Cyber Stalked Book Bit 078

The Destruction of a Noble Effort

We had a bad accident in the city. Medusa, panting and drooling ran to Sheboygan to take pictures. Doing so, she came upon a billboard.
Enter Medusa and her stalking. She finds out, grabs the following picture and runs with this like you wouldn’t believe – even calling the officer who worked with NAD, threatening him if I did this site. In the end, he just ended the whole project and had me take the site down.
EnoughOf Billboard
The story behind this is really quite a sad one. This was an effort put forth by the local Neighbor’s Against Drugs (NAD) group. I was the webmaster, that was all. I offered my time and work as a volunteer (say FREE), only reimbursed for the cost of hosting and the domain name. It was a joint effort with NAD, one community policing officer and myself.

My name was to be withheld for my safety.

Medusa had a whole long diatribe about this, in which she referred to me as a felon, among many other things. She even admitted she found out it was a NAD effort, but that wasn’t enough. She still had to keep hammering on it until it was down. She may think she “got” me, but the truth is, she hurt a lot of innocent people. I imagine that fact gives a sociopath like her pleasure. Sad.
Then, after being the one solely at fault for its demise, on 08-15-08 she has the unmitigated gall to say, “Since the SPD shunned her website she’s upped her criticism little by little.” Um – it wasn’t my site. I wasn’t shunned, NAD was and no one criticized me outside of Medusa. Furthermore, I kept my mouth shut about it all – it wasn’t my place or my project.
Here’s some of the destroyer’s self-made dialog to attack the site.
EnoughOf Dialog 1

07-26-2008, 08:01 AM: “I saw a billboard at 17th and Indiana for a website called, that’s all the billboard says. Of course me being the curios type I had to check it out. What did I find, well it was obvious at first glance it was Reisinger production from how crappy it was. What is it dealing with? Well it’s a place for her to post Wisconsin Circuit Court Access records or people that have records affiliated with gangs and drugs. Now I wouldn’t have and issue with that except she has some people listed on there that have had the charges dismissed. I think it’s it’s wrong that you put these people on the page when they haven’t been convicted. I’m not sticking up for these people as they might be a bit shady to have contact with the Police, but it’s not right to put the names out there. Reisinger needs to be reeled in. She has made herself Judge and Jury…frightening.”


"That looks like her work alright. Plus, she links to it from her shitnanigans blog. Maybe I should start a website listing all felons and have her name on it for her 4 counts of credit card fraud."
“That looks like her work alright. Plus, she links to it from her shitnanigans blog. Maybe I should start a website listing all felons and have her name on it for her 4 counts of credit card fraud.”


(There’s that calling me a felon thing again…see Book Bit 077 for more info on that libel.)


“Guess who was just over here nosing around already?”

She be crazy
She be crazy.


“So is it safe to assume now that [deleted] also has some sort of working relationship or association with someone who:

  • Has a reckless disregard for truth and fact finding in her online publications.
  • Has a reckless disregard for the online anonymity of private citizens.
  • Plots and schemes to assassinate the characters of city officials, employees and private citizens.
  • Regularly engages in defamation of character.
  • Has committed cyber-fraud and harassment toward private citizens.
  • Is suspected of engaging in unauthorized security scanning of websites in an effort to either hack or hijack communications.

This fraud, schemer and nutjob is now running two crime-fighting websites where confidentiality and anonymity is crucial, and is also stumping for a former cop running for mayor (whose website she also runs).”


“I figure it was a tool to make judges look bad. That’s fine and dandy if you want to do that, but hiding behind community programs to do it is just plain unethical. You KNOW she didn’t pay for that billboard out of her pocket. And it was only two blocks down from a NAD billboard.

As someone who donated services to one of these organizations, I’m completely disgusted to know they were employing her to create this site. And to be so secretive about who was creating it, and what the true motive was, is even more disgusting.

How about we put HER mugshot online and allow people to rate how satisfied they were with her sentencing. But make it look like it’s a NAD or Crimestoppers sponsosred website.”

That’s “enough of” that incident. under construction under construction
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