Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 094

Gee, wasn’t this an interesting thing to accuse city employees of?

“I personally suspect Jeni was being paid off by city employees to act as a conduit for them to attack their boss.”



Every body is Jeni

11-07-2008, 11:02 AM:

“‘Rick’ (Jeni) posts:

‘He fakes an accent. WHY? I’ve heard him say [deleted] like a normal person on radio, but get him in the Chamber (on camera) and rolls it – very annoying and just not the way normal people talk.’

So, now it’s not good enough for immigrants to learn English. They have to speak it without an accent to be “normal” like Jeni and her racist compatriots.

Then she posts this nuttery:

‘I wish him much happiness and success in his personal life but politically? GET OUT OF THE CITY!!!!!’




“I showed this crap to my Mom when she came down for a visit. She asked if Joan was in an assisted living home.”


“I wonder if it has a guest room.”

“Jeni and Joan would do well to never set foot across the US border into Mexico.”



Medusa the Conspiracy Theorist


“These blogs keep making changes faster than I can keep up. They must all be in a frenzy. Maybe I’ll just have to make a flowchart showing Jeni’s connection with these goons. I know they’re shilling for her and protecting her. They might even be funding her. Who knows what kind of plots they’ve been hatching together.”

That is a bunch of pull pucky. Completely made up in her mad, mad mind, like most everything she conjures up about me.
If someone obsessing on me weren’t so creepy, I’d just laugh this stuff off, but this is way too far off the deep end to be laughing about. You’ll see how very true that is in the next post…

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