Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 102

Yeah…unfortunately, she really is an adult – and she bred. Have mercy and may God get her good.


Bitchin’ around the Christmas Tree
at the Reisinger party flop
A noose for [deleted] hung where you can see
and a big kiss for a cop

Bitchin’ around the Reisinger Tree
Let the anti-[deleted] spirit ring
Later we’ll have some crow to eat
but we still won’t learn a thing

Jeni will get a sentimental feeling, when she hears
All her voices telling her “Don’t be jolly”; Deck [deleted] and have some folly”
In a new old fashioned way

Bitchin’ around the Reisinger Tree
Have a crappy holiday
Everyone’s whining miserably
Dear Mayor and Council (and anyone remotely associated),
wishes you a merry bitchfest and a crappy new year

xmas tree

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