Cyber Stalked Book Bit 084

Check this one out – now she knows what my computer is doing, and announces some bunk on the Press forums.
What more do you need to hear?


09-01-2008, 22:29 AM: “What more do you need to hear? These people are shameless.
The same type of rant from Robbie Robot has been posted on [deleted] over and over again every time LIEsinger’s latest shenanigans gets exposed. If it’s not her, I’m betting it’s her mother or the one or two of her other toadies.
When they get REALLY mad, they send out e-mails accusing me of sleeping with the mayor (and other psychotic rants). Or, once she finds out your true identity, she’ll sign your e-mail address up to spam sites so your account gets flooded. I’ve caught both of these things being done BY REISINGER’S COMPUTER. I have the proof it was her computer.

Medusa ALWAYS “had the proof” – yet never once coughed any up. And these are rotten things to accuse anyone of, then take it one step further by trying to lay claim to proof – yet never sharing said “proof”. Had her spammed…accused her sleeping with the mayor…

She be crazy.
She be crazy.


A Touch of Humor

In an attempt to bash my work, Medusa photo-shops what is supposed to be a screen shot of my site all “messed up”. Problem is, two things are a dead give-away that that was not a screen shot of my site at all. Note the two parts I high-lighted in yellow. One mentions Windows Media Player components, the other a YouTube link.
I did not use Windows media player, nor did I posted YouTube videos. I made my own videos and posted them in Flash. There is no possible way my site would have called for Windows Media Player components – because it did not use them.
More poorly done photo shopping.
She really ought to give up photo-shopping. Deceit isn’t working too well for her, either. But I should be banned from using a computer – free speech nazi now, or what?

“I have a good idea. Ban Jeni from using a computer.”

More crazy talk that leads into a dig on my poor mom again…
“I worry the last chapter written on all of this will be a sad one. She engages in extremely obsessive and delusional behavior and it encourages others on her site who parrot her every word and make her thoughts their own. I am most disappointed in Joan. She should be trying to talk some sense into her daughter and perhaps get her some needed help. Instead, she’s chief enabler for some reason I’d rather not know, I think. Joan, she must be blind, foolish and ignorant, judging by her posts. I’d say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Medusa’s foray into photo shopping must have wet her whistle to degrade my work – the wench went cyber stalking my work and the user name I used as a webmaster.
Now it’s time to stalk me to forums I participated in for work – where wonderful help was always available from wonderful people. I was taught, “the only stupid question is the one you don’t ask”, and that helping each other was what it’s all about. So I have no shame in having asked for help, but she made fun of it as if it proved some kind of shortcoming on my part.
Forum stalking
She copied and pasted other posts I’d made, also. Spinning and trying to make me sound like – well, I don’t know what. I had two choices – leave the forum or create a new profile she would not know about. However, a huge part of participation was sharing your web sites with other webmasters – we helped each other. By doing so, it’s easy to know who is me. I’d never had a reason – or need – for deception. So now this had to go, too. Yet another casualty.

Random Insults with No Rhyme or Reason


“Jeni is not ‘civilized’, she is ‘sybilized’.”

“Stuff it, Jeni! Go back and Keep talking to the voices in your head.”

Ah…who is the one sitting around having whacked out conversations with herself and conjuring up stupid conspiracy theories…just saying.
oy vay not that again

09-13-2008, 09:47 PM: “The Shevagas blog says LIEsinger’s case is going before Judge Charles N. Clevert. I Googled him and he’s black and was appointed by Clinton in 1996. I wonder if the city’s attorney will present a reading of Reisinger’s quote from her blog:
‘I have an old cookbook that belonged to my Grandma in which the word ‘Nigger’ is repeatedly used to describe a black person. It was just an accepted descriptive word for blacks. In no way are the references derogatory. When and who made it an insult? -Jennifer Reisinger'”

She sure loved that quote of mine. All her alter-egos did.

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