Cyber Stalked Book Bit 079

Time to slam every user of the Sheboygan Spirit forum – again. After all, there were some staying the course. Can’t have that! Let’s insinuate they are literally dangerous and capable of things that require weapons…

She be crazy
She be crazy.

“There’s nothing funny about that group anymore. You can’t engage them and you can’t ignore them. They simply won’t go away and are sounding more and more threatening. They can rant all they want about the Mayor, CC, judges, gangs, name it. The thing Sheboygan needs to worry about most is one of them getting the nerve to do something other than shoot their mouths off. I’m being totally serious.”

“They are dangerous fanatics, rj. There is little they could do that would surprise me–short of going away, which would really be shocking. My theory is that sooner or later they will do something for which they can be arrested and/or taken to court. Will that put a stop to it? Pretty hard to tell, with fanatics. My hope is that they don’t tote any weapons…”

“M, I hope that is no longer true. If it is, Jeni’s not the only one who will have to answer to the likes of someone like moondog. Otto, I always considered them fanatics, never ‘dangerous fanatics’. I don’t know anymore. I, too, feel like that place is a magnet for loonies and they are coddling and validating them. Not a healthy place.”




“What’s really laughable is Jeni posting as ‘Rick’ on her shitnanigans blog. She has a billboard pointing to her cyber-rags, yet still has to post her idiocy under different aliases because she can’t drum up people stupid enough to join her lame crusades”


Just for the record – I have never, in my entire life, rented a billboard. That was just another bold-faced lie, although I can’t imagine the intent behind it.

Here, Medusa responds to herself – must have forgotten to log out as “Otto” and log in again as herself. REMEMBER: “m” is also posting as “Otto”.

“Well, it just couldn’t be Jeni! She NEVER comes over to this VILE and VULGAR site! Then again, if Jeni posts over here she can talk to someone besides herself — or one of her multiple personalities.”


But…but…but…it is Medusa talking to herself! There must be SOME psychological diagnosis for people who do this – lay their misdeeds and sociopath behavior onto someone else. It is SO weird!

Kind of like this post added to a conversation that actually was up to post 39 without my name being mentioned once. I guess Medusa couldn’t STAND IT! But what this was supposed to accomplish is anyone’s guess. Furthermore, no one was interested in following her lead with this nonsensical commentary.

“Jeni, Jeni, Jeni – take your pills and chill out. It’s okay – really. The sun will come out tomorrow.”


But I am a danger to Sheboygan. Oy Vay.


“[Deleted] is probably second only to Jeni when it comes to being dangerous for Sheboygan.”


And a racist, lying gold-digger…


“Some Sheboygan cops (especially in the SPD) seem to think they’re above reproach. Always trying to cover their asses, and sneaking around collaborating with that racist, lying, gold-digger Jeni LIEsinger and her ‘shenanigans.’ If anyone criticizes them, they’re labeled a ‘cop-hater.'”


Who had better “muzzle it”…


“Has Jeni LIEsinger ever been a mayor, alderperson or tourism director? Better tell her to muzzle it, too.”


No wait, make that “disagree with herself”, instead…(Medusa wouldn’t want to show her hypocritical anti-1st-amendment stance too much here)


“If only we could find a way for Jeni to disagree with herself……..”
Maybe she could get Rick or Taylor or one of her multiples to do it.”


After all, I am SO evil…


“So Jeni is on the evil side right? Surely someone who steals, lies, and willing calls black people niggers can’t be on the good side.”


I foam at the mouth!


“Sorry folks, but I see nothing new here. Just Jeni hallucinating and foaming at the mouth–again.”

But no worries, that foaming only happens when I get into my “Good vs. Evil” fight in Medusa’s mad mind, as the…




God Warrior

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