Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 093

Check out the lengths my cyber stalker will go to just to “hate on Jeni”.
First, she goes over to my blog – again – to harass me. She gets a post in my queue with a bunch of names of friends of mine that she personally attacks. I take out the names and the attacks and have very little of the original post left, but I post the remainder.
Now, of course, Medusa runs over to her forum to “report” her shenanigans – under her alter-ego “Otto”. REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.

“I posted on Shenannygans last night. Of course, looney tunes Jeni removes it from the original thread and starts a new one. In essence, she’s ranting to half a post! Isn’t that kind of like ranting with half a brain? I wonder if she’s talking to the walls now, too?”


But it’s okay. She’s willing to entrap someone else.


“Not to worry, Psychotic, Jeni can do all the investigating she wants. I used someone else’s computer to post that!”


Well, with friends like that…


“She’s even more stupid posting the IP numbers for anonymous proxies. Those things usually originate in foreign countries and are used by spammers all over the world. Hint: That’s why they’re called ANONYMOUS proxies.”

I’m surprised the fake-out freak couldn’t figure out they also warn others what proxies to watch out for – and who is behind it.
“I’m afraid you’ve really brought out the stupid in her. The sewer gases must’ve killed off her last remaining brain cell.”

“It must really bug that stupid bitch not knowing who I am. You have no idea how overwhelmingly satisfying that is to me. Note for Jeni. You can’t win. Your brain is fried–you’re out of ammunition. Time for you to quit.”


Oh but I did know exactly who it was – it was Medusa. Thought she was so smart…


“Tried to post this through the proxy, but I don’t think she will post it.”
Wow!! You really are off your rocker!!! I AM NOT OTTO or THE MAYOR!!!
YES!! I am PsychoticSOB, CANIS LUPIS, AND CANIS SAPIEN. I dare you to find my myspace page!!!
I seriouly hope someone sues the living snot out of you. You really deserve it.

“As usual, her whacked out post couldn’t draw comments, so ‘Taylor’ (Joan) and ‘Rocky’ (Jeni) had to come to the rescue with their typical retarded replies.”

“I get the feeling Jeni was trying to get me to post over there again. But, I’m not that stupid. And, I haven’t had time to look for a new proxy…….. Besides, Jeni’s lost her last brain cell again. There is no point trying to talk to anyone in her unstable mental state.”

“It’s amazing what those freaks come up with. I guess that’s what happens when you’re too fucking stupid to realize that more than one person can use the same nickname.”


Lest we forget…EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!


“I see Jeni has ANOTHER personality… concerned citizen?!!”


Get proxies now, everyone – just to go harass Jeni!!!

Get proxies to annoy Jeni with!

“Hope the bitch gets what she deserves.”

“Just Jeni and Joan rearranging the deck chairs on their Titanic.”


And an admission of more deception.


“By the way . . .I was the “concerned citizen” that Jeni wanted to hug so badly. (The only hug I would ever give her is a headlock before the smackdown).”


If she REALLY thought she fooled me, boy have I got some prime swamp land for her.


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