Cyber Stalked Book Bit 077

On my post, Cyber Stalking, Lawyers and the Law, I cited the legal definition of libel.
The legal definition of libel is: “the publication and distribution of false information regarding an individual which is defamatory in nature, and has been published and distributed with malicious intent. Subjects covered under the libel laws include allegations of criminal behavior, sexual or moral inappropriateness, or any allusions to a person’s competency (or lack thereof) in their profession.
Easy to understand, right? So let’s take a look at some obvious, in-your-face libel.
Now recall my post of Medusa’s all time forever favorite screen shot (Book Bit 007) – one where it shows I was charged with 2 misdemeanors back in 1994. Right smack in the middle of the report it shows “Misd. A”. Clear as can be. Also recall – or note that – the wench went everywhere I did on the Internet and posted the link to that CCAP (WI Court Access) record, in addition to repeatedly bringing it up in her forum and posting the screen shot wherever she could.
Now is it not easy to surmise that she was quite intimate with the details of that CCAP report after all that – and after posting the link to it 116 times in my forum, under the name of ‘crazylife’? (The ‘crazylife’ saga is laid out in Book Bit 030 if you are not familiar.)
But in spite of all that, in her quest and obsessive, criminal desire to hammer me down as much as humanely possible, she flat out boldly lies and posts – more than once – that I am a FELON.

“Once again Rocky Jeni is stuck on stupid. Funny how the teeny-tiny town I live in manage to have their own staff run websites, rather than private citizens convicted of fraud felonies.”

“Those mugshots aren’t from links to CCAP. Do you suppose LIEsinger has a folder full of mugshots on her computer? Would you want your mugshot in the possession of a habitual false accuser who has her own ccap record for felony fraud and who thinks she doesn’t have to answer to anybody? Of course, mugshots are public record, too. Wonder if there’s one of LIEsinger on file.”

Totally untrue, obviously, but she’ll try this several more times. Anyone can see I was charged with misdemeanors for the ridiculous credit card stunt I pulled. But Medusa really thinks if she says it, that will just make it be true! An if she says it enough, everyone will just believe it!
And face it, how many are going to care enough – or are just too lazy – to go look up “THE TRUTH”?

Spelling Lesson for Medusa

“I could tell by the sophmoric effort that it was a Jeni special. What confirmed it was the contact email: Brat City Wannabe Design.”

Since she believes she knows EVERY THING, I wonder who taught her how to spell.
Mad Medusa, it’s spelled sophomoric…
Sorry, couldn’t resist.

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