Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 098

Web designer? Really?

“I see that Sheboyganshenannygans has a new look. Pretty impressive! Jeni must be some kind of web designer. You can’t read the posted information because of the other garbage posted over the top of it.”


REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.


“That thing is butt ugly!”

“Maybe she could go on that tech forum and offer someone $20 to fix it for her again like she did with that NAD site.”




“Jeni’s puppeteer [deleted] has the nerve to write a letter to the editor questioning the cost of running a website. How much you wanna bet LIE$inger was the ghost writer for that letter. She’s done enough ghost writing for [deleted], I hear. I guess he owes her.”

This next one needs a bit of background – recall Medusa trying to get me in trouble with Disney for using a pixar avatar? (See Book Bit 086.) Well now she’s going to insinuate via obscure posts that I redesigned my site because of that.
by “Blame it on Disney”: “Psssst… [dead link] ; )”


“Oh, is THAT the reason for her redesign. You mean Jeni isn’t going to dig in her heels and take on Disney? I thought she never backs down.”

Liar Liar

11-27-2008, 12:36 AM: “She stole it from here:

It gets better, too, because she obviously didn’t understand enough of how the template was built to change certain things. For example, the page source lists geotags, but she apparently didn’t understand what that was, since she left the geotag for Indonesia in there, flagging her site as being at 0 Latitude, 115 Longitude as far as the geosearch engine is concerned. Of course, she’s not feeding anything to the engine except her location, so nothing comes up in the searches, but it’s funny nonetheless. She also left google ads default code in there pointing back to the site she got the template from ( All in all, they are the kind of mistakes I expect to see from a first-time blogger with basic knowledge of HTML and zero knowledge of scripting or how the web works, but certainly not from someone who believes their work is valued at $250,000.

I’d be mentally anguished and have a damaged reputation if I called this my professional work, too.”

Truth? I used my own domain name with a self-installed WordPress and a WP template. This Isnaini site she found creates templates only for Blogger, which I have never used. But don’t take my word for it. Check out the site or look at the screen shot:
Liars Pants

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