Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 089

Now I am “Despicable, Grotesque, Insane”

Why? Because I wrote my alder-peeps about a $75,000 financial abuse. Medusa gets her stalking mitts on a copy and proceeds to make fun of it – well, her and her alter egos.

“Maybe if she calls them names they will respond”

She’s one of those small-minded people that think self-employed isn’t a real job. If she ever worked at all for a living, she wouldn’t know what to do with herself – where oh where would she find the time to stalk LIEsinger???
“In the time it took her to write that rant, she could’ve looked for a real job”

“Oh, for God’s sake! She’s been ranting about that $75k for months on end. She’s like a bulldog. Once she bites your ass she never lets go….”


Suggestion: Don’t like it? Don’t read it. Don’t stalk me. GET YOUR OWN LIFE.


“Has Jeni and her cohorts engaged in actual malice? Absolutely.”


Say what? I have? OMG.

Shocked man

Oh. Despicable, Grotesque, Insane – and now I have chops I lick (the post Medusa is referring to was copied and pasted from the Spirit forum).


“Posted by Jeni: My gosh, you should see all the claim requests on just this one minutes: RISK MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE from April 2, 2008! What is going on??”

Sounds like some kind of threat, but at the same time, makes no sense to me. Although I’m quite grateful it doesn’t, truth be told. Last thing I want is to think like Medusa. Ew.
Scratch Head

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