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Again, Medusa doesn’t even have to use my name – everyone knows she’s obsessing on yours truly. Although, she gets my name in here eventually. And just for the record, I, nor anyone I knew of, used the Press forums, much less know how to delete comments. Kind of difficult to do when you don’t even look at, much less read them.

“As if the Press website isn’t lame enough, if you click on the ‘Report abuse’ button on any comment, it automatically gets deleted. The fraud and her cabal figured this out, so now they delete any comment they don’t want viewed on the Press forum.”


“They don’t live in the real world. I doubt they speak to anyone in public.”


“Speaking of ‘they.’ The minutes have a communication from [deleted] griping about a house by Sheridan Park. Next thing you know, ol Jeni Quioxte is taking up the cause (complete with photos of the house). Then she goes off on [deleted] for dismissing her as a ‘3rd party.'”

“Actually, it’s on the agenda, not minutes. So Jeni is trying to drum up support on [deleted]’s behalf before the PPSC meeting tomorrow. Seriously, aren’t people like [deleted] and others capable of setting up their own blog where they can discuss these issues instead of having to rely on that lying fraud to be their mouthpiece?”

Well woe is me. I tried to help a friend. This ‘ol gal simply CANNOT DO THAT! What is WRONG with me!?


Scratch Head
Oh. My. Goodness.


“I thought of that, too. But where did she get the photos of the house? Did she see the agenda posted yesterday, then quick run over and snap photos of the house? (The date next to the agenda is Dec. 8, so I assume that’s when they were posted).”


City issues cease-and-desist over misuse of police patch

Medusa goes and finds a story about some city patch use – the link she gave is no longer active so I am as clueless as anyone else. Anyway, this is another bug up her stinky butt that goes back to November of 2007, when a lot of bloggers linked to the Sheboygan Police Department after I was harassed by the then-mayor for having a link to it on my business web site. (Ancient history.)
I’m just going to quote her comments, because there are so many names and dead links (if they were ever REAL in the first place), that most of it makes no sense. Furthermore, the graphic that was created for my “issue”, was not created by yours truly. And, there was nothing “illegal” about it -but oh how this witchy woman wanted there to be! This is a year AFTER the fact and she still cannot let it go.

12-10-2008, 02:46 PM: Just like LIEsinger and her bunch, the perp pleaded ignorance saying he thought the graphics were public property and fell under the ‘fair use’ doctrine. Riiiight.
There are reasons the Feds have laws about misusing government emblems, badges, insignia, etc. You can get 6 months in jail and a fine just for reproducing and misrepresenting a 4-H emblem.
All of the insane shit she’s flinging around, who would want to be associated with her anymore? Hell, look at all of the people that bailed on her website. (Spirit).
Well, someone seems to be still feeding her. How the hell would she know the work history of Court Services Clerk? That whole blog entry sounds like something she repeated verbatim. I’m betting someone is still crying to that fraud. Maybe it’s one of the soon-to-be ‘retirees.’


She can’t get it through her thick psychopathic skull that I have a mind of my own.


On December 14th, a friend sent me this screen shot from the Press forums – another one of Medusa’s user names. I then knew one person who had just started reading them, but have no clue if that person participated.


Press comment by Medusa
“It’s funny how the only thing left for you Reisinger sheep to do is lash out at Mary Struck. Such hypocrisy in calling others evil and saying Reisinger has class…well maybe low class. Jennifer Reisinger is a theif, a liar and a bigot.”

When someone else actually started a topic in Medusa’s forum about an interim police chief, here’s Medusa’s comeback:
“LIEsinger and her mother (and their multiple-multiple identities) ought to go nuts on this one.”

Free crack? Huh?




“Sounds like Jeni must be off her meds.”


“(You can only hope the interim chief isn’t dumb enough to throw LIE$inger her daily milk bones).”


(Cannot let it end…)


“One of the interview questions should be: ‘Have you ever had any kind of contact with Jeni Reisinger?'”


“LIE$inger says she “heard from people who were at the PFC meeting” that Erich got the job. I’d be curious to know who all was at that meeting and which ones couldn’t wait to fill Reisinger in…”

None of your business
None of your business!

I wanted to be away from all the ugliness and harassment over the holidays so I stepped back from my blogging – and everything. Medusa couldn’t help get a dig in on that, too –
“But she said she was ‘stepping back’ from all the ‘ugliness’ for Christmas. (I’m sure Jesus feels honored).”

Face palm

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