Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 097

Finally! A topic on Medusa’s forum about gangs in our midst that had nothing to do with yours truly until someone tips off Medusa then BAM! Let’s bring “Jeni” into it!

“M i know you feel the need to defend [deleted] at every turn….but please don’t insult us.”


So how much you want to be this “JB” was actually Medusa setting up a way of getting my name into the picture? Why do I say that? Because six minutes later…


“Jeni, is that you? What part of ‘[deleted] said’ did you forget to read? I think I found another DDDDDDDDDDUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

Shocked man
Not that again.


Jeni’s crony takes it in the rear

A friend of mine was rear-ended by another car, the news hit the Press so somehow that is supposed to make me look bad, too.

“I heard [deleted] would tell Jeni what to write when she spews a lot of her bullshit. (He’s listed as the local contact for CRG Sheboygan — the group that led the recall). Last night he got rear-ended by a drunk driving an Econoline van:”


11 minutes later…answering herself…


“Can’t wait for Jeni’s big conspiracy theory on how the mayor caused this. I bet he was hiding under Business Drive in a sewer pipe with a remote control device that enabled him to disable the van’s breaks.”


Answering herself again…


“It just occurred to me this happened near the radio station, so it might’ve been Igor impersonating the mayor. He DOES sit behind a radio control panel after all. I’m sure he could rig something up to control traffic.”

Aw shucks. No one wanted to play with Medusa, using the serious misfortune of someone else to try to somehow hurt me…I’m getting dizzy.
Face palm

And for heaven’s sake, never say anything remotely nice about “Jeni”!


“Tell BlogNetNews what you think of Sheboyganshenanigans. Go here: [dead link]. Click on the “Rate” drop down menu under any of her stories and rate it. You can only do it once a day.”

“It is my experience that just about anybody who lives North of Milwaukee is brainless, but this Jeni girl seems to have a good grasp of things. I’ll bet she’s a hot little number.”

“You should hook up with her. She seems to like derelicts, felons, homeless schizos and crazy Freepers.”


What an idiot.

Out of the blue, Medusa comments on her foolish YouTube video, which you can first see mentioned in Book Bit 049. She says, in a post on her forum:

“I forgot all about putting this video on YouTube until I was cleaning out one of my e-mail accounts and someone sent an e-mail saying ‘LMFAO.’ I made the video to post here (something to do with Jeni Reisinger I believe) but others must be finding it through searches because it’s drawn 10 comments.”

God Warrior

Such talent she has, “en-so”?

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