Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 099

Better get me out of the web design business because if Struck – er Medusa – sees ONE MORE SITE BY ME BOY…

“If I see a [deleted campaign website that has … Reisinger’s name associated with it in anyway, I’m going to…”

None of your business
None of your business!


She’s off her meds again

(Notice how Medusa doesn’t even have to use my name any more?)
I had made a blog post about some pet issue the city was dealing with and I mentioned that my family was told my aunt’s lung cancer could have been caused by cat hair – she had 5 cats and never smoked a cigarette in her life. The rest was innocent enough – don’t recall it all, but that one comment by me got Medusa on a roll again…

“The Sheboygan dog park is going to KILL YOU! The common council has unleashed a host of dog cooties onto you Sheboyganites. There are germs and pathogens and microorganisms and doggie dander!!DAMN YOU common council (and [deleted])!”

“Then her blindly devoted mother, Joan, follows up with her obligatory comment and says pet owners should wear face masks to avoid getting cancer from inhaling pet dander. They must both run out of their meds at the same time.”

“I think maybe Jeni has some deep-seated resentment left over from her childhood days. She had no real friends only make-believe ones. And, the only time the family dog would play with her was when she tied a pork chop around her neck.”


REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.


“I would wear a mask when Jeni is around me–at all. Don’t think I want to be seen with such a loon.”

“Liesinger must be on to something, grandpa recently died and he had dogs all his life. And dopey us thought it was a bad ticker and being 97 years old. How could we not be so naive and not see the truth.”

“Good lord. She’s just like an investigative journalist, too, ignoring the facts to promote the story. She lists the CDC, the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the National Association of State Public Health Veterinarians.”

“That’s so pathetic! Does Joan live alone or in a group home? Surely someone so stupid can’t function on their own. They must both run out of their meds at the same time.”

“The Jeni/Joan duo have gotten so stupid on ‘smatters that a couple of her boot-lickers have even gotten on their cases.”

And just before all of this, she had the gall to say this to someone else in an entirely different topic – under her alter ego “Otto”:
“Your crybaby personal attacks are only making you look like a sore loser.”

Look who is talking.

The biggest liar, the most guilty EVER of personal attacks, who can never –

shut up

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