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In Mid September of ’08, the police enacted a program called “Give Yourself 5”. It was NOT well received at all by the people. You would be ticketed for going anything over the speed limit – ANY THING. So I blogged about it. Another acquaintance asked me to set up a petition against it. I told him it was probably not going to be of any help and would only give the nasty, childish amongst us another place to harass, but he was adamant – wanted to believe in others. When I posted about it, my mom was happy to sign and that opened all of us up to the wrath of Medusa.

“Rei$inger blogs about ALL THESE PEOPLE who are sending her “vile and angry” correspondence about the “Give yourself 5” program. So she sets up this online petition for all these anxiety-ridden people afraid to take their kids to school, and the only signatures so far are Jeni and her mother Joan.”

“Now Gold Digger Rei$$$inger can sue the police for making people send her ‘vile and angry”‘messages because of [deleted] program.”

Old 09-15-2008, 09:02 AM: “Mother or not, I wouldn’t want Joan’s support on anything. Joan is a hypocrite, anti-Christian who no matter what she claims as her actions say otherwise, and in my opinion, a crackpot. Oh! I get it… that is why Joan is the only one supporting Jeni on this.”

“Jeni, take your Xanax and get a frickin grip!! Hell, give Joan a couple too while you’re at it.”


“‘Robbie’ (who swore on the Press forum that she wasn’t Jeni), said she would sign the petition, except she lives in the Town of Sheboygan. Let’s see… who else besides Robbie lives in the Town of Sheboygan. Oh yeah, JENI does!”


Bold-Faced Lie Alert: Recall earlier Medusa posted my address complete with a picture of it from Google maps AND a way to “watch the house”? (Visit Book Bit 068) The house across from a school, quite within the CITY limits – as opposed to the Town? She’s trying to appear ignorant here to make it look like she wasn’t responsible for posting my address online.


Then, when the man who asked me to do the petition thanked me online …


“‘Thanks for doing this for me, Jen. Now we’ll see if people are willing to take that stand against this.’ — ‘Rick’ What a dufus.”

In other words, “EVERY BODY IS JENI!!!“.
Medusa – like a petulant child – started messing with the petition, using proxies to post crazy names, so Rick told me to just take it down. I felt for him, because at least he tried to do something positive.
“I just posted over there. Either it will get deleted OR I’ll get banned from there too!!… The HORRORS!!”

In the end, there were so many complaints directly to the “powers that be”, we saw an abrupt end to that program.

Hate by Proxy

Hate by proxy


09-18-2008: “Jim I really don’t understand why you waste your time with these idiots. If you haven’t realized it already, there is only one poster here (besides you and me). That is poor Jeni. She’s lost all her credibility and support. And she doesn’t want anyone to realize it. So she makes up other posters like Rick and Rocky, to make it appear that she has supporters. You should stop posting here and leave the criminally insane alone lest you become associated with them. You have too much to lose.”

Now there’s a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.

How funny. (The link in the post is long gone.)

Oh how fun
September 20, 2008, I get this email.

Sent: Saturday, September 20, 2008 3:36 PM
Subject: Wow!!
name: Know the TRUTH in SHEBOYGAN
Query: Are you fucking kidding me!!! You defend the 1st Amendment?!! HAHAHAHA What a fucking joke!! You are the most PATHETIC joke I have read!! I hope the city counter sues you for everything you have and more!!!


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