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Now let’s try to “get” Jeni for using a pixar character – oh how badly she wanted me in some kind of “trouble”. Ask yourself what kind of person tries to get someone in trouble (for nothing) – someone they do not know, who does not bother them – and who could care less about her?
Medusa, that’s who. This first screen shot is her anonymous post, which includes an email she sent to Disney. The post continues with their response, which didn’t fit into my screen shot, so I will just copy and paste that part in the quoted text.

Re: Copyright Infringement, Inappropriate Use of a Disney Character
If anyone cares to join me, please voice your concerns…

From: [edited for privacy]

Subject: Copyright Infringement, Inappropriate Use of a Disney Character

Original Message Follows: ————————

I would like to anonymously report what I believe may be a case of copyright infringement. The following website uses one of the characters from your movie ‘The Incredibles’ without citing any authorization or credit, and portrays said character in an inappropriate manner:

I would like to add that this website has been under much scrutiny which may portray your Disney character in a negative fashion. I believe that the vile racist and sexist remarks made there are NOT what Disney would be deem ‘appropriate’, such as the following statement made by the author of the website in the comments section of said website:

‘I have an old cookbook that belonged to my Grandma in which the word “Nigger” is repeatedly used to describe a black person. It was just an accepted descriptive word for blacks. In no way are the references deragatory. When and who made it an insult?’ – Jeni

At the top right of that page appears your ‘Incredibles’ character, meant to portray the author of this comment…

Thank you for your consideration, from a loyal Disney fan, who was offended by your character being represented in such an inappropriate manner, whether or not it is a violation of copyright laws…


To: [edited for privacy]

Re: Subject: Copyright Infringement, Inappropriate Use of a Disney Character

Dear Sir/Madam:

Thank you for your correspondence. We want you to know that we very much appreciate the time you took to bring this matter to our attention. We protect our intellectual property rights vigorously and we take reports of suspected infringements very seriously. However, as you can appreciate, our investigations are confidential. We neither reveal our sources nor do we generally correspond further with them about the investigation.

Please feel free to use our email address ( or our Antipiracy voice mail hotline, 818-560-3300, if you want to provide more information about the suspected infringement or to report a suspected infringement in the future.


Antipiracy Group, Corporate Legal
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, California91521-0527

Then Medusa comes back as herself.

“We’ll see if she obliges or digs in her heels against Disney. She’ll probably start an anti-Disney blog and connect them with evil [deleted].”

“Of course she’ll try to sue Disney for violating her rights to free speech.(BTW, I’m not “anonymous” in case anyone is wondering).”


Any doubt she IS the “anonymous” poster?


“Yes, M, misrepresentation is the key here. Now it’s time for all of YOU to “stand strong”. Don’t just talk about it, please email Disney with your concerns. In doing so, please use this address: Disney has assured me that I (and anyone else with concerns) will remain absolutely anonymous. Keep the ball rolling. To sum it up– with more scrutiny surrounding her website, the more likely that the honorable Judge Charles N. Clevert throws her frivolous lawsuit out the window.”


That should erase any doubt – not that I had any… See the bottom of the page with Book Bit 084.

Guess it was all in vain. I never heard a peep about it, because there was nothing wrong with it. On the flip side, I’ve since read their TOS, and altering a Disney character to look like Hitler, that’s WRONG.
Medusa alters my Disney avatar to look like Hitler

Major Hypocrite

Also note, right after I started using the Pixar avatar, Medusa created a user named “anywho”, and used another Pixar avatar. But for her it was okay…just not for me.

And someone notices…


“I see you scared anywho who was using another pixar image. Guess it was alright for anywho but now it’s suddenly not.”


But, since EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!


“Go dial a prayer, Sybil.”


(I created and run the Sheboygan County Dial-A-Prayer web site.)


And now “anywho” has a change in avatars – because of a guilty conscious. (Right…)


“I knew the first thing the Liesinger sheep would piss and moan about was my use of Mr. Incredible. Sorry I’m not comfortable with STEALING, sorry to dissapoint.”

(Psst…it’s “Disappoint” – one “s”, two “p’s”. In a hurry making those last-minute alterations there, Medusa?)
And of course, because there was nothing wrong with the manner in which I was using the avatar, nothing happened with her wild accusation, so about 10 days later:
“I’m sure Disney took a look at how many visits she gets to her lame sites and figured it wasn’t worth pursuing.”


Okie Dokie.


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