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Now we have another HUGE stretch by the evil Medusa…We had a local problem with Asian beetles in our trees; I posted on my blog about it, saying it the way it was. I truly don’t understand why it was wrong to say they were Asian beetles when that is what they were! But for some unknown reason, that just makes this old hag a racist.

“Just when you think they couldn’t get more stupid. LIEsinger posts an article about the Asian beetle infestation that’s killing trees in Wisconsin. Hey DIPSHIT! The beetles most likely hitched a ride on cargo from China.”

“How on gods green earth does she even get through the day with everyone, and now everything, attacking her. I guess everything ‘BUGS’ her.”

“It’s just racist Jeni’s way of blaming Hmongs for something.”


Well, that’s just ridiculous – but so is her next move. She must have either forgotten to log out in order to use her alter-ego name of β€œRingo”, or in her haste to hate, just forgot what she’s just posted…look.
08-12-2008, 10:24 AM: “And then there’s the Bovine Virus. DAMN those cows! Who brought them here, anyway!”

08-12-2008, 02:50 PM: “And then there’s the Bovine Virus. DAMN those cows! Who brought them here, anyway!”


Scratch Head
Okay, Medusa… There is just no response to stupidity like that. But the real irony is, on 08-05-2008, she started a whole topic that went on and on making fun of Hmongs, titled “What is it with Hmong and that lake”? And it was TRULY racist – but hypocrisy is one of the few things Medusa does well.
Following is some of her oh-so-intelligent dialog.


m: Whenever I hear of some accident involving a young swimmer in Lake Michigan, I automatically assume it’s a Hmong. Do they not have a fear of deep water, or what?
btrflygrl: I have a hmong family in the neighborhood and I don’t know what they were cooking the week after their summer celebration at kwanis park but it smelled bad. I thought it was cabbage, but I never remember cabbage smelling THAT bad.
m: If it involves young kids, I bet there’s been more incidents involving Hmong. I’m talking about a cultural issue that maybe needs to be addressed before there’s another drowning, either of a kid, or a rescuer.
Kohlerslave: I thought it had something to do with them using all their water for their gardens and having to go to the lake for bath day.
Woman: Isn’t that what the bottled water at pick & save is for?
Kohlerslave: No. That’s too good and precious to use on a soiled bottom. That’s for the good plants in the second floor bedroom garden!
Woman: And the water bottles for the chickens…
Kohlerslave: Only if you shove them in there really early in their life span. Otherwise you end up with blood and feathers all over the place.
btrflygrl: Oh yea and I’M the racist one
splash: Sheboygan racists are throwing them in.
m: Imagine the “ya der hey” crowd having to flee to an Asian country, then be expected to “assimilate.”
btrflygrl: They wouldn’t have to as long as they brought all of their family members πŸ™‚
Meee: I mean seriously, haven’t they all taught each other its not a good idea to go out in the water?!
m: I don’t know what it is . . . Indians make good construction workers because they genetically lack the fear of heights. I once read that suicidal Viet Namese women will walk her kids and herself into water until they drown. People like to confuse “trending” with racism. That doesn’t make them “racist.”
btrflygrl: Apparently hmongs like any water. A teen died while swimming in the Wisconsin River. His name was Hang Her and was 17 attending Wausau High. Wow.

FINALLY, someone slammed Medusa aka “m” – will show the screen shot of this one.
Strucks Racism called out


This is asking a question to your profile, M? Are you a detective with training and asking people on your forum not to suggest you are NOT a prejudice person?
I guess it is just wording of statements and one not hearing the connection of written words which can confuse the reader from an intelligent person. JMO, you do sound like a prude, snooty, protective, and unforgiving most of the time.
Now, the objective of this thread was what? Trying to figure out why Hmong drown at Lake Michigan and your not prejudice? Remember the Phoenix. Where Hmong on the Great Lake ship disasters?
I love the movie Titanic…..All versions of it. Hello Molly Brown! (Big Smile)

Of course, in mad Medusa’s mind, that just had to be me – even though her freaky forum is the last place I would have wasted my time on…



“Jeni, Jeni, Jeni – take your pills”

And here is an example of Medusa’s “dazzling intellect” at work – after the predictable “every body is Jeni”.
Strucks dazzling intellect


This is your post backwards. I thought maybe this was the trick to figuring out what you’re trying to say:
)elimS giB( !nworB ylloM olleH .ti fo snoisrev llA…..cinatiT eivom eht evol I ?sretasid pihs ekaL taerG eht no gnomH erehW .xineohP eht rebmemeR ?ecidujerp ton ruoy dna nagihciM ekaL ta nword gnomH yhw tuo erugif ot gniyrT ?tahw saw daerht siht fo evitcejbo eht ,woN .emit eht fo tsom gnivigrofnu dna ,evitcetorp ,ytoons ,edurp a ekil dnuos od uoy ,OMJ .nosrep tnegilletni na morf redaer eht esufnoc nac hcihw sdrow nettirw fo noitcennoc eht gniraeh ton eno dna stnemetats fo gnidrow tsuj si ti sseug I ?nosrep ecidujerp a TON era uoy tsegus ot ton murof ruoy no elpoep gniksa dna gniniart htiw evitceted a uoy erA ?M ,eliforp ruoy ot noitseuq a gniksa si sihT


What an idiot
What an idiot.


OOPS! I’ve resorted to name calling…shame on me. But sometimes, well, you know that old shoe just fits.

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