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In a topic totally unrelated (for a change) to yours truly I suddenly become all kinds of “phobic”:This phobia stuff comes from an article mad Medusa’s cyber stalking stumbled upon that I hadn’t even know was online (it no longer is, or I’d share the link). The article was in Prevention magazine and was about my fight with cholesterol. You can see a bit of it Medusa had copied and pasted on Book Bit 063.
In this article a brief mention was made of a divorce I had gone through and the after-effects I suffered from an abusive marriage; that being, a 2 year bout with agoraphobia. In my own defense, I will just say that it is NOT one bit easy struggling your way out of a situation like that. In fact, it was a few years of hell that I would just as soon leave in the past. The main thing is, I dealt with it and worked my way through – end of story.

“I checked out [deleted].com. [deleted], you should join forces with Jeni. You two nutcases would be a perfect match.”

“Seems like alot of death threats to me. Maybe there was one death threat made to each of her multiples………”

“Look at all the evidence we on this forum have that Jeni is a fake. She has a prior history of fraud and mental unstability.”

(Yes, again with the spelling errors…where did this she-devil get her schooling from, anyway? It is supposed to be “instability”. Just wanted to show it wasn’t my error…been accused of enough bull. And please REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”)
“Otto – My point is, this could be a woman who is under extreme emotional distress when she goes to the grocery store by herself. Does that mean she can sue Piggly Wiggly for $250,000? It might cause her emotional distress to leave her home to check her mailbox. Can she sue the USPS for the emotional distress inflicted upon her?”

Scratch Head
She’s kidding, right?
Oh. No. She’s not. Oy.


Just for the record, and because I have never gotten to defend myself, I have never been deemed mentally unstable by anyone, anywhere, any time, under any circumstances. The fraud – well, there was that stupid credit card fraud misdemeanor (from March of 1993).


“I would think her embarrassing, psychotic ramblings (IMHO) would be enough for the City to say they want nothing to tie to her in any way”

Oh how I suffer indeed.


“Hope she goes back to being an agoraphobic if she wins, because she won’t want to show her face around town. Maybe she’ll finally pack up and move to Milwaukee to blog with her own kind down there. Frankly, I think the city should pay her off just so all the targets of her defamation, harassment and verbal abuse can line up and sue her ass into a tent with ‘Snail.’ Oh, and by the way . . . check out what the gold digger posted on a tech forum recently regarding a 100GB Flash Drive: ‘”WOW is that AWESOME! But at almost 1000 dollars? GULP Wish I had the extra money though, would drop it in a heartbeat for this. Would be great for backing up vids. Going to bookmark this bugger and hope for a windfall! Thanks.’ Poor Jeni. I thought she needed the money for health insurance and counseling for all her “distress” and lost business. Oh, how she SUFFERS!”


That tripe above is incredible. Where she dug that up – and who was actually behind the post – is anyone’s guess. She offers no link, no proof, nothing. But since Medusa says it, it’s just supposed to be true!


Big Headache
My aching head…

And of course, we must toss another one of these in…



“Did you see Jeni just couldn’t resist posting her usual crap on the Press forum (aka ‘Revere’– yeah right!)”


Never once did I post on the Press forums. EVER. Just more of her lust for lies & libel. However, since more people saw what was on the Press forum than on hers, she quick adds this to the same topic in a very weak, shallow attempt to cover her butt:


“’Revere’ claims they’re not Jeni. But they’re obviously either her, or one of her minions (or Joan).”

I see. My mom now – despite the fact that my mom never did use the Press forums, either, although did tell me she tried once, but couldn’t “get it to work”. She said she lost patience with it in a hurry and never tried again.

08-29-2008, Press Forum Conversation (gosh, who could that 1st one be from!?):

Press Forum Conversation

sheboyganfan: Don’t forget about her cc fraud in her 30s…Thats responsible.
rjlutz1: Who said you were Jeni?
Revere: All of this is juvenile. I can hardly believe there are people like this. Guess I’m naive. But it will be a long time before I post here again. Even I got told I was Jeni. My God!!
sheboyganfan: See ya. That’s what you get for sticking up for scum like Jeni.

Yep. That’s what you get, you see?

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