This is sure to send Jeni's cabal into a frenzy.) 12/26/08 (Jeni Costing City Taxpayers) 12/26/08 (A Jeni/Joan Christmas) 12/27/08 (John Wayne) 12/30/08 (Fight Erupts at Local Hotspot) 12/31/08 (LIEsinger boot-lickers from the city)

And that stupidity gets ever crazier as we proceed into 2009…


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