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Random Libel, Lies and Defamation

“Honestly, I don’t know why she keeps public forums/blogs going. It’s obvious she doesn’t want to hear any other opinions. I think Jeni should just shut down her sites and send emails to her mother and the one or two others that have their heads up her ass. Then she wouldn’t have to keep on making up multiple personas to make it look like her sites have posters. But then, people with mental disorders rarely do anything that would be remotely considered ‘normal’.”

REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.
"Not tolerating the opinions of others is one thing, tampering with people's posts so they say something they never said, is fraud."
“Not tolerating the opinions of others is one thing, tampering with people’s posts so they say something they never said, is fraud.”

“But why does she stay public then? I think, in her delusional state, she thinks she has the majority behind her. Or, she has an ever-present, ever-longing need for fame, no matter how she gets it. In any case, she’s one sick puppy…”

“Crazy will be no excuse when the city’s attorneys drop a big stack of evidence in front of the judge showing she lacks credibility because of that kind of fraudulent behavior.”


SEE THE OBSESSION??? THIS IS NOT NORMAL! (Sorry, don’t mean to shout.)

She be crazy.
She be crazy.

Totally obsessed

12-27-2008, 12:32 PM
After Jeni got the city’s cease-and-desist letter, she said [deleted] had told her he had no problem with her linking to the SPD site. So [deleted] had [deleted] investigate [deleted]’s involvement. [deleted] left Jeni a voicemail saying he was assigned to investigate the linking, and had some questions for her. So Jeni went nuts assuming he was investigating HER, and goes crying to her Milwaukee bloggers and somehow it gets all over the news and legal sites that the city was using its police powers to harass a blogger.

The drug dealer site and billboard you’re talking about was, I believe, something she was doing for NAD, which is under [deleted]. [deleted] might’ve been involved with that, I don’t know. She did have a Crimestoppers banner ad on it, so it wouldn’t surprise me. She was given that web design stint during the time she was threatening to sue the city and [deleted]. I would be curious to know if she was getting paid for it by NAD, or if she was donating her mediocre services. (She had to offer strangers on a tech forum $20 to help her with a simple script. See:


Suck on it

On December 27, 2008, I get this “lovely” little comment greeting me in my inbox via my blog queue.
email from suck on it

Every body is Joan, too (my mom)?

“‘BigBopper’ says they can’t run for alderman because of a heart condition. Gee, do you think Bigbopper is really Joan? And do you suppose ‘JoJo’ is really Joan, too?”

“Anyone with a pair won’t be found hiding under Jeni’s skirts. John Wayne just sounds like another boot-licker. Probably one of the old disgruntled recall has-beens. (Or another Jeni/Joan alter ego).”

“This makes me think that poster John Wayne is 1) a big fan of the actor with the same name, and 2) not quite able to separate his idol with reality. No wonder he and Jeni are good friends. Or, maybe one and the same? Who knows?”


A made-up “story”. The names I left are fake.


12-30-2008, 12:35 PM Fight Erupts At Local Hotspot
Two are reported injured in Sheboygan as family is once again involved in a brawl.
SHEBOYGAN, WISCONSIN – A local hotspot became even hotter late Monday evening as tempers flared, and once again, it was the [deleted] family at the center of things. A former publicist and web designer for the family, Jeni Reisinger, was viciously attacked by 48-year-old [deleted] and her daughter-in-law [deleted]
[deleted] and [deleted] were reportedly upset over a recent slanderous article that appeared on a local Sheboygan website and also appeared in yesterday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, an occasional rival of The Sheboygan Press. The article portrayed the family in a negative light, calling [deleted] “a combative, entitled princess.” and “a cop hater because she supporters Mayor [deleted].” When [deleted] read the article while dining at Sheboygan’s local hotspot Brisco County Wood Grill, she reportedly attacked Reisinger, the source of the article, who happened to be at the restaurant with her mother, Joan Reisinger, while planning another point less political website.

During the subsequent mêlée, amid screams of “Bluth fight,” diners sought protection behind any solid object. The less fortunate ducked behind garbage cars. As the dishes flew, one man was not so lucky – Sheboygan Alderman [deleted], who was injured in the fracas, is facing as much as $50,000 worth of medical bills. When police arrived, the Reisingers were yelling ‘[deleted] was behind all of this!’”

Now this is comment comes out for the first time but will be seen more – saying I never leave my house.

“That’s funny. Would be even funnier except Jeni never leaves the house.”

"Did the white-coats finally come and get her?"
“Did the white-coats finally come and get her?”


Here’s a dousy.

“I heard from a ‘very credible source’ that during the recall, one of the top cops handed her a big ol’ envelope stuffed with cash.”

Never forget… “m” is also posting the “Otto” posts. And…

She be crazy.
She be crazy.

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