Cyber Stalked: Book Bit 087

For a long, long time now I maintained a web site for the Sheboygan County Dial-A-Prayer, which I also developed. Here Medusa gets in her first dig against that – discovered by her never -ending cyber stalking of yours truly. (Plus it’s time to start referring to me as “sybil”). This was just posted in Book Bit 086.

“Go dial a prayer, Sybil.”

There will be more on Dial-A-Prayer later. She isn’t, by far, done with them yet. After all, they DARED to utilize my services…
How about this next comment for a case for “Malicious intent”?
“This threat should be under city and county general. This category is for pointing out the lies and evil doings of Jennifer Reisinger and her multiple personalities.”

No clue what the point was behind the next Medusa-made dialogue, but it got in some baseless insults about me, so I guess that made it mean something – to Medusa, anyway. (Or should I say, “anywho”?)
“‘HE’ is using city resources on his campaign web site via this link: [dead link]. Liesinger HYPOCRISY at it’s finest”

“You would think [deleted] would’ve advised Sybil to keep her yap shut…”

(I cut off part of it due to references to people that were named.)
Medusa must have been very bored – we have another senseless Medusa-created dialogue, just itching for a reason to bring me up in a negative light, I suppose. She referencing something that was in the Press.
“Now Sybil is back to hating the Press again.”





“Didn’t Jeni do a Kohler Credit Union Ad? Does she have really short hair?”


Was it this, maybe?

God Warrior
Another spin Medusa keeps trying to pass off as the truth is that Snail and I were far more than acquaintances. Someone posted a new topic about an article in the Press and the homeless, so out comes Medusa with her obsession with yours truly again – never mind that I had absolutely nothing to do with the topic whatsoever. First, someone else had to jump on the “EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!” band wagon, which set up Medusa.

“This is how he hooked Jeni into becoming his squeeze in the first place. Maybe he’s hoping for a rerun.”

Cannot imagine what she hoped to accomplish with that, but she’ll continue to do that; in fact, to the best of my knowledge, it has not yet stopped to date.

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