Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 096

I did NOT deserve this constant, near-every day harassment, as I never bothered Medusa and her multiples. NEVER. She stalks and spins every single thing I say online – EVERY. SINGLE. THING. That constitutes harassment. It served no purpose but to try to get my attention so she could further harangue and harass. I am just not into games like that, and that seemed to make her more unhinged.
Perhaps some wonder why I didn’t stop – why must I? Eventually I did out of sheer fatigue of it all; however, should I not have the right to join in on conversations without being stalked, harassed, defamed and libeled – CONSTANTLY? I think so!
But, by Medusa’s own admission via one of her favored alias names, I MUST QUIT POSTING ALTOGETHER. And dog-gone-it, I never posted lies. The lengths I went to to prove my honesty went way above and beyond what anyone should have to do, but I wanted irrefutable truth in everything I posted – and I gave it.

“We are tired of the lies the Jennifer Reisinger posts. We will keep exposing her until she either retracts and apologizes for the lies she has posted or quits posting altogether.”

Hits another blog to slam me … and put down someone who sided with me against her…some place called “Black hole planet” – no longer online.

“Mickey” is also a shill for Jennifer Reisinger She has this little habit of shamelessly defaming people. She’s like the female “Mickey” of the blog-o-sphere. She and her lackies recently insinuated on her blog that the City of Sheboygan intentionally made her sewer to back up and fill her house with deadly sewer gas.
Posted by: SheboyganTalk | November 07, 2008 at 09:31 AM


Then on November 6th, this unbelievable email enters my in box:


From: ReD … []
Sent: Thursday, November 06, 2008 6:31 AM
Subject: Sheboygan citizen post
This is in response to your editing of my post that I made on your web site on November 4th, 2008 at 1:56pm. How dare you change the content of my post to support yourself!!! Are you that low and in need of friends and support that much that you have to make it up? Simply put you disgust me!! I will make every effort to publically notify everyone I can of your deplorable behavior. You have the nerve to blog about truth and fairness and then do something like this!!? This makes me wonder what else you have changed or made up… in other words, I bet your ENTIRE blog is nothing but lies, I now understand why everyone calls you LIEsinger…I really hope you get what you deserve, because I know it is coming.

I had edited one post to remove all the cursing, personal attacks and “real people” names, which left a smidgeon of the post making no sense at all. I tried to make a point – most got it, but I should have known Medusa didn’t have that dazzling intellect needed to “get it”.
On 11-07-08 Medusa titled a new topic, “Another Jeni blogger buddy involved in COP shenanigans” – and did some more copying and pasting of people’s comments from blogs I’d participated in. Thing was, I hadn’t been participating since late ’07 because of her hassling and harassing the other blogs. I didn’t want to cause trouble. It was tough, because I should have had my right to chat with whomever I wanted to, but I respected them and didn’t want to drag her over there with my presence. The one or two times I did try to sneak in a comment, she was right there behind me, stalking, causing trouble, defaming, trolling, insulting others, you name it.
Then her imagination went into complete over-load:

“I wouldn’t doubt for one minute these thugs are mentoring LIEsinger. These thugs aren’t just bloggers shooting their mouths off on the Internet. They’re involved in backdoor Shenanigans, just like Jeni is.”

Mad Medusa really thinks she’s got it all figured out…
Here Medusa is stalking some other blog, slamming me – this wasn’t even a blog I’d heard of, someone just told me about her antics so I grabbed a screen shot.
“If you want to see Patrick, Peter, Mickey and others really get testy, try posting little factoids about Jeni Reisinger of They sure don’t like the truth to get out about their little Sheboygan toady who some of us fondly all ‘LIEsinger’. They continue to applaud her and link to her blog even though she’s crossed the line so many times with her defamatory bloggings. Then she blocks the targets of her defamation and deletes their comments when they try to set the record straight. Probably why the city is counter-suing her. I’m sure they’re looking into her right wing Milwaukee connections, too.”


THERE WAS NEVER A COUNTER SUIT! GRIEF! She just made that up – and keeps saying it as if that will make it true!

Medusa was stalking and sniffing around other blogs, too. The person who ran the blog this came from contacted me and told me what she was up to. She can’t even hide behind the name “anonymous”, but thought she could. LOL
Medusa stalks other blogs
See now, none of that had a thing to do with yours truly. In fact, I had no idea any of this was going until long after it was all over and I got wind of it from others Medusa was harassing. Unlike my own community, no others put up with her garbage.

Back to regularly scheduled Jeni-bashing…in Medusa’s mad morgue… We had a problem in my city getting adlers to reply to constituents. Had been an on-going problem for a very long time. But when they don’t answer me – well, that’s simply because it’s me. I don’t count as a citizen. Maybe because I’m such a dumb ass or something.


“Today, Jeni posts over at smatters that she asked two aldermen (I would assume her district.) for some city records. She wonders why they don’t reply–again. DDDDDDDDDDDDDDUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! !!!”


(REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”)


"They should tell her she has to haul her dumb ass down there and get them in person."
“They should tell her she has to haul her dumb ass down there and get them in person.”



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