Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 088

Here we go again – Medusa is harassing me on my blog again, this time under the name “Jonathan”.

“I would just like to post my response to Jeni’s latest blahg entry, found here: I posted my comment on her site, but we all know what happens when she disagrees with someone– the comment “disappears”, and she’ll say it was ‘in her spam queue’…”

Which – of course -sets the stage for more Jeni-bashing.
“Jeni only wants to hear herself talk while her multiple personalities praise and worship her.”
“Jeni only wants to hear herself talk while her multiple personalities praise and worship her.”

Well, lookie here!
“She actually let me post a comment. Twice. I’m almost speechless…”

“You’ll soon discover that Jeni, her mother and their multiple identities are simply too ignorant, backward and misinformed to waste your time debating with.”

Now she totally gives herself away.
“Jeni and Joan (and two others in her cult, Taylor and Rick) have already contributed their 2 cents worth trying to rebut my comment. All I’m wondering is– do they accept check or money order? They have some change coming! =D”


  • Who obsesses over my mom?
  • Who always refers to my having a ‘cult’?
  • Who often (MUCH more than I’ve shown) refers to “Taylor” and “Rick”?

Yep, Medusa. But she forgot one thing – let’s get that in there now, too.

“Now they are thumping their Bibles at me: Quote: ‘Jonathan, A fool is known by their many words..’ (Taken from Ecclesiastes 5:3)”


And if this isn’t an obvious example of serious cyber stalking, I don’t know what is…

Racist associations now?

10-21-2008, 10:52 AM: “Happened to come across this posted on Badger Blogger a year ago after that linking hoopla came out. Must be how she attracted that loon ‘Pink Panther’ to her forum.”

big_hairy_bubba Says:
November 2nd, 2007 at 9:12 pm

Ole Bubba gonna talk to some of his redneck buddies, see if they wanna post some links to SPD and Mayor Valdez on their web sites. We talking grown men like to dress up as ghosts year round, party hardy in their crisp white sheets, demonstrate their skills at tying decorative knots in rope. Just good ole boys an such as thet. An all my buddies doown at too.

“Anybody outed these goons to freerepublic yet?”

Even Medusa’s alter-egos didn’t know what to say to that one. Not one response was ever made – what can one say to that???

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